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  2. Hi every one, I'm a sponsor so I understood I would be able to try alpha 1 today. However I dont see any place to download the game on the website. Am i missing something ? PelorusJack
  3. Just bought a sponsor pack, hopping in for the sake of this game which represent everything I've ever wanted about a game. I couldn't believe i'd miss the kickstarter when I first heard about this game. Anyway, pledges are back and here I am. IRL I enjoy blacksmithing and glassblowing. I love to work with my hands on my spare time, and i'm a physics PHD student for the rest of the time ! I dont think I will have enough time to play this game as much as I want, like being a part of a big organization, but I hope i'll find a way to enjoy the game as a solo player, or with a few peoples. My dream would be to find a remote part of the universe and settle in to build a small workshop, as i'm more interested in building and scripting than pvping. If someone wanna play the same casual way, feel free to message me if you can bare a thick french accent and we could try this alpha 1 together when it's out ! Bye bye Pelorus Jack
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