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  1. Yeah, being Australian, I looked at the session time just the other week and realised that I was going to be staying up quite late. Also being that I wanted to record it for a time when videos are allowed to be published, I wasn't too excited to be staying up so late commentating on it :/ but oh well, it is what it is, still super excited for it!
  2. It's really just about whether or not this game is the vision you've had for the ultimate game you will every play. Like for me, I hadn't ever found a game that 100% I enjoyed, especially one that was multiplayer. So when I discovered Dual Universe, I was so excited for the game that I knew I wanted (keyword is wanted) to do whatever I could to help this game become a reality. Like a lot of people I have a life outside of gaming and I have other monetary responsibilities to attend to. So I did my best and that happened to be The Gold founder level. I would have loved to support the game further but i simply couldn't afford it. So my message to you would be - If you like this game and you want to play it, then wait for it to be released. Like many other people are. However if you like the game and you want to support its development, go for it, choose a tier you can afford that wont put you in financial debt. If you cant afford any of the tiers, then I doubt you would have a computer that can run the game as is (I do apologize if i over stepped with that.). The higher tiers that cost, as you say "7k" well those are for people who can afford that level of support for this game, and who are willing to pay that much. The rewards are respectable for the amounts you donate. Because it would be quite silly if they were to promise 1 on 1 interviews with J.C if you bought the Bronze founder pack, Or even the Gold founder pack. I personally don't look at the founder packs as a way to "fund the game", but more as, "if this is the game you have always wanted to play, we would love your support, donate here and we will give you rewards". Hope this helps.
  3. Awesome update video! I literally jiggled with excitement when I saw the room with the sensors and the door and just the way things were looking! Super impressed and excited with the way things are going!
  4. I like the idea, but seems quite obviously to me as something that wouldn't be in the game for a long while. After reading your post thoroughly, I have to say it is an interesting idea and I can certainly see the benefits of being able to use a proper visual program to model a piece of furniture. In game there is definitely some awesome voxel manipulation. But being able to 'hold' a hologram right in front of you and to be able to make some small changes to it, it would be very cool. The idea certainly seems like a long shot, but it is a cool idea that I wouldn't mind to see somewhere in the future
  5. I was unsure of your idea at first, but upon hearing your ideas.. it made me much more intrigued! So certainly having to have something cleaned is a cool idea, but how would one go about moving an element of a large size to cleaning shop so that they may access it. In all realism, I don't know that there are really any Items that would be tag locked except for the Storage bags a player has on their belt for storing inventory. (and maybe some weapons and other similar tools). So a players Nanopack is stolen, and it cant be accessed by the darn pirates because it is RDMS locked, right. So they would have to either hack in, or go and take it to a professional 'cleaner' in order to gain access to it. I do like the idea of a special element that can be used to clean the previous tags off of an item. The 'Tag Hacker' could be just like any other processing element but would be used to wipe tags off 'ill gotten items'. I think it would work best as something that you dint need to be at all the time to work, but could be left running whilst you are not with it. However tag wiping can fail easily. So you would have to check it frequently to restart the process if the tag wiping fails. All in all, a very cool idea. Would be interested to see it in game!
  6. I personally think that some form of drill element could be useful but it does also make me worrisome about the consequences of it. I would imagine that perhaps (because LUA scripting of it wouldn't be allowed for obvious reasons) it could be an element that would need to be manned by another person? So perhaps have one man driving/flying the ship and pointing the drill, but then needing another person sitting in a separate cockpit to activate and control the drill? As players advance further and further into the game, yes people will need resources, but on a much larger scale. So leveling up skills will make it better and easier to get resources, but it doesn't mean that you'll suddenly be able to gather the millions of tonnes of steel to create a battleship within any lifetime of your own. *Enter the drills* The drills would make it possible to have entire planets dedicated to the excavation of resources on a massive scale. If we think about the issues posed towards the new home planet Alioth and how we will deal with the fact that ground surrounding the Novark will be shredded by people searching for resources. Having drills will mean more resources easily accessible to sell to other players. When a new player joins, their first idea is 'Lets go mine the doorstep' because they will need resources, and why travel further when you can just start mining straight away? If they can simply be confronted with a store upon joining, they can get a bunch of resources that have been mined at an off-site location. Now I realize that you can just make people go and mine in one spot together to help protect the landscape, but that will only last so long in lands close to the Novark. Not sure if all that made sense, but basically I think that a limited sort of drill would be handy and add to immersion. (Personally thinking of mining an alien planet makes me think of Avatar, when we see the massive mining quarries with lots of trucks and massive mining machines) Of course after seeing how quick mining can be with just a player, it would also make me wonder how you could make a drill that is more effective than the players ability to mine so quickly. *All speculation and ideas of course*
  7. I really like the idea, in fact it makes me wish I had thought of it myself! It would really add to immersion and making a realistic approach to the Sci-fi genre in which we see many shows or movies where cargo containers are being moved from dock to ship, and then needing to be secured on board the ship as to make them not fly around. I would imagine that a static element that can be part of a ship (Like a personal locker of sorts, or cargo container) and then at a later date perhaps once ships are much more common and used to transport goods, a non-static element lorry or hover pad could be added to the game and used to transport goods. Example - Space/planet dock with cargo containers of purchased goods - player pushes / controls a hover pad that already has a container built into it onto the space dock next to the purchased goods - player takes items from dock container, puts into portable container - pushes portable container back onto ship and unloads. It would be a slow process for sure, but would massively speed up things in regards to being able to transfer masses of resources on board a vessel as opposed to making several trips by yourself. It is certainly an idea I like though.
  8. Woo! Well I am going up to Ruby in about a week... hopefully that will get us just that little bit closer
  9. Now I certainly like that. It would definitely add another level of immersion and a new form of complication making certain ships required for certain jobs. Could be a nuisance, but the added realism would be worth it in my opinion.
