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  1. How about separate dates? For each discovered planet there will be a local time meassurement but while travelling in space, a universal time meassurement would be adapted instead? This is to ensure that day/night cycles on days are not completely thrown off by dates on the various planets. (for instance, if the dates change from the 5th to the 6th, then on earth, 24 hours would have passed since the previous date-change. The rotation differs from planet to planet, obviously, and finding ones with exact timeframes as earth (or other points of references) would be exceptionally rare at best.) Of course, for players who traverse the space 24/7, this wouldn't really matter much, but if society is placed on a world, then it would be logical for that society to use a local timezone. The idea about using seconds is nice too, but human biology is fixed on a "sleep at night, awake at day"-clock, and it would also complicate the daily lives of inhabitants on planets. If we were to talk about work, then saying "I work on the 5th" is a lot easier than "I work between the 3082000500th second and the 3082032900th second" (Though naturally they would slim it down to something easier, but even so..) By the way, how about months and years? Would we need those? And Weeks? Maybe add the 8th day, Blunday? xD Or are these things we should leave for the various planetary governments to invent on their own? And about the "universal time standard", how about using the starter planet's dates? (I don't see how we can throw out years and eras) Or maybe Earth's dates to make things simpler? - After all, they came from earth so it makes sense for the Arkships' time settings to be adjusted to it. - Sorry if I mentioned anything that anyone has mentioned before, the first few posts got me riled up and I felt more compelled to give my thoughts than to read all the pages before mentioning things, though I guess I should've done that (although I don't really have the time on me to do so at the moment).
  2. Dual Universe looks awesome, can't wait to join the alpha! :)

  3. Checking things out.. :)

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