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  1. Take racing for example, ANYONE can start a racing team with one of the current events that goes on. It costs next to nothing. OK, I have no doubt it is harder to start a track but that is where the community comes in. Venue owners as well, taxes dont effect them at all actually, you HQ the venue and then no problem. Ship builders, again no problem..... I still think NQ could do a huge amount more to improve community cohesion though, it is probably the area which could have the most effect with limited development time, just allowing players to find out what other players are doing and integrate, for me, that is civilisation.
  2. Can you tell me first hand the racing people you have spoken too that have an issue, or the venue owners? Or the ship sellers? Because those that I talk too are cool. Or are you speculating? You can still do all these things.
  3. This is a space civilisation MMO You want to be Obi Wan - living self sufficient on your own I want to be Han Solo - trading, taking risks and being a character in the community Some people want to be empire - blowing up everyone that isnt them up in space Some people want to be pod racers - making tracks and taking part in races Some people want to be sand people - scavenging and salvaging the stuff others leave behind (people get free stuff with no risk from auto miners??? and safe zone missions) Some people want to be space miner Some people want to be industrialist Some people want to be venue owners - space casinos, cool locations Some people want to be ship / building designers - selling there wares to other players etc Not really sure how people enjoying these other play styles really effect you and your game to be honest, each to their own. I am pleased NQ are opening up more of these gameplay paths and hope they continue to do so. One thing I will say is, the people I know who really enjoy this game, are the ones who are most involved in the community side and are less tied up with solo survival style gameplay.
  4. I have no doubt, if the ore whales see the price start dropping and panic, then it will tumble and I will laugh they they will be losing billions. Does make me laugh though, everyone on here has been complaining about spiraling inflation and now you are all moan about deflation???
  5. That DDoS effort is probably the stupidist thing I have read on this forum and that is saying something. Going to love to see your posts when territory war comes....... Really not surprised the game isnt as active on the web, it isnt live yet and it is not finished. Why would you overly market a game which is not complete, you just get angry people like you. The fact they have not even HINTED at Steam yet for example, shows where they are in development IMHO. Personally I enjoy asteroids, I enjoy the community, I enjoy selling stuff to people and buying stuff from people. I enjoy going to the casino and race nights. I LOVE risk, I want to be attacked, I want to be able to lose stuff. I want to be able to salvage stuff. I DONT want to "gather for myself and build for myself" like some sort of hermit. That is a gameplay style I really dont understand in a sandbox MMO, might as well go play a coop game. But I have no issue if that is what you want to do, all good. Just that one of us is enjoying the game and enjoying the content NQ is adding and the other isnt, doesnt make the stuff I like invalid. "Playing as a vulture literally invalidates every play style NQ has tried to balance." What exactly does it invalidate? and why are they even trying to 'balance' anything now, nothing is valid until some sort of territory conflict is added, NOTHING. Also, pretty sure that construct being abandoned and scavenging has ALWAYS been on the cards.
  6. Genuine question, how much pvp roid mining have you done? Because I see this sort of comment a lot, when in my experience the risk of pvp at roids is pretty low if you know what you are doing. I did pvp roid mining as my main activity for about 4 weeks after they launched, visiting roids that were already discovered below the top tier. I got into pvp ONCE and lost ONE ship. In the meantime my mining returns were far higher than anything i was getting on planets (without a T3 mega). So does your feedback come from experience or believing the hype?
  7. In your opinion...... love people who think that their playstyle choices should be trust onto everyone. Salvaging is salvaging, one mans trash is another mans treasure. You are probably the sort of person who thinks pirates are evil too. Well done for ignoring the other items on the list too lol. BTW that population graph is completely made up, no idea where it gets its figures. I would suggest population is probably lower than that, it is a beta, the game is still being made and a lot of people wont pay to play a beta, still cant work out why people are bothered about pop in a beta game. Personally I am taking it casually until I see what the ACTUAL game is like before I start busting a blood vessel.
  8. What went on was you didnt sort the buy orders and were looking at the bot prices, which are always 25 Either way I think we can agree that the price of ore has NOT collapsed, that said, as the price drops, more of the ore whales will start to wet their knickers an possibly dump, so prices could still go down and they will lose a lot of money, which will be funny.
