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    Total_D4 reacted to Drakor in GTEC -- Our Purse Strings Influence the Cosmos -- Now Recruiting   
    The GTEC are the ultimate capitalists. All matters of life are valued purely on economic terms; they are the galactic bankers, super-traders and information brokers; the interstellar financiers, the ones who always manipulate the Galactic pulse of Planetary Systems, Governments and Consortiums alike and seem to come out of any deal on top. When it comes to matters of money, trade and information, GTEC members are ruthless and would sell their own mothers into slavery if, in so doing it, a substantial profit/deal could be transacted; in fact, there are whispered rumors of GTEC's Founder having sold his mother into slavery under extremely secretive terms and conditions -- most probably the rumored acquisition of a planetary system considered having four of the richest mines ever to be discovered...at least that's what recent rumors are spreading.  Consideration into GTEC is open to all willing to Pay a "rite of passage" and proving their worth. You may be sent to broker an information agreement; to setup shop in a nefarious sector; or perhaps you'll be required to lead a team of ground and air forces to ensure GTEC interests are not infringed upon.
    GTEC initiates that fail will either have all their personal assets coinfiscated as membership payment or given an opportunity to sell any one of their family members into slavery -- which guarantees membership.  
    Join Today
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    Total_D4 reacted to Drakor in GTEC -- Our Purse Strings Influence the Cosmos -- Now Recruiting   
    "I, too, want to wish the Intergalactic Banking Organization.........the best of luck.........in conducting fair and open business.........in the interests of prosperity and economic mumbo jumbo....! "C'mon ,do you really believe business matters in our new world will be conducted fairly? Really??
    I PRAY, I really, really pray that I am mistaken in my ways and that your organization, the Intergalactic BO is full of righteousness and flourishes throughout the land....<can I get an AMEN if you're reading this?> <Thank You...!  >
    Now, if there are any Governments, Organizations, Alliances, Syndicates or even lone-wolves in need or wanting
    the scales of BUSINESS Tipped, ever so slightly or, even Toppled in their Favor...
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    Total_D4 got a reaction from Alsan Teamaro in Livestock in DU   
    I'd agree there would need to be some sort of valued use for a resource depleted planet besides just the open building space for structures and or bases, at least until off world trade routs can reach and supply such locations.  Some form of self-sustaining farming of either crops or livestock could fill that role, and if it did that also gives that planets production some sort of value to organizations to hold as their own planet or shared space, given that it then could be a place producing food? Bio fuel? crafting chemicals? medical supplies even?
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    Total_D4 got a reaction from Deacon in what kind of materials will there be and are there going to be ores   
    As long as we have Zinc! I'm happy 

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    Total_D4 got a reaction from Drakor in Greetings! DU Community!   

    I'm super happy to be here among others who see such great potential for this game! I'm looking forward to what lays ahead for us all, and am excited for the Sci-Fi "RP" in a Corporation / Organization filled Universe! also just good old fashion Resource gathering! I've always been a Space miner at heart!
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    Total_D4 reacted to Giftofiluvatar in Ship Identity and Transponder   
    Well,so I actually get this idea from Starsector(the former Starfarer).In starsector a transponder is a system that broadcasting a signal that tell everybody in range who you are and where you are.It can be switched off so others won't notice you that easily and your ship will become kind of "unidentified vessel".Thinking about how to implement this system into DU, I get some ideas and questions.
    First of all, how ships identify each other in the current build or plan.Is there some kind of Arkship Database?When you build a ship you register on it so whenever somebody else find you they automatically know what's the name of the ship and other informations.Or there's nothing like this, most of time we have no idea what ships we run into.I mean, with a transponder system,there would be a lot of interesting stuff.You can turn off the transponder and do some dirty smuggling work.We can have normal ports that required you to turn you transponder on and free ports that don't give a damn who the hell are you.And your ship can be register under Arkship or player organizations.
    A few questions still remain though,such as how players register and obtain transponder system.How to verify the information that a transponder broadcasting(with some form of code?) especially when register under player organizations.And other things such as faking ship identity.Just some basic ideas, might be weird and unworkable.
    P.S. Sorry if I make some stupid grammar mistakes.Since English is not my first language, this always happen.
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    Total_D4 reacted to Anaximander in How hard (or easy) will it be to earn DAC?   

    My problem is not with if the Real-Money buyer of the DACs does a pay-to-win. That person should be protected.

