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  1. I drew inspiration for the machines forms Horizon Zero Dawn, so we are no Borg far form that. Like the story says An Intelligent self-aware AI with a Personality that decided to fulfill its purpose even after the war, so it created a new one to have a purpose
  2. Alpha is the AI that brought about the downfall of humanity. Alpha was created with war as its purpose and is driven to fulfill its purpose for exitance. (drones referring to soldiers) (Programs referring to non-military members) Alpha Swarm: The Alpha Swarm consists of various classes of drones that serve all kinds of purposes like heavy infantry, pilots, commanders, and many more. Its drones are highly deadly both alone or in squads, they are programmed with a wide variety of tactics and strategies that they can use to overcome every foe. Alpha Industries: This sub-function of Alpha is dedicated to producing the warships used by Alpha to continue its war. It is also tasked with the gathering of resources, both financial and material. Its programs design ships that operate with deadly efficiency to crush all opposition that might arise. Research: The subfunction Research focuses on the exploration of new planets, developing new technology, and to explore new ways of expansion. In general, this sub-function focuses on exploration and experimentation Our Goals: Since we are a military faction our main goal is to expand our reach across the stars. Another goal is to field a powerful army that can adapt to any situation on the battlefield since each member has gone through a specially designed training to make him familiar with all the required mechanics. We also want to research new ways of using Lua and other elements, ship design, building, and research are a very important aspect of Alpha. We will by no means just conquer everything that we see but expand slowly but steadily solidifying our grasp upon every territory. We are we very new Organisation, so if you want to build up Alpha with us then join the Discord Server. Note: Below you can see a summary of our Backstory Our Discord: https://discord.gg/wcFwN26 Story Log 1.pdf
  3. https://youtu.be/e04Gv-ZSADM This is the Video to our new Ranking Structure. It was heavily inspired from the roman Command Structure as we believe that it is very great and can be adopted to many Situation. We also focused on flexibility.
  4. I did not mean it in that way. It is not he, the man but he the Warrior. And a warrior can be male or female that does not matter
  5. Ok I'll just write it below so you do not need a link
  6. I have written a document that represents the image of an ideal warrior to me. It should serve as a guide. For us and all who want to join us. Please tell me what you think: The essence of the warrior: It does not matter what a warrior did in his life, rather then what he did before his death. A warrioir is someone, who always believes in himself. Even in the darkest of hours, he will not stagger. The possibility of losing is out of sight for him. He knows: "I'll Definitely win!". There is no defeat for Him! A warrior is someone, who is loyal, because without loyality, he is empty, nothing but a shell. He treats his comrades like brothers, they are his family on the Battlefield. And a man has to protect his family no matter what it costs. One shall never allow his family to fall. And when the time has come for him and his brothers, he shall not fear, for they are knowing, that their sacrifices were not in vain. A warrior's will to fight, his will to resist, his will to attack, are his greatest weapons. His mind is sharp and he always finds an answer, no matter how hopeless the situation might seem. He will get through it. He will never give up! A lot of lies exist in this World. But the original truth will always be "survival of the fittest". One must devour it all, be it other humans, wealth, power and even the World itself. When someone has reached that point, the reasons don't matter anymore. Religion, ideals, resources, land, gurges or love, at this point only his will matters. A true warrior strives to improve himself and those around him. A warrior can't be imprisoned. The only prison he will eventually find himself in, is his own soul. Break free of the chains that hold you down, and rise. Rise as your true self, free of all burdens, free of all suffering, and leave your old self behind. A true warrior will never die. For his beliefs are carried by all his brothers. For all the centuries to come.
  7. This Graphic was meant to show how the different Ranks look like. If you can put Emblems on your Armor then we will use those to differentiate between the different ranks. In the first Graphic we explaind how the Command structure works.
  8. These are the Ranks. Both Branches are Commanded by a Dominus. He is the haed of the Legion. Under him will serve the Legions Navy and the ground forces. He will receive a direct order from the Mandalore to Attack an enemyPosition or to Defend a certain position. The Mandalore hase the total Authority over the Neo Crusaders. To ensure a smooth process. A Order of the Mandalore is Absolute.
  9. The Rank Structure is ready. We have oriented ourselves towards the Roman ranks. Thus our Military will consist out of varius Legions. Every Legion will have there own Banner and unique Name. The Legions will consist out of Ground Forces and an own Fleet. In every Legion there wil be a lot of Different Forces such as, the Airforce, heavy tanks, Infantry, Battleships and many many more. We want to make sure that our Soldiers have a wide range of specialization to choose from, so that every player can do what he is best at.
  10. We live only fort the fight, for the next war. We focus on extremely well-trained soldiers and special unites, and we specialize in warfare. This will be our main focus. The Neo Crusaders are lead by Mandalor the True, under him will serve the Leaders of the other Divisions. We want to prove ourselves as the most feared and respected warriors in the Galaxy, and to reach that Goal we need capable and motivated individuals that are completely dedicated to that Goal. Are you such a warrior? Military: Our Military will be the most elite in the Galaxy. Thus is complete Discipline a very important aspect. This means if you officer Commands you to shoot you will shoot, if the Commander assigned you and your Team to a certain position you will carry out this order instantly. Our Military will consist of various sub Divisions and teams that will provide us with everything we need to land an successful attack. The details cannot be described here because they are a secret and will only be shared with true warriors who will join our ranks. The Academy Training: The training you have to undergo will be the harshest in the entered Galaxy. You will learn the basic tactics, all the Commands and various other things you need to know when communicating with other soldiers. The Combat training will be overlooked by the most capable of instructors whose job is it to form you into a true Warrior. You also have to undergo various Testes to prove your ability, be it alone or in your Squad. When you have passed the final exam, you can call yourself a Neo Crusader! High Council: The High Council will consist out of the various leaders of the Divisions and Mandalore The True. Together they will discuss the progress of the Neo Crusaders and they will be the ones who will overlook the final exam. The High Council will meet every week the discuss the progress of the Neo Crusaders. The Code of The Warrior: Honor in Battle, cheating Death and the Code of the Warrior. There was once a time where we dominated the Galaxy, but that Time is gone. Many of us still remember the past Battles and the Honor that came with them. We remember every warrior who fell in the past Crusades. But we have to rise again, to once again claim our Rightful place as the greatest warriors. But one can only achive that by following the Code! The Code is Live and the Code is Death! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/neo-crusader
  11. Alpha_


