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  1. They actually went forward with this update. Good luck I am taking my paying friends with me to do something which does not bear the designation of slavery.
  2. This update will only work if there is a full wipe or else big orgs just buy all recipes and dominate the game while the game gets even harder for small groups or solos who are struggling even now.
  3. We have all the skills for fuel efficiency but it's still not enough. Our VTOL ships use quite a bit of fuel.
  4. Make the game fun again! Mining endlessly and then waiting days or weeks for one component to cook is unacceptable and made me quit recently. Fuel usage is also ridiculous. Components are too big. How to fix these issues: - Add some kind of mining laser for ships so we can mine veins fast. - Reduce time to make components. - Make fuel more affordable, people living on Alioth are spending more ore to fuel than crafting. Fuel should be very easy and cheap to craft, even rocket fuel since we're using 1000x more rocket fuel for one trip. - Balance components so we don't need so many for one ship. Ships look like pill of elements.
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