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  1. Holy mother of god... I just looked through your posts.... You keep calling for people to be banned because of this and that. You need some time off of the internet, really. Take a break, go outside and realize boy will be boys, frustration is frustration. Go for a walk, take a break, take a deep breath of outside air. Were done here.
  2. That's the part that bothered you? Do you hear yourself? Do you? You just shoved us into a digital elementary school playground, where we are all 13 years old and your that kid that didn't like what someone said so you yelled 'I'm Telling!" and then ran to the recess teacher. Not to tell, but to see if that's enough to make the other kids stop... lol smh Do you hear yourself? If you're going to be a tattletale, be tattletale. Don't talk about it, just do it. Then stand in front of a mirror and explain to yourself what you do online, and realize the mountain of embarrassment you have on your shoulders. The issue worked itself out. Why did you jump in with 'im telling''? Just let people work it out. The devs have more important shit to deal with than every single 'superhero-hall-monitor' that wants brownie points.
  3. You're threatening me with forum rules? smh... Ok, lets paly. What forum rule am I breaking?
  4. My insults are not baseless. The idea that you don't know what safe means in this context is stupid. What is even more stupid is the way you try to defend that stupidity. I know you're not a stupid person, but you are like a 13 year old brat trying to use reverse sockmology to get around the obvious meaning of 'safe' in this context. You are doing the exact same thing... Then what are you F'n crying about??? How are you bored if you're doing what you think is fun?? Are you a 13 year old brat?
  5. 1. you're full shit, you know the safe zone means safe 2. How do I make the game boring? 3. How are you bored? Why aren't you PVP'ing in space with the PVP'ers?
  6. are these alts, or just three different avatars?
  7. You didn't know that the safe zone means SAFE?? BS, you knew. Players like you are the worst part of this game.
  8. People want FFA PVP so they can destroy anyone at anytime, but we can't have rotation because a planet might destroy your ship?? Jesus Christ, the priorities in this game are completely out of whack...
  9. This would be good. I would also add, Make the planets rotate around the sun. Not constant. But weekly resets will move them around their orbit a certain distance depending on planet and distance form the sun. That way the warp cost would be different every week, and there would be an 'ideal' time to warp to certain planets from other planets.
  10. If I don't lag out, it takes 5-20 min to load everything so I can get my purchases...
  11. Yup, this all sounds about right. I have been saying this for weeks. The griefers are going to cause another exodus as soon as surface PVP is introduced. The game will have its PVP climax and start to fall into becoming a zerg fest griefing game, and then a dead game...
  12. This is a game of HOPE. The game has all the variables to create an equation that can make an incredible game. The current equation is bad, but I hope they can change it and make the game DU was always meant to be..
  13. You can look at the current state of the game and think to yourself.. "where are the helicopters?" You're that guy aren't you?... that guy that brings buns to a burning house and, with all sincerity, asks "so, who's got the hotdogs?" smh lol
  14. You're right, the builders will not support the whole game, but they will add a significant amount to the sustainability of the game. $20 for 3 months, for a good building game. I don't think that's going to scare many builders away. 0.23 did way more damage than the sub. PVP is going to be FFA in the outer planets, instant climax and then nose dive into the ground. I hope they can do something with PVP that doesn't scare more people out of the game.
  15. Don't look now, but NQ is putting 'Sustainment' on the top of the list. I have been saying for weeks now that the PVE building community dwarfs the PVP building community. You need to cater to them because they will pay to play. That's not how it works. You can only bring blue prints. This is going to boost economy not hurt it. Having to grind to test a build is demoralizing. Grinding to build a ship you already tested is motivating. Space Engineers has the same set up. Never does creative take away form the survival game. It gives goals to shoot for and farm for. It's just blueprints, not the material... This has the potential to being people back. If only to have fun building and testing. It's sustainability for the game. Even if, big if here, the builders never come out of creative, they are paying for the game. Significantly more builders will be grinding to build there creations on live, so no need to worry... be happy. Builders will get excited for this, i'm already excited for this. Hope it comes sooner, than later.
