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  1. Mod-Mercutio

    Official Dual Universe Discord

    Pinned thread for you. Should have been done a while ago, oopsie.
  2. Mod-Mercutio

    New NQ Video

    Moved to General Discussion. Thanks for posting this btw.
  3. Mod-Mercutio

    Liquid or water holding tanks

    Moved to Gameplay Mechanics Assembly. Welcome btw. - Mercutio
  4. Mod-Mercutio

    Katulyst "the unbound" .... Hi !

    Welcome to the DU community, Katulyst. - Mercutio
  5. Mod-Mercutio

    My Introduction

    Welcome to the community, Lava_Bear. - Mercutio
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    I should have gotten on here years ago

    Welcome to the forums Blitzer. - Mercutio
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    Hey there guy, welcome. We promise we will never, ever let you leave us. - Mercutio
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    Heloo all

    Welcome to the community, I saw you posted a duplicate introduction topic and removed it. <3 - Mercutio
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    Heyho people !

    Welcome, we hope the pub satisfies you. - Mercutio
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    Welcome to our humble community.
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    Howdy all

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    Welcome Don Juan, hopefully this is the game you are looking for. - Mercutio
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    Welcome to the community, virtuozzo. - Mercutio
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    Welcome to our community. - Mercutio