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  1. Just for the record, I bought two alpha packages and have 6 ingame accounts. I dont agree with your maths though, that cost me a lot less than subbing 6 account through the whole of beta. I will probably only keep 2 subbed at launch and that is the same as all the people I play with (including those that might come back). I agree that some players will keep their ALT but plenty wont.
  2. Another nerf is that soon BETA KEY alts will be a thing of the past, and all players will be subbing ALTs, which will make a massive difference to the number of them in game. Personally I would like to see a limited number of missions for each routes, which would then changes to an alternate route when used up.
  3. I would LOVE to see some sort of power based system in the game and agree that some simpler option might be better / more achievable than actually developing a full power system. Not sure it would need to include anything other than - weapons, shields, engines and brakes
  4. Will be interesting to see if stasis weapons will offer some defensive strategies, shooting ATTACKERS with them, so they can escape?
  5. Played the game since early alpha and NEVER left a ship, or anything else at a market, it is rude and inconsiderate to other players, you could argue that it is just as 'toxic' an activity. Sorry but I am glad NQ have done something about it and I salute the player that took it.
  6. Power 100% YES Survival 1000% NO thank you
  7. My point is that two of us tonight went out and hit separate discovered rare roids, in two different planets and between us we scored about 30 mil in about two hours (15 mils each). Whilst our autominers were running. BOTH of us found plenty of ore in the first roids we found.
  8. I dont see it as lazy, I hope, just like many other features, it i version 1 and will be improved. I would LOVE to see more flexible spawning, mega roids, roids fields etc and I hope they come soon. Personally I MASSIVELY prefer roid mining to ground mining. It is actually enjoy the risk vrs reward level, although I dont discover roid at all, I have DSATs on space stations, find discovered roids and go from there.
  9. I would counter that to say that I mined roids from the start, 5 days a week and never had an issue, you would have thought that since Demeter, more people would be mining them but there is still ore. So I ask again, is miningg REALLY just a weekend activity, or is that an excuse used by people who dont actually mine?
  10. Something I have heard a lot of complaints about on this forum is that asteroids are 'only available at weekends', this is something that has always confused me. I started mining roids on launch, focusing on discovered roids in pvp space. I NEVER had an issue with finding ore, even on Friday nights before roids respawn. I was making bank, no problems, I actually preferred it to ground mining as the ore was so easy to find. I wondered if demeter has made a difference, so headed out tonight. First rare roid I hit had loads of nodes left, T1-4....... but it is Friday and asteroid are only for weekends? Or are the people saying this people who dont actually mine roids?
  11. It was three things, daily login, sorry but 150k injected daily into approx 10k players is a LOT of quanta, which ever way you look at it, ore sales to bots (which was the main source of generated income), then product sales to bots (which actually only added a small margin markup to ore selling). The majority of people buying my stuff werent hardcore industry players, they were average Joe's mining a bit and selling ore. Love the patronising last line..... the old trick of trying to devalue the argument through belittling the other party..... classy
  12. At one point I was listing 100+ range of T1 item on all main Alioth markets and some outer ones and making a fortune. Buying all my ore from a private supplier under market price. Funny part was that my second best market for sales I was selling just under bot price for T1, which is pretty much the maximum price you can get for a T1 product. D6 is actually a great place to sell all the stuff that other people dont, they do there for the expensive stuff and then just buy the rest anyway. So again you can be selling at MAXIMUM margin and getting high volume. Not sure JC leaving had much to do with it, 0.23 certainly did, which was NQ using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
  13. You cant discount the daily login though, as it DOES put money into the game and that money can then be spent on player generated gameloops like market product sales, ship sales etc. Whilst I agree that a lot of people did either sell ore directly to bots, or make large quantities of products and sell to bots, there were MUCH better margins to be made selling to players. I promise you I made a LOT more selling to players than anyone could have selling to bots with the same quantity of ore. The biggest reason being that the majority of players didnt realise that people are lazy and didnt fly to the cheapest market, they flew to the closest.
