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  1. Thank you really much! so auto-defense systems are impossible?
  2. Looks like I'm out. I want to thank everyone that participated and the game master of course. This was really fun. Maybe we can do something after this ended. I was thinking about a digital pen and paper version. That would be really cool, as Zamarus would be the perfect game master for that. Good luck to the rest of the participants, may the odds always be in your favour
  3. don't you dare speaking of the devil
  4. Depends on what org you are looking for. But I use this place shamelessly to do advertising: I am the CEO of Vortrex Mining Inc. We are are company of 26 members but we are growing constantly. We mostly focus on mining and design. If you want to join us, VMS is currently recruiting everyone. Community portal site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/vortrex-mining-and-science-inc If you got any questions, message me on Discord: https://discord.gg/BPs9CYF
  5. And if someone doesn't has a internet connection, how they get the game in the first place?
  6. A very nice AD. Nice to have such talented guys in the commitee
  7. VMS is happy to announce that we are officially supporting and creating the Alioth Aereospace Expo together with Objective Driveyards and Silverlight Industries. This is a great opportunity to promote designs and a great place to do marketing. Thanks to ODY!
  8. eine rein DEUTSCHE Organisation klingt für mich ein wenig nach 1930. Ich muss passen, ich hab selbst schon eine internationale zu leiten. Viel Glück trotzdem
  9. A step into the right direction. We can't use a conflict before the alpha comes out.
  10. June 30th. because it's the last day of "first half 2017"
  11. The elections are there to give our members some kind of co-tetermination. It's similar to the labor unions in real life. The elected ones are in the high council, but they do not directly control a sector as the other ones (the sector managers) do. The word constitution might be a wrong transation, I will change it to company policies (are you all happy now?) And to be more precise: VMS got founded as a completly independent company. Basically we want to do everything that we need to keep the company running on our own. To earn money, we will mostly gather resources and build ships out of them. So anymore unclear things?
  12. I don't have much time right now. I'm gonna do a longer post later. But for short: thanks Twerk for a very constructive comment. But mining is our main focus, not our only one. And mmtheboss is not a member of VMS. He defends us (for whatever reason), but I never asked him to do that.
  13. As we declared in the internal version of the constitution (or call it company rules, I coudn't find a better translation to "Firmengrundordnung") the election is here to ensure that we (the high council) don't go completly nuts. There will be elections at release (if we are big enough, 50 members to be precise). And what's your problem with general rules for a company? and don't we give normal members more control than nearly any other company does? I can understand if you don't expect an election, but wait until release. We are not tyrants.
  14. By part you are right. The name is older than the current focus. While mining is one of the main activities, S.M.A.R.T. got also very important. We want to do mining missions on a huge scale, but we also want to come up with designs (and scripts, we got lucky with some talented programmers) that are able to compete with Silverlight and Objective Driveyards. So yes, we're gonna sell high tech/well developed ships
  15. We officially are a company but at some parts we are like a state. For example, we will be independent and we will have terrritorry (in a bigger size). But our main focus is profit and not colonisazion by the way, challenge accepted. We'll see how we end up.
  16. With the confirmation of the 1st constitution of my company, I wanted to introduce it properly. I'll post all new updates and news here too. What is VMS? We are VMS, the Vortrex Mining and Science Inc. We gather resources, explore the universe and design and script constructs of all kind. Languages: English, German, Italian (English officially) Communication: Discord (https://discord.gg/BPs9CYF), Twitter (@VMSInc) Time Zone: around the globe, High Council in GMT+1 Hiring Status: open to anyone Elections for the High Council: Planned for 0AA (Release) Start of Operations: Alpha Age: 13+ What do we offer you? We offer an organised internal system, regular payments+bonuses, safety from pirates, a emergency fond, a building plot in our planetary base/city, possible promotions up to a sector manager, and good payments, 1/3 of the profit goes directly to the members. Can I be in another organisation at the same time? Yes and No. You are allowed to be in big factions/states (for example the Terran Union or Cinderfall Syndicate) if that faction allows that, but you are not allowed to work for another company. Untrusted Factions (for example Band of Outlaws, because they support piracy) are also forbidden. Do I have to be online a certain amount of time per day/week/month? No. You don't have to. You will receive a monthly payment if you complete a specific amount of jobs/tasks. For every other completed task you will recieve a bonus (if you complete a very high amount of tasks you can recieve a DAC, if they are affordable ingame) and we will consider your work and effort when it comes to promotions. How can I join? Everyone is allowed to join VMS. After you signed in, we will ask you some questions about what skills and personal preferences you have. We will then suggest you some possible jobs from which you can select one. If you have any questions feel free to ask us in our discord channel: https://discord.gg/BPs9CYF What will I do in the company? That dependes from sector to sector: S.M.A.R.T. (Scientific Material Development and Research Team): In this sector you will become a designer to develop new ship, a scientist that tests new parts and methods or a driver in the practical tests (basic voxel design knowledge recommended) Mine&Craft: In this sector you will be either a worker on our mining facilities or on the Vortrex I where you build the blueprints from the S.M.A.R.T. sector. TnT (Trade and Transport): You will either transport good and persons from A to B or you will set up market stations, do the advertising, find new customers, etc. Bots (Beneficial Optimization of Technology and Systems): You will be the engine behind everything. In Dual Universe, most actions and objects can be automated. To join this sector you need basic/intermediate programming skills generally (if you know how LUA works, even better) The First Order: even a neutral company gets sometimes attacked by other organisations or pirates. This sector secures the comapny. S.P.E.E.D. (Scanning, Prospecting, Exploration and endless Documentation): Prospecting, Field research etc. What qualities do I need to become a member of VMS? Motivation to play the game and help us to have success The basic skills (ingame and in real life) like flying a ship being able to work in a team Intermediate level in the english language, so we can communicate with each other You need to respect the constitution and company rules 1st version of the company policies: So don't wait, and join VMS, the 3rd biggest company: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/vortrex-mining-and-science-inc
  17. Personally I use MagickaVoxels for for making concepts. It's easy to learn, free and comes with a built-in renderer
  18. I can respect piracy. But expect that most will not like you and expect to be banned from most central areas
  19. It would be more or less possible, but in a game as immersive as this one a war of that size could make the econmical system collapse. Most will play DU not very risk taking because of the costs of a good ship.
  20. This is really intresting. I'm gonna have a look at this project for sure.
  21. Welcome! I'm the CEO of the Vortrex Mining and Science Inc. We have a pretty active group of members on our Discord Server. If you're intrested in joining (or you just want some questions answered) join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/BPs9CYF The link to our organisation: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/vortrex-mining-and-science-inc
  22. Far as I know, ships will be expensive as hell. Personally I'd rather allow some pirates to take the cargo than blowing away a ship that costs much more. even if there isn't a self destruct mode, you will find always a way to bomb your ship up (a weapon shooting core for example)
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