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  1. This game can be what you make it, if you enjoy having complete freedom and little direction.
  2. In a game this broad, it means to have fun - the figure out what you like to do, and to do it. It is our sandbox to imagine and be what we want without the confines of a themepark.
  3. NMS is prolly great for solo explorer types. I'm an MMORPG elitist and rarely venture beyond the genre, yeah I know thats silly and I miss lots of good games, but I just cant get into non MMOs as much.
  4. This is a big unveil on a big site with a big headline. INCOMING!
  5. No sub means game directing power resides among the few whales. A sub means that power is spread out more equally among the player base. This is important when asking for things like new weapon tech vs ship skins that look like polka-dot unicorns
  6. Steam is amazing but it also comes with a burden.
  7. Frankly the old SWG TEF flag system with a few Pvp areas would be incredible
  8. A pay per time model might be interesting. Buy 3 hours log in play those three. Come back and buy more when u have the time
  9. If everyone pays $15 a month we all have equal voive in the direction. In b2p the whales dictate the direction of the game. P2p is like living where the weather isn't ideal, it keeps the trash out.
  10. The issue with FTP or BTP is the niche is small and the pie has been saturated with butter but its not getting any bigger. Pay 2 play with plex is my vote.
  11. I quoted you just to say, awesome Avatar image. As for the crowd funding campaign, DU is already making major buzz more than many games I've seen head into crowd funding. I see it going very well for them.
  12. Only if the narrative is forced on us via NPC quests and such. I dont think having a rich lore and things associated with it is constricting, especially if you can choose to ignore it.
  13. This was full of info. I liked hearing about combat. EVE style will work fo the ships but I wonder if there will be FPS combat as well? I wonder if that will work differently or not. It might be neat if it didnt and it was also based on "locking on" to your target. My one concern is relying on us to make too much and not providing some directional content. Something lore heavy. Maybe based on discovery and exploration. A thing for players to chase and head toward be it relics or keys to unlocking new tech or resources. A common storyline that we can all relate to while we create our own.
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