  16. I stopped reading after this. You are so oblivious to your won ignorance it's scary. Criticism is not toxicity. Toxicity is not criticism. You're just looking for brownie points. When you try and group the two together, YOU are the problem. Toxicity is the word of the attention seeker, instigator, and power hungry teenager. Those of us criticizing the game are frustrated, angry, confused, disheartened, unmotivated... but this is coming from the potential we see in the game. I have only seen one instance of something that can be called toxic, THIS POST.
  17. Stop dude. Don't do that to yourself, you will go mad. This game is how Space engineers was like at the beginning... a year+ away form optimization.
  18. The 'no safe zone' game that you're talking about, doesn't work. Not because of the PVP, but because of griefers. People forget that the most important variable in any game is sustainability. This game has building. Because it has building, it will attract builders. In any building game, the PVE builders dwarf the PVP builders. Without the safe zone, griefers will turn the game into ARK. A griefing zergfest that keeps new players from getting a foothold. That's not a civilization building game. We all know what everyone wants. We all know we can't have it. We can't have nice things because grifers will ruin it. So lets move the PVE builders to sanctuary moon? You want PVE builders to pay for a game that is on one moon??? Are you serious? That makes no sense. who is going to pay for that? Sanctuary moon should be a starting zone, that's it. Realize that THE GAME needs PVE builders. PVPers can not, and will not, sustain a building game. Everyone will move underground, unless you're stupid, then what's the point of building? Just remove the building system and make it PVP? There is already a game that mastered that, Planetside 2 - kill, die, respawn, rinse and repeat. And it's a really good game. If you have a hard on for real, no BS PVP, go play Planetside 2. The also have safe zones... to combat the greifers... I get that the game needs work, I agree that the direction sucks. But this idea of PVP everywhere just doesn't work in a building game because of griefers. You may think there's not that many griefers, you may think they wont ruin the game, but you would be dead wrong. A better solution: a massive forcefield that covers linked territories so cities can be built. Make the forcefield an endgame item so corporations can get them first. You have to claim the center tile plus the petals around it in 5 layers to drop the forcefield. Then corporations would have to defend it, and that defense would warrant the tax if you're not part of the corporation. The force field would not be impenetrable, but just to hard to destroy for any small group of griefers. It would have to be an actual armada, real corporation warfare, to break through that forcefield. You can shoot out, but you can't shoot in. And as a bonus, the forcefield will slow down all the land grab, because you have to keep your tiles close to even put the forcefield down. You can even make S-M-L forcefields. 5 layers for L with the most hp, and 2 layers for M, and just the first set of petals for S with the least hp. It would be a race to build your defense towers before you build an actual city. you would have to RDMS the entry so haulers/traders can enter, or build the trade depot just outside the forcefield with better prices inside. Anything that creates a place for PVE builders to build. Again, they are a huge advantage to have because they will pay to play if it's safe. It doesn't have to bee 100% safe, just something to avoid the 'build, greif, rebuild' cycle. I agree with a lot of things you said, and this game has massive potential, but none of this brainstorming will mean anything without a wipe...
  19. lol, it sounds like you're quitting because of the support leaving discord. So many reasons to stop playing, and dis-crack-cord is that one that did you in? Dis-crack-cord is a hellava drug
  20. There are so many things wrong with the game but dumping dis-crack-cord is really hitting people hard. You're saying that you wait 3 months to get a response and 48 hours over the weekend is now too much? How many tickets are all of you putting in?? How many of those are solved on the weekend? Someone should make a spreadsheet, I am really interested at the numbers here.
  21. You're being hyperbolic. Relax, they are not removing support. They removing it from dis-crack-cord. They moved it to a ticket system, like most games. Tell your 'friend' to not judge a game on support, there a few other things to judge the game on...
  22. Long post Johnny. I hope you get a lot of brownie points for it.
  23. I have had 2 issues, log in and stuck construct, handled in less than 24 hours, each ticket. To me, it's better.
  24. This thread has more to do with losing communication over discord, than moving support from discord. lmao.... discord is a hellava drug... The way you all defend discord should be studied by a university somewhere. FYI: The ticket system is way better than discord help system
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