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  1. All good thanks for the info gents
  2. I've been gone the last 5 month's overseas for work and I'm wondering has any more word been put out on when the NDA will be lifted. Thank you to anyone who replies.
  3. That's a mighty fine looking bus sir.
  4. Can't the 30th come any quicker???
  5. I believe we will receive an email when it gets close for them to start shipping out. Not even sure when we get to have our One-Hour Call with JC lol.
  6. You guys that post was made in 2015.... That was simply done for people to get a chance to play the game anyone who purchased gold and up will be playing in the Alpha when it comes out in Q2 of this year hopefully.
  7. ^ I def didn't upgrade to Emerald for the Lifetime sub. I did it to help them reach their goal because I want this game to prosper and I really hope not too many people take advantage of the lifetime or at least buy dacs because a game this size needs the sub model.
  8. I agree, if someone want's to throw money at this game to keep it running and the devs here like before EvE Online sold out and became a pay-to-win society with 1 day old toons maxed out. All it does it bring life into the game and the ability for people who can't afford the sub to be able to play for free and buy it.
  9. They said it will last a couple month's but they plan to give advance notice by at least a week or two before they take down the current system and go to version 2.
  10. Thanks for the Answers, I hope they release a statement about it.
  11. Pretty much, like Eve Online's System of PLEX. Which is the same concept that WoW does as well right now, honestly this is a great method for a sub based game to allow people to play for free if they have the funds needed to support their free-to-play conquest in the game. That's how I pay for Eve Online, I don't mind paying for a sub but I have far to much isk to care so I just play for free.
  12. I apologize if this has been answered before, but I'm interested in knowing if we will be able to stream in alpha state? I know this may be a weird question, but I've seen some games not allow early access streaming. Thank you, for taking the time to read this looking forward to any answer or source provided.
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