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  1. ... when you spend an hour trying to explain to your wife the 2 year plan you have to control a whole planet, and all she wants to do is watch "How to get away with Murder"
  2. Not sure a banking org. would work for you now...
  3. MxO had a few groups (Exile Radio, Radio Free Zion) that held events at bars... they streamed music (online) and had a few contest. It's actually th thing I miss the most from that game.
  4. Pretty sure I saw an edit button. Did you check your confirmation email about an editing option?
  5. Id like to build small safe houses on various planets with key supplies/weapons in them... locations would only be known to our allies.
  6. A few weeks ago, one of my former LotRO friends told me about a game that would be released soon called No Man's Sky. As a raider and someone who enjoys PvP, i knew that game wasnt for me. I started looking into similar games with a multiplayer option... Dual Universe popped up on mmorpg.com Now, I wait for it's eventual release.
  7. Early 2018 would be nice, but if it's delayed till 2019 so they can put out a polished game, thats fine by me.
  8. Build a ship worthy of the Ori... spread origin to all and destroy those who reject the path to enlightenment.
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