  9. No it REALLY isnt, the best buy order is 70 and the lowest sell order is 90...... unless I have completely forgot how the market works, I have been on a break, so could be the case. Unless you are looking at bot buy orders and taking that as the price, in which case, not sure what to say...... apart from avoid discussing the economy.
  10. You are just making stuff up now, there is NOWHERE you can see the pop and general consensus is the game has got busier since patch for obvious reasons - people coming on to try stuff and protect their assets. Autominers are not the only way to make money in this game, not sure why people are so obsessed with ORE. I made billions hardly doing any mining. - you can make stuff and sell it (using purchases ore) - you can design stuff and sell BP (someone I play with sold three ship recently for 185 million EACH) - you can do missions - you can mine asteroids Soon you will be able to find and take other peoples abandoned assets. Think even a fraction outside the box and there are a lot of ways for even new players to pay the bills and make a good profit.
  11. Have you contacted the racing team discord and spoke to them? If they are HQ tiles, they wont need to pay any tax. If they are abandoned, then they are abandoned.
  12. Not really that tough, when you can go and steal 100M worth of stuff from other players now, the gameplay has changed, stop focusing on tiles and mining all the time. You can do a single safe zone mission a week per tile to pay your bills. Mine a single mid tier asteroid.. Also I am a bit confused how T1 ore prices have collapsed...... define collapsed. Not been playing that often but you can still sell T1 for 50-100h. It was only a few months ago it was half that.
  13. My advice would be head out to space if you can and hit up some roids, that is what I will be doing if I need to make short term money. Or run a few missions. Also, in 11 days, there will be FREE STUFF, likes LOADS OF FREE STUFF literally everywhere. Noone is going to be poor or needy at all, dont believe the hype. So the same patch that 'killed you' will also give you a MASSIVE boost. Salvaging will be a valid gameplay loop.
  14. But is they are losing you and get 10 old / new players in...... might be something they have to do anyway
  15. Fun is subjective, I HATED avorion, I quite liked mining in DU. I am also over 40 years old, not sure what that has to do with anything. That said, I am not just starting DU now, so cant really comment on the FTUE.
  16. Is he going to pay for 40 accounts at launch? If not, then no problem, he is very rich in a beta game lol
  17. When the game launches they wont have these benefits, unless they pay for all these ALTs, so not sure of the problem.
  18. I have to agree with this, the taxes are too high and they need to increase the time you can store taxes to 6 months. I do like the fact you can have 5 HQ tiles though, that is a nice addition. I am not currently playing though, waiting for the game to actually launch before I stress about stuff. I will play very differently when the game is live if they keep the tile taxes like this. No more bases on every planet
  19. Anyone who thought that the pvp in DU could be anything like Elite, has zero understanding of game development. There was never any chance that it was going to be anything other than tab targeted. It is one of the sacrifices that needed to be made with no instancing. That doesnt mean NQ cant do a lot more to add layers and tactical variation.
  20. Surely you fly into space and mine asteroids? For me it is much more entertaining and mining on the ground.
  21. Sure this forum is just full of salty vets who havent realised they are playing a beta, crying over pixels that dont actually mean anything. Cant wait to see how angry you will all be when the game is actually live. Will make sure I have plenty of popcorn.
  22. They are surely going to loose it at some point, the game isnt live lol WHY people are so attached to their stuff at the moment I will never know. Crying over pixels in a beta? I dont care about the population now, I care about it when it launches.
  23. Still really confused why everyone talks about this game like it is live? It is a beta, which hasnt launched yet, I think about it purely in terms of how it will play when it actually goes live. I dont care about my stuff now, why would I? I dont care about population now, why would I? I hope they do remove it, it was never supposed to be there.
  24. You all seem to quote it when it suits you but ignore it when it doesnt. I have always wanted a game where people (including me) can loose stuff, I want risk in my games. I do agree that taxes should be manageable and you should be able to pay them well in advance (1M per week is too spiteful) but i have no issue with people losing there stuff if they abandon the game, just like I dont mind if i loose my stuff via a territory attack. I am really excited about salvaging players stuff, ripping down towers etc. Might even pop back in game for a bit to take part.
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