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  1. i would like some Atlantis style city ship. but there is also the mean of connection between two of such ships floating in same ocean some sort of permanent docking so they can be really floating mega structures whit docking bays and construction terminals, where trade of all sort is possible and living community. but if under attack they can offer protection whit large shields and weapons.
  2. i would like to have Aerodynamics in the game i mean there should be difference between flying in space and a atmosphere of a planet. for taking of there can be some sort of lifting trusters or an anti-g system probably a conbination of both. So those wings would make sense and for bigger ships you could do that anti-g system but they should be build in space only whit shuttles to land on the surfice. probably an gravitation model for the planets would be nice so you cant just position a spacestation at 0 velocity above a planet. they would require an orbit.
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