  10. As we don't know too much about how scanners and scanning planets will work as well as navigating, I am just going to throw out what I think could be useful in the discussion. So I studied a bit of physics at school (as I'm sure many people have) but what I learnt from stars is that by using a spectrometer, you can quite simply tell how big a star is, what type it is, and what elements it is made up of (Hydrogen, Helium, Iron etc.) and judging by what it is made up of, can actually give a very good idea of the materials planets will be made up of. So I am not too sure what level of realism NQ is going for, but as an early game (whatever early means in DU) system, you could simply build a telescope, and spectrometer, and point it at a star you like, find out its spectral reading and learn basically if it will be worth while going to (to reap the benefits of possible planets that might have formed). If NQ did go for real life ways of mapping stars out, that could be beneficial for people who already know the basics, as well as teaching others some nifty skills. As far as navigation goes, in my opinion, players should have to build pulse beacons and send them out in various directions to map out surrounding stars. This would of course be a damn slow way of getting information, but it adds to immersion. But if it were me making the way the game worked, I would make it so that either a player manned ship, or a drone of some kind could be sent off to map an area of the night sky. Upon gathering data of star systems, the information would be stored in the ship into a sort of 'map'. This map could be sold to specific organizations for profit (giving an explorer a job) or they could keep it for themselves and no one else would know if what they were discovering had been discovered yet (making it impossible to track a certain player or crew). If the map data is taken, then whomever takes it can see exactly where the other person has explored. Maps would be able to be combined with other maps as a means to update a map database. Or could be left separate so that you cant buy it all in one go, buying it in chunks would be possible. A map would be similar to a blueprint. It can be copied, and sold, and would contain the information for a certain area of space. The master copy of the map would similarly be the only version that can be used to make copies and the copies to be sold. (however i am not sure how to prevent someone from adding the copy of a map to a larger map and then making a copy of the larger map?) As for plotting a course... well in the map, I would have it set as a grid of dots, with an option to zoom in and out making the dots more refined or further apart. You can then possibly Ctrl + Left Click as many dots as you want together as to plot a course. It would appear as a top down map of everything in a grid, which can be split into layers. If you want to go up a layer, click an up button and you can continue plotting your course one layer further up. Of course a 3D map would be cool and possibly make it much easier to see where you want to go. Setting Point A at one spot and Point B at another, it would make a large connected line. This line would be made of dots though, so you could click and drag any point of the line off to the side, so that you can bypass Point AB and instead go over to Point C, then over to Point B. Hopefully that makes sense and can be visualized? Anyway, just my idea for how it could all work.
  11. I think it will probably be the first video I show to people in an attempt to get them to support DU. Awesome video, very well done!
  12. I too am very keen on the idea of having numerous types of stellar objects. I don't really care for a meteorite or a comet or other flying projectiles in space - however I can't think of anything I would like more than to live on a planet with a lovely binary star system on the horizon. As far as airless planets go, I am not too sure, but I believe with the players helmet on, they will be able to go onto an airless planet with no problems. I don't know that there is any breathing mechanic in game requiring a player to keep canisters of oxygen in their inventory. However if there is a need for a player to stock up on oxygen and a system for reproducing it whilst in space, then an airless planet will work just like space I imagine (Could be cool, but could also add a level of difficulty some don't like?). An all water planet is definitely a cool idea, but as there isn't too much confirmed in the way of water mechanics and when any true water mechanics will be implemented, an all water planet may not work too well witch current mechanics. However I do like the idea of one! Gas giants definitely sounds cool! Makes me think of Avatar the movie. How the main planet was a gas giant and the planet where the movie was set was actually a moon of the gas giant. Would be truly spectacular for viewing purposes! For the most part, everything you have said does sound plausible to implement (however, after launch for most of it no doubt). I really like everything you have said as it would add a certain Star Trek sort of immersion and realism. It will probably all be a means of when, and if, NQ decide to implement it. Also, welcome to the forums.
  13. Hey Victor, So basically, you can make anything you want in DU (Dual Universe). A hanger, a ship, an underground secret lab, anything. From what I know, you can make a bubble shield generator but will only be as effective as the amount of power you pump into it. So long as you can find an organization of people you can trust, and you can afford it with the in game money, then yes, you can hire a bunch of armed guards. With the 'if my construct gets destroyed' part... well if you just mean if something gets destroyed - then it will be destroyed. But if you meant your shield generator, then your shield generator will no longer be protecting the construct. An important thing to know is that if you are building a hanger (on a planet in this scenario) then you will want to place down a territorial node. A TN will allow you to give certain people rights and duties within your TN area (roughly 1km hexagonal area) . Using the RDMS (Rights and duties management system) you can simply give only yourself permission to enter or build in your hanger, or you can give access to everyone to enter, but not build. It is very flexible in what you are able to do. Hopefully this answers your questions. And also I would definitely recommend reading any material you can find on DU, it will answer a lot of the questions you had, and many more. Specifically: The wiki - http://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Dual_Universe_Wiki The devblog - https://devblog.dualthegame.com/ And the AMA threads on the forums (go to 'Dual Universe - Starting Zone - Rules and Announcements'. You will see three different Kickstarter AMA Event threads, just read those) Welcome to the forums.
  14. I plan to be a team player initially, and to help the Universe to develop, as to me that is most important for the game. After I learn the ways of the verse, I would prefer to go lone wolf, research new tech on board a ship which would be my home. Whilst being a lone wolf, I want to go and explore the universe, find the unknown and the wonderful! Of course if I find some friends or make alliances along the way, I won't be disappointed.
  15. Left for writing, ambi for everything else. Society demands the use of a right hand a lot of the time
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