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  1. Official Discord?

    There is no "Official" discord, but there is an Unofficial one ran by the community. Here is a link to that thread which has the discord invite - - Mercutio
  2. Hello I'm Dark_but_Good

    Welcome to the community, please read the forum rules, and if you have any issues feel free to PM myself or the other moderators. - Mercutio
  3. Gday Lads

    Hello, and welcome @Chewie Test times/dates and a bunch of other info is all restricted to the Pre Alpha Feedback section. If you do not have access, use this thread to troubleshoot. - Mercutio
  4. Dual Univers RocketDock Icon

    Fancy! Well done. Also moved thread to the Novark Gallery. - Mercutio
  5. Where to find all the "Alpha info"

    If you sent the email recently, you may not receive access to the Pre Alpha forums until Monday at the earliest as it is the weekend right now unfortunately, and they probably aren't in the office right now. - Mercutio
  6. Where to find all the "Alpha info"

    Hello @Crete21 While this thread as a bit outdated, much of it is still relevant - If you require access to the Pre Alpha forums as a Patron backer, please view this thread. You will have to be patient to gain access if it has to be done manually, as it is the weekend after all right now - Reminder that due to there being an NDA in effect, any specific details regarding the game itself is restricted to the Pre Alpha forums only for discussion. If you have any further questions or need help, please feel free to send me a private message. - Mercutio
  7. Linux crowdfund please

    Here is a link/quote to NQs stance on this topic in case anyone was wondering. It's old, but it's the last time they said anything about it. - Mercutio
  8. Ay, I'm Anotaros

    Welcome! We are happy to have you here. Be sure to give the forum rules a read - - Mercutio
  9. I am human

    Aw, thanks fellow human! I'd love to use either, but the big boss (CM) wouldn't approve. - Mercutio
  10. Welcome to you and your organization. It would be helpful if you provided a link to your organization as well. Good luck! - Mercutio
  11. I am human

    Since we can't be too sure about who is really human here, I did some research... and actually found a humansville, missouri. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humansville,_Missouri - Mercutio
  12. Job Board / Now Hiring

    Moved this thread to the Arkship Pub. - Mercutio
  13. How big can we make ships?

    I am not in an easy position to locate any hard details for you right now, but I would recommend watching all of the videos on their youtube channel (particularly the tutorial ones). Perhaps you'll find the answer you are looking for there? - https://www.youtube.com/user/dualthegame - Mercutio
  14. Pre-Alpha Access expectations

    @monsh_ It varies weekend to weekend with 12 hr tests to 48 hr tests. If you do not have access to the Pre Alpha forums (has stickied topics that can answer any Pre Alpha test questions), please check this thread - As for pie... only if you're buying. - Mercutio
  15. New kid on the block !

    Welcome, we are happy to have you here. There is a lot to learn about the game, so I would certainly recommend reading over the Pre Alpha forums, and watching NQs tutorial videos.