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  1. hello and welcome i am new ass well and cant wait to paly
  2. welcome and i can't wait for tomorrow as well
  3. we are setting in place a new government. we welcome all people, and are looking for new organizations to join us as well, you will be able to run your corporation or organization within our government. we have many different fields to apply for, from security forces to engineering and explorers. our goal is to build a stable government that is peaceful that will contribute to the universe. But if we are threatened we will act quickly and destroy our enemy's. everyone will have a place in the Arcturian Federation, there is also plenty of room for advancement, we are looking for leaders in ev
  4. thank you, very excited to play this week
  5. hello, all my name is chaos starlord I have just gotten the pre-alpha upgrade, can not wait to try it. I have started the Arcturian Federation. we are a new government and are trying to build up. any questions just go to our organization page, for more details. all are welcome to join we have plenty of room for advancement within the government. you will not just be another number.
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