    Thanks for the tipps I will consider changing the Discription a little bit so that it sounds more decent. But we are an pvp group mast and for all. Currently we are organizing everything from the Rank structure to the different units. The focus in the future will be the training of the soldiers and the unites. The training will be very hard to master because we need good soldiers so that we can bride the gab to the other Orgs. And the other Orgs also have a lot of Citezens, we do not have Citezens every man who joins us even if it is only to build has to undergo the basic training process. Thanks for the advice
  12. Alpha_


    That would be ok if you are a part of example Dual explorers that would be fine. But if you are part of for exapmle the Terran Union and Orgs like that this is not ok. Because just like I said the Informations must remain secret.
  13. Alpha_


    EQUITEM means,, Rider ” in Latin. We are an army maily focused on pvp, there will be other Branches but this will be our main focus. We only accept members who are not in any other organization ( Neutral ones are fine ). Because the information that is discussed here is not for the public and must remain secret. The Riders of the Apocalypse have come to build an organization to maintain the balance in the Universe. Many secrets surround the riders, secrets they will share with the galaxy bit by bit, but if you like what you hear, you have to decide for yourself. Our organization focuses on extremely well trained special units which have different tasks and operate with deadly precision so that they reach their target unseen and do what must be done. We are not a nation but an army, dedicated to maintaining the balance in the galaxy, no matter what. The army of EQUITEM will be the best in the whole Galaxy to finish what Death has started on the Earth. There will be different areas of work such as Development and Construction or Logistic and of course the Special Forces that perform most of the operations, there will be 4 different units all having their own area of specialization. (To read more about the 4 units, see in the description) If you want to join write something about yourself and your goals here. Also if you are in another Organization you have to decide if you want to stay with them or join us. If you join us you will resive the best Training avalible. We will create Academies where you will train and grow along others. We have 4 different unites War,Famine, Conquest and Death. Each one of the unites have there own are of specialization. We are also creating a Quest line for every Rank, you will discover secrets that involve EQUITEM and the Riders themself. After you climbed to the Highest Rank you need to put all the Information you have discoverd together, so that you can see the full extent. Enlist today and be part The Riders army.
  14. Alpha_


    We are Finally online We serche for new Members here is a link to our Organisation. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/equitem We are a professional army lead by the four Horseman of the Apocalypse. We want to keep the balance in the galaxy no matter what it costs. And who opposes us or endangers the balance will be eliminated.
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