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  1. The dual mechanic sounds interesting and things like stun weapons would be very good for things like security that don't necessarily need or want to kill someone the first time they shoot them. Maybe it could be something like smart ammo that has the ability to stun a person instead of kill them depending on what mode it is shot in.
  2. Alright so I'm just going to flat out say no. As far as I have seen the view distance is not actually truly affected. What I have seen them do in the videos was actually throttle the number of update packets going to a client based on distance from said client. This makes the movement less smooth (viewing) for people far away but still functional. This also helps a lot with the exponential growth of packets being sent for players in an area because of how much you can cut down due to client side smoothing and interpolation that can take place without the need to a ton of extra data. It just normally isn't as accurate
  3. It is normally harder to ddos them at least so that might have been the confusing but still. . .
  4. The short answer is yes The long answer is yes, its possible however i doubt it will be very common because balancing the thrust will be much harder if the craft is not symmetrical. If you have a script that can auto do this though taking battle damage becomes less of an issue for ships and will probably have people building them just to try their had at building an odd looking ship. Im more expecting ships to be symmetrical on the outside but asymmetrical on the inside as people change things around to fit what they need the ship to do.
  5. from what i glanced at they were talking about what if the generation didn't change
  6. I pity whoever has to fly off in your ships
  7. From what i can tell it will probably be very similar to how most games control the main difference would be in the construction of the ship as it would need scripts to help keep it level and do other complex functions as they have said they will provide several simple scripts though i could also be totally wrong and it be something different
  8. called storing coords and areas instead of mapping the whole thing. You don't need it all only parts of it
  9. Another thing that could be used would be a "breeding" mechanic where as long as there are 1 or 2 animals on a planet more could spawn every so often. This would also allow for planets to be purged of hostile mobs as well as force people to "play nice" with nature as you would be able to kill it all off. Would also possibly be useful for later when there are core worlds that people want to be far safer than other planets
  10. If that's your worry then it shouldn't be. AFK, as well as automated mining ships, could and i think should be a thing as there is no large scale mining equipment like a planet cracker (i want one anyway :'( ) but they are an easy target for basically any armed person and it is actually hard(ish) to make a fully automated script without waypoint type objects and even those are very limited in what they can do and if they are allowed I would expect them to be a closely guarded secret by most people and if they are for sale very expensive.
  11. honestly I would be fine even if they didn't have it as it adds even more of an engineering challenge to properly balance the ships thrust and such
  12. There are already at least two orgs that are just bank orgs and a few more with banking portions though it depends on the securities and such they can get and possibly a nation type org backing them or at least something with force.
  13. Now do we simulate the explosion and possibly cause things to actually explode or just generate the small amount of water
  14. but what if I want a colony in space or a city ship in space? I can't always be importing food. they could take a large amount of power and work as well as other resources though so that only large ships and stations can have them though. Also there is always the need for fuel so that would already draw ships back to a port probably before the need for food would so most wouldn't even bother if they are always going to have to be in a port before they could run out anyway.
  15. I think the idea is that its a liquid with some limited physics to help with server load and make it the same across all clients and that it will be in game in at least some limited form (Ice in space engineers just feels odd but you could easily switch those voxels out later with a volumetric type if you absolutely needed to)
  16. You could also do it another way and have hydroponics modules for longer ships or ways to store large amounts of food in a small space (dehydrated food for example though probably something a little more advanced or different)
  17. a core unit just gives ownership of a construct i think. A Territory Unit gives ownership of an area so you could have the city anywhere but you wouldn't really own the area around the city itself just the actual construct
  18. yes but even those people will need some of the supplies at some point most likely and it would be cool if we could find ways to integrate the farms into cities and such (and maybe banish those crazy hermits to a volcano far away)
  19. As long as you act on what you said you should be able to eventually work to regain some respect from the community. Also you misspelled Syndicate
  20. It can very easily store the program without running it so that each client will have the same program running if they need to use it themselves and it only has to get the graphical display for another person to see so that could be sent from one player to another if needed though it is an interesting challenge. the could also take the easy road and just have it run on each client and not sync them though it could cause problems for ships that have many moving parts that they control.
  21. its probably a feature of RDMS so the creator will be able to set it (and I think that includes current legates) though i do wish they would add more tags already even if they are no different than a basic member
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