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  1. Hey there fellow wanders of the universe! I am a long time EvE player along with a host of survival games. This project on the surface could be looking like my new addiction... So I have a couple of questions & comments before taking the plunge to pledge. and please forgive me if they have been asked and answered. Eve Online is known for its incredibly steep learning curve (which frankly kept me interested in the game for years so it's not a bad thing), and is infamously known by some as a 'Spreadsheet Simulator'. Frankly there is no right or wrong way to play Eve Online. What Eve Online lacks is the ability to build something unique like a ship or space station that doesn't look like every other space ship or station in the universe. What I am hoping that there is nothing to stop a player from jumping in solo, mining for minerals, running missions (player or AI made), manufacturing, holding cargo or resources and manipulating the market. Where things really become interesting is having conflicts with players over territory, over resources and even over identity or philosophy. That is what I am hoping for Dual Universe. Do you think DU is being developed in these directions? If so I may have a new place to call home and wreak havoc. One last set of questions: What is the death penalty? Do you loose everything when you die? Is there perma-death? Do you create a lootable corpse when you die? Can I take a trophy from your corpse? If you are looking for me; find the most wretched hive of scum and villainy in the universe and i'll be drinking at the bar. Come and say hello and maybe we can do some business... Mephitidae aka Skunk
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