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  1. Congrats! to NQ. and too the fellow Kickstarter Backers! who came together to make this games development a thing to look forward to with their support.
  2. If it comes down to a single Organization indeed grinding to capture the control of lets say 90% of the wealth, I'm pretty sure something on the Dev side would have to be done to set economic balance back in place. Though I don't think the collective whole of all the other player "Organizations" & "Free lanced" players would stand to see a single Organization monopolies the circulation of currency. There would be no doubt some form of all out War where the whole game world VS this Organization, that or the players not in control of legitimate currency, would have to shameful attempt to o
  3. I'd agree there would need to be some sort of valued use for a resource depleted planet besides just the open building space for structures and or bases, at least until off world trade routs can reach and supply such locations. Some form of self-sustaining farming of either crops or livestock could fill that role, and if it did that also gives that planets production some sort of value to organizations to hold as their own planet or shared space, given that it then could be a place producing food? Bio fuel? crafting chemicals? medical supplies even?
  4. That is a good question! Because in the case of a ship being boarded by an enemy factions, and if said ship that is under attack does have something like an "Elevator element" would there also be control systems to allow the crew to shut down solely that element to slow the boarding parties progress through the ship? or will there be nothing but... Doors at the top of free walking vertical paths
  5. I'd like some sort of IGV - I think it would be really neat as well if they could some how implement that sort of "Radio" like Audio effect for Ship to ship Communications, just for the sake of adding to the immersion level.
  6. I'm on board for a subscription based system if it can help keep the game from going belly up. Though I have no issues either with the concept of the Subscription costs being an affordable amount due to something like the mentioned In game cosmetic item store acting like a support revenue to the games lifespan. Only issue though I can think of is if the "Cosmetic Shop" could keep up on offering consistent cosmetic items of quality that would encourage enough players to spend $ on. Though I'm also not really against the idea of their hybrid suggestion of something similar to how EVE Online wo
  7. I'm happy know that the users wouldn't be allowed to implement the uses of modeling programs outside of the engines own capabilities. In a way it wouldn't really be as constructive on a community level any longer if people could just use something like Blender or Maya. Though I'll note thanks to Neopolitan dropping a bit of possible info that we might be able to upload images for ship decals that's awesome! I hadn't known that still being fairly new to what devs might have said. I hope though that we'd also could use said images for signs those on possibly Organization headquarter buildings
  8. Greetings! I'm super happy to be here among others who see such great potential for this game! I'm looking forward to what lays ahead for us all, and am excited for the Sci-Fi "RP" in a Corporation / Organization filled Universe! also just good old fashion Resource gathering! I've always been a Space miner at heart!
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