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  1. Well the point of any kind of Alpha is to test the game and get feedback and data. Regardless if they felt obliged to get in in our hands asap. They wouldn't (I hope) do it JUST to say they did it. I don't take NQ as they type of Dev to do stuff just for show and to placate players. Testing is testing regardless of phase or amount of participation To repeat my point, while yes an NDA should be taken seriously, I don't think it'll be a waste of resources and bad for the game like the poster I first quoted was suggesting. Now if they kept the NDA on for the whole testing process until open Beta close to launch then sure it'll get more and more taxing for them but as the statement suggests the NDA will only be for this presumably short Pre-Alpha phase until they are ready for the Alpha stage.
  2. Even so that's a relatively small number to have to worry about and use extra resources to police like the other poster was worrying about. Point being I think it was more important for NQ to begin the process of testing and getting usable data. I just doubt they are going to be that worried about leaks that it would somehow effect the progress of the game.
  3. While we may not be able to fly and use 3rd person views all the time, I remember seeing a vid showing that you could switch the camera view to outside the ship by holding hotkey. Might have been one of the last Dev blogs not sure which.
  4. Pre-Alpha will likely by around 100-200 players at most I would guess. So not sure I agree that it'll take too much resources trying to police anything. It sounds like more of a trusting in us honor system more than a hard set NDA anyways. Leaks happen always do but main focus will be letting players in the game and starting the process of getting feedback and data. Bottom line, having a Pre-Alpha first should make the Alpha that much more smoother when that phase does begin. This delay might just be a blessing in disguise so to speak.
  5. So follow-up question I guess would be if the trees themselves are not voxels what about the actual wood/lumber/fibers that are gained from harvesting a tree. I mean if we build a structure with both ore ie metals and wood is only part of the structure now voxel based and/or do the different materials have different characteristics as far as strength and durability goes? Probably questions you're not even ready to think about yet I suppose.
  6. Well important bit is the "by the end of.." Meaning its expected to have started by then not at then if you catch my meaning. So when it starts in Sept like Nyz just confirmed that statement will still hold true.
  7. Just semantics I know but its not a pre release. It'll be a very early Alpha testing of the game. Not much of the game will be playable to start. So yeah I'm excited for it as well but should make sure we go in know what to expect.
  8. Yeah to me and like others said, as well as NQs official statement just above only including some Orgs or cities deemed in some arbitrary manor to be worthy of an entry on the wiki will cause so much drama and guild battles. That's fine for fan sites and in game gen chats but not for the official wiki page of the game.
  9. That's not how it works with online games though of any kind. The Dev is more like the government then a god. They create a system of rules and policy and we the citizens err players have to follow those rules. A better analogy is a simple private business and its customers. They provide a service and we pay for and use that service and we can continue to do so as long as we follow their rules.
  10. Yep this. BTW, the whole "Freedom of speech" thing people always rally behind in stuff like this, doesn't even really apply to these situations. NQ and this game is a private entity meaning they can set whatever rules they want about how you use their service. Freedom of speech protects you from your government, authorities coming after you for expressing your opinions and protests of them. Private entity's can set whatever rules they want, within reason of course.
  11. Indeed. BTW, I meant "subjectivity" not objectivity in relation to what we all find to be offensive or not.
  12. Yeah, I don't think the real concern is about boobs and dicks. Pretty sure its more about hate speech and symbols of it. NQ did state such things would not be allowed in the ToS, so yeah there will be a set list of things not allowed. Any subjectivity on our parts of what is and isn't offensive is trumped by whatever rules NQ makes and enforces.
  13. If you read my other posts and convo with other posters you'd see my concern is more about NQ having to waste time and resources monitoring stuff that can be done. Not going to repeat it all but bottom line the freedom we all love and why we flock to these games comes at a cost sometimes.
  14. Anything that breaks the ToS as set by NQ. More freedom the game has the more ways people have to break those rules. That's been my only point. That sandbox freedom is why I am here as well, but just saying sometimes it comes at a cost.
  15. I wasn't and never have asked for any kind of censorship. Pointing out potential flaws and issues with systems and features is a normal occurrence if not expected from a pre-launch MMO community, it wasn't some kind of demand or call to action. Seems like you're the one that's easily triggered. My point was about the time and resources NQ may have to waste policing stuff. The more freedom they give the more time and resources may need to be spent monitoring that freedom. Also I wasn't talking about disagreements between players/Orgs or w/e, was talking about straight up trolls and griefing, ie more freedom is great for good players but it also gives platforms for those with bad intentions as well.
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