  14. Was specifically talking about 'no way' part, which is false, there were and still are plenty of ways. I am still selling stuff T1 stuff when I log in that I listed 2 months ago......and I still dont sell much or (never sold a single ton of T1 ore)
  15. Not strictly true, I made a FORTUNE at launch without ever selling to a single bot. I still dont sell any ore at all, most of my money came from being the first player to sell CAT3 on Alioth and then selling T1 products at markets. I have also sold a lot of stuff on other planets, mainly things like containers, T1 industry, territory units etc. I do agree though that player made selling should be MUCH better supported in game. Simply getting rid of the 'job board' and instead allowing players to place 30 day categorised ads for player made businesses would be a good start, adding details / specific icons to the map over and above the current 'open to players' icons!
  16. My solutions is, screw the MU's and fly around in my space ship mining roids, as this is a space game after all.. More roids please NQ!!! Mining unit are not a replacement for ground mining, if you dont want to manage loads of them, set up a couple and fly into space and mine stuff.
  17. Simple tip, DONT discover roids, go to ones already discovered and dont be greedy and go for T5, got mid tier. Easily the fastest money to be made in game, only lost two ships since roids were launched.
  18. Does it though??? If someone else has found them, you can just fly straight to them. Anyway, I actually think giving everyone a single main HQ tile with no taxes is a very easy solution to this issue, I like the idea a lot. See, we can agree on something
  19. See I like both of those ideas and would be more than happy for either to be added.
  20. They arent limited to the weekends though, or at least they werent when I was doing them, we mined them all the time. Just go to already discovered roids and tuck in.
  21. We dont know what the starting package will be though, they might give new players a scanner in the future, might give them 5m quanta, we have no idea.
  22. I get your point, but legally there is no definition of alpha / beta etc and what you can and cant do. NOONE who joined 'beta' at the start could have said that is was only going to have a bit of polish, there were always going to be massive changes. Territory warfare is probably the biggest game changer, which has ALWAYS been coming and is still not here yet. So, for me, until all these things are added, I am reserving my judgement. If I like the game at launch, I will play it, if I dont, I will move on.
  23. Apart from HQ tiles means you dont have to pay taxes...... so your whole point it moot. You can still play the same way as before, as long as you dont want more than 5 tiles. I 100% agree the game is not as easy as before and it will get harder if they add energy, then even harder when they add territory warfare and people who want an easy game will complain and people who want more of a challenge will enjoy it. The main reason why I dont play DU regularly anymore is because I didnt find it a challenge, I am waiting for more stuff to come into the game so I cant just continue hoarding unlimited volumes of elements, tiles and other stuff and if / when that challenge is added I want a wipe because I currently have far too much stuff and it would not be fair to new players to try and compete with me and all my stuff when the gameplay has changed so dramatically. We are clearly different people, within different requirements, neither of us are right or wrong, just that NQ seem to be taking the game in a direction which suits my playstyle.
  24. Didnt you used to spend time mining though? So instead of using that time to mine the ground, use it to mine roids? Ok you might not get as much but that is supplemented by your autominers, which work even when you are not playing. I do agree there are things they can do to balance it (increase autominer yields, decrease taxes, increase the quantity of safe zone roids) but I dont think the system is as flawed as you are making out. Genuinely interested to find out how roid mining is now, I used to have no issue getting really good returns from it, I used to do it RATHER than ground mine as it was so much easier to find the ore. Only playing casually now, so dont really need to do it.
  25. So back to my points - Autominers are a semi passive income, you can earn that income whilst doing other things, you ALSO earn that income whilst not even playing the game - there are other ways to earn income, mining roids, doing missions, selling stuff, hopefully NQ will add more So the argument that taxes are taking 50% of all your income only applies if you choose not to do any of the other things outlined above. Also territory taxes only apply if to tiles you are using for either mining and or industry, unless you have more than 5 tiles.
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