    What I really wanted, was for people reselling the DAC to have a risk, the kind of people that don't need the DAC and want to resell it at an opportune moment. If that kind of player was to be protected by a fully unlootable DAC, that would break the game's economic warfare.

    I can see the reasoning for money to be unlootable, either lore-wise or gameplay-wise. Money in the game symbolise "progress" by the player, they farm, they sell their farmed items, they "Save" it as their in-game currency. Now, if DACs were to be completely and totally not EVE Online's PLEX, that would make them a Premium Currency, AKA , progress you can buy, ergo, Pay-to-Win. Thank Cthulu, that ain't the case though. 

    Since you cleared that up, I have no issue anymore. Making a fail-proof system for redeeming DACs and even more importantly, making said DAC redemption system idiot-proof, is a harder task than it sounds code-wise, that people understand.

    But the REAL questino I have now is...

    Is the "ban" process going to be an automated system or a manual, amount of reports to priority, task, when it it comes to griefing?

    Cause if during two fleets fighting, one pilot gets blown up 15 tiems in a row, they may report the pilot that blew them up, 15 times in a row and the actually NOT guilty player may be banned.

    Or, a famous Redditer or Twerking Motor, decides that he had enough for X player and througgh Discord he coordinates a dump of reports on the same person repeatedly. How will NovaQuark hinder that? Will you allow for griefing through reports? Cause THAT will surely drive people away from the game.

    Will we have to wage space war by politely asking and begging the losing side not to report us? Can you guarantee the adminsitrators, when it comes to the banning process of "Griefers", won't be playing heads & tails on people's accounts?

    And if the game has an auto-ban process, can you guarantee the algorithm can read the location of the player being reported and if the algorithm can detect that the "griefing" happenend during an uneven fight and / or massive engagement of two fleets?

    What I'm saying is, you want to protect people from being "Griefed" in-game, but you nullify blockades that way. You can't blockade a planet from resupllying for X, Y, Z reason, if the blockade was to be massively reported by Lil' Timmy who came at their battleship division that enacts the blockade, expecting to get through the 11th time.

    Does the Dev team have an answer to that?
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    Total_D4 reacted to Violet in How hard (or easy) will it be to earn DAC?   
    Could we at least get a small safe inventory space on the ARK ship for storing stuff in the early game?
    My concern is that as a kickstarter backer when the game goes live I will have a whole stack of DACs in my inventory and no safe way to store them. I wont want to leave the safe zone untill i have stashed my valuables somewhere safe,
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    Total_D4 got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in Greetings! DU Community!   

    I'm super happy to be here among others who see such great potential for this game! I'm looking forward to what lays ahead for us all, and am excited for the Sci-Fi "RP" in a Corporation / Organization filled Universe! also just good old fashion Resource gathering! I've always been a Space miner at heart!
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    Total_D4 reacted to Lord_Void in DevBlog: Monetization, player happiness and economic viability   
    Personally, I like the pay to play model. It provides a steady income to the developer and keeps costs consist for the player, plus it helps avoid the pay to win that seems to always come with free to play models That being said, there seems to be a trend in the industry away from pay to play. A limited freemium system like EVE online is implementing might not be such a bad idea, but the f2p players would have to be significantly limited so as not to have a disproportionate affect on the game. 
    If you can avoid that, though and just do P2P that'd be great! 
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    Total_D4 reacted to Schoff in DevBlog: Monetization, player happiness and economic viability   
    So you think you should be able to play games for free, huh? Entitled much?
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    Total_D4 reacted to Kongou in Modeling questions ( designing 3d models )   
    NQ will be defining the character models. no importing.
    as the others said on importing creations, 99% no. maybe some small png's or images that we can display on ships, but much like other games if it hinders performance on a large scale im sure theyll kill it.
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    Total_D4 reacted to Kael in Modeling questions ( designing 3d models )   
    Everything will be made in-game with the tools provided.
    Don't get your hopes up for any 3rd party tools being used in DU...or in any MMO for that matter. It only invites people to take advantage of the system and try and "hack" and cheat anyway they can.
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    Total_D4 reacted to friendlytyrant03 in Greetings! DU Community!   
    Oh oh A NEW FRIEND!!!!
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    Total_D4 reacted to Kongou in Greetings! DU Community!   
    Hello, thank you very much for joining the forums community. I hope you find the place enjoyable, dont let the trolls get to you.
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    Total_D4 reacted to ATMLVE in Greetings! DU Community!   
    Glad you're here, welcome to the forums! This community is awesome, as you'll soon find out. Nice and cozy and not over-complicated. Enjoy yourself!
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