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  1. JC mentioned in the dev diary today that your designs will remain as you can make blueprints which will carry over between wipes. That said, you would have to restart to the point you can rebuild these. Personally I would not be surprised (in fact I would expect) that, especially during early alpha development, these blueprints may become incompatible and need tweaking or even may not be usable.
  2. I think you are describing Space Engineers here.. DU will have full player driven economy. Politics and commerce will be an integral part of the gameplay. In that respect DU is very much like EVE. On top of that add what looks like much more detailed VOxel based building and 'real world' physics (a dash of KSP).
  3. From early on I had the feeling DU is very much like a cross between EVE and Space Engineers. EVE is great for it's persistent single shard universe with deep and complex mechanics, economics and politics but IMO lacks the first person immersion Space Engineers offers by being able to actually walk around a planet or be in space and build your own environment/ships/tech. From what I have heard so far it seems DU is pretty much going to be able to merge the two concepts into one universe and add a touch of KSP op top which will open up so many fantastic options and possibilities. It will be a while (I very much do not expect DU to be ready by the end of next year), I believe the vision and 'roadmap' will allow for fairly steady progress with a clear point where the game is good to go 'public' which is something some other projects seem to lack (Yes SC, I am talking about you here). What NQ is working towards is very complex and hard to do well but I think they have the right attitude to pull it off.
  4. You send probes/drones out to a distant system and have them build a stargate/portal. Interesting dynamic here would be the potential of 'toll' gates and ownership claims/politics/combat including destruction of gates.. Another potential development would be Jumpdrives once the universe gets mapped.
  5. Planning to get myself off of the planet and into deep space asap to see what's out there.. There will be more blazemonger though, watching the markets and building stuff ..
  6. Good example of how a well meant comment basically misrepresents facts. No one ever said there will not be melee at launch, it's not there a the start of the first Alpha sure, but launch is quite a log way away.. This may be a good point in time to once again put emphasis on the fact we are starting this journey on an unfinished (pre)alpha build of this game where a lot can and will change and even more can and will break, crash, do unexpected things and make you lose work and things.. There will be wipes and more wipes.. We're not getting ready for the game, we are getting ready to start testing, fixing and expanding what will eventually be a full on rocking and rolling game.
  7. That is not how these things work in the world of YouTube and Reddit. Sensible voices will quickly become 'fanboiz' who will try to mask and hide the 'horrible bugs and issues with the game'. The negative parties will ignore the fact this is (now a) pre-alpha and troll away at the game with no intention but to cause enough damage and make claims of wasted money and demanding refunds. The more I think about it, the more I feel releasing now is a mistake which will cause more problems than taking the hit of delaying it. Obviously still be playing the game as far as it can be from day 1, I have the 30th off anyway and will fly out to Vegas for EVE Vegas the week after so plenty of time to test and try stuff out. I do hope there will be a solid and constructive feedback channel for anything we find.
  8. yeah, I think you underestimate the amount of people who have put down €120 or more when you think there are 100-200 of us
  9. Releasing the pre-alpha is not a good idea, The plan to require a signed NDA will only hold up for so long and footage and play will be on the net soon enough. I'd much rather see NQ wait until they are ready. This is exactly the move that will cause problems IMO.. I hope not, but pretty sure it will.. Too much resources needed to support and police the NDA.. Just wait and bring us the actual alpha..
  10. EVE Subreddit is OK I guess as an informal chatterbox. As a source of accurate information I'll pass..
  11. Frankly, anyone who takes Reddit as a point of reference for any topic should be shot or at least ignored Reddit is in general a very biased, unregulated and 'wild west' style community. Frankly and IMO those who value Reddit to the point they base their opinion or purchase choices on what hey read there you could probably do without as a user/customer.
  12. Signal Cartel is a neutral organization which means our public services will be available to anyone. We will not take sides in conflict and will not respond to act of aggression unless specifically targeting our members, ships, fleets or installations. We hope our Credo and policy in this will give us access to any location we need to go for our work of exploration and research. While we will avoid conflict and always attempt to find a non violent way out when confronted, if need be we can and will defend with deadly force. We are not pacifists, we do prefer **HUGS** over bullets though..
  13. Hello, Thanks for reading! I would like to announce the creation of a chapter of Signal Cartel in Dual Universe. We are an organization dedicated to exploration, research and provision of services related to (interstellar) travel, wormholes and (ancient) sites as they are found. We believe in non aggression and will always make an effort of evading non-friendly engagement . If need be or when aggressed however, we can and will defend with the full force of our support backbone. Like minded agents willing to join us are more than welcome to apply while we prepare and st up operations. Organizations willing to support our Credo and co-operate or provide services as welcome and encouraged to contact us through our organization page. I'd be happy to answer your question if you have any! Regards, Blazemonger
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