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  1. Not sure who's gonna win, but Blitz will lose. bliiiiitzzzz
  2. If you are looking for RP, it would be easiest to write PM's to people, as apparently people won't say publicly that they do roleplay... And yes, I'm talking to someone specifically
  3. Huh. Can't help but wonder. You might look at the previous replies and see what I mean. but meh.
  4. Another lovely day. People see the ugliness in this world. But I choose to see the beauty. ehh. I might need to look somewhere else then. alright.
  5. Sigh... You know, now you are attacking Leonis, which I'm sure is not what you were aiming for... I kind of think this was sorted out before but... well... Just let it be.
  6. @Leonis ​I just think Calamity meant there are kinder ways to say it. He might be either quite young, or he is from a non-English speaking country. Some just doesn't have the same opportunities to sound articulated in the English language as others ​Perhaps @Sakej99 ? ​If you want help to present your topic better, just ask! I'd gladly help you to write the page a little smoother
  7. Hey Sakej99! ​Don't take the responses too harsh on yourself. Try and see if there are some things that might be true enough, and you can go ahead and correct them ​Keep it up man!!
  8. Ay, The Titan will be with the free as well. I would not suppose to escape the prison of Tartarus to come out and trap myself in society's firm grip. I will free myself from the tyranny and instead let myself float on the wings on freedom.
  9. The problem with this technology is how would you create things that are not in the real world?
  10. Ahh. The Titan welcomes this organisation! Good to have professionals in the field.
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