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  1. An Interesting concept, I look forward to seeing this grow. Keep it up!
  2. Can the Arcturian Federation join another Federation ..? ?
  3. Some big changes are coming soon! The Senior Administration team is working very hard to overhaul the structure of the current Federation to streamline it's operations. A glance at what is planned to change is: Grand Assembly interaction Division introduction Clear mission objectives A reshuffle of roles And much more.... We are taking steps into the future to ensure all of our members are well looked after and a are happy with our community. We are also looking to expand our horizons by taking in some new individual members and organization
  4. IKR, well maybe this time There might be some merit and if not, let us hope to get a few memes out of it
  5. Just a bump! - It has been a while hasn't it? Just to refresh: - We are still open and running stronger than ever, the administration is planning some big changes and we need more of you lovely people to join us! Emberstone, our planned city is still being planned and will begin construction in the next test, everyone is welcome to participate and if it arouses some interest I'll be extending invitations for the construction team. Oh and for those who aren't in our discord server (like seriously...) and haven't been keeping up with our developments... we've renamed Emberstone
  6. discordauth:JvKjr646uprmNgJc46W1wnqT4SBM8xDKFSAx_EEvV7c=

  7. While there will be similarities to EVE, people need to stop comparing DU to it: Because Dual Universe will be undoubtedly better, Because Dual Universe already has a thriving community and the game isn't even public yet.. and mostly because it will be far far far far better than EVE Online.
  8. That is a very cool concept, damn I'm excited to see how it turns out and I'm not even affiliated!
  9. Goshdanm, I would like to know your artist! Very impressive and appealing.
  10. You stumbled into the best gaming community, Welcome!
  11. We should definitely arrange something for the future. Let me know
  12. Hehe, Welcome back buddy. Let's hope tings go well this time around. See you in the verse!
  13. Hello citizens of Dual Universe, On behalf of the Grand Assembly I must inform all member organizations of the Aeonian Federation excluding; Objective Driveyards, Silverlight Industries, Chromion Industrial, The Solar Empire, Quantum Force and Me'sen Gotabor, all other organizations will be expunged on good terms from the Aeonian Federation. The executive of the Federation has made this decision on the basis of removing inactive, dormant and possibly dead organizations. Don’t worry, our borders will remain open to all and any removed entities are welcome to reapply. We don’t m
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