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  1. When poorly implemented then It'll only be used for cheating. It's not as easy as "just implement a 3rd person view" in a MMO, there are a lot of things you have to consider
  2. Even with them, they don't (And shouldn't) stand a chance. First because balancing and second because one player!=100
  3. Ctrl+1 for need cap That's what scouts do, not regular grunts And don't misread me. I loved eve for it's complex mechanics, but i only see those in low/wh space. A regular nullsec grunt nowadays runs plexes all day and ocasionally Xs up for a fleet just to press f1 when told
  4. Only when flying solo. Then you need to know what you do and how tracking, hitting, dmg and other mechanics work. If in a big nullsec war/gang: Do what fc tells you Orbit fc or whoever Target ppl targetcaller calls Press f1 Repeat Most ppl don't engage in a fight they don't know the outcome of (they win). If they do, they escalate
  5. Well, because as stated, you won't be able to Box as easily in DU for various reasons. Eve was built specifically around boxers (click mechanic, dscan and probes, mining, production, invention, PI.....). All areas where it's easy to box because it needs little to no effort. Try that in DU, like seen in the videos. Tryto mine or scan with 2 chars. Gl there. Will it be impossible? Maybe not, but they can (in contrast to ccp) make it harder for boxers.
  6. Search for dualuniverse on youtube, they have lots of videos there. No player videos though, because of the NDA. Well, it would make sense to gicw different Materials different attributes, but who knows right now (NDA and stuff too). Since the markets are player run, the best ships will prevail. While others might only be there for fun
  7. It's not twitch based. DU is based on a similar skill system as in eve too. We don't know yet is multiaccs are even allowed, but there's not rly a good argument against it. In eve you had to have multiple accs to compete, in DU you won't be multiboxing that easily. Maybe turn down your mentality a bit, you seem pretty aggressive
  8. It's still hard on NDA. Even if the answers were edited. Only ppl with alpha access know what to make of those suggestions so yes to me it's under NDA
  9. We saw smth like that in a Video already, but this is general under NDA (your experience with DU). Be careful what you say here
  10. It's in alpha now and as stated everywhere when you buy the pledge and on their Server uptime website, you see that it's only up for usually 24 to 48h a week. As it is still in alpha, it's not a game to play atm but rather test it. Break it and repeat. We just don't know when we'll see 24/7 access, though that's a high priority for NQ. With a pledge you buy into whatever alpha is stated there plus beta. You can play those for free then when servers are open. At release and 24/7 access, You have to pay a monthly sub like everyone else
  11. It always sounds like a threat to me if someone states "blabla I have access to X members blabla". It always tastes like "I would tell them about DU and you would get X money per month IF I get/ IF you listen to me". So yes, that's odd to me. If a system can't be upgraded anymore then that means it's old anyway and needs to be changed at some point. So yes, while I get that a Lot of ppl can't buy a new rig instantly, I still don't think thats what DU should aim for. They shouldn't take 10year old rigs as their level. That's not appropriate for what DU wants to achieve. I get your points and to some degree they're valid. Merry christmas
  12. I think it's odd still. And yes, I come from a 5k alliance myself in eve. Anyway, nothing more to say here so have a nice one
  13. That's what RDMS is there for, der roadmap and devblog
  14. Tl,dr. Only skimmed that wot.... 8gb ram gpu is 200€ 16gb ram is 100€ If you want to play nowadays games that's just what it takes. And it's not really expensive either. If you need to Upgrade your system anyway (cause you know, a 10year old cpu/pc just isn't enough) you don't buy really lowend stuff like 4gb ram sticks.....when you get 16 for a little more. Oh and poor attempt with your group example there, nice try to deceive ppl. Don't write you have 250 TO 500 ppl in a group (which is odd in itself, that range doesn't make sense imho) and then talk about "If I can get 250 interested". That's 100%.....yeah. right. Anyway that is my advise guy. Take it or leave it.  xD
  15. At first it's just in the skybox, later they want to have a real Star in the middle to fly to and past No orbiting planets (lot of calculations when space stations are in orbit of That Planet, constanlty check if the planet moves through a player construct). But planets DO rotate In the ingame ama jc said that electricity and Solar Panels will play a role https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/02/08/in-game-ama-feb-3rd-2018-transcription/ Unknown yet, most definitely not at realeas, but likely later imho
  16. Release Keep in mind DU is in alpha. It depends what you want to do. Do you want to help test the game, find Bugs, report them? Or do you want to 'play' the game in a more refined state? If the former then it's a patron or support Pack, if the latter then it would be a contributor pack
  17. It would only work out and 'help players and orgs right at release though. Months after release those resources will already be available in alioth anyway
  18. That's only in the us though. You can get parcel maps from nearly all countries, but here you'll never get the owner Name for free. You have to play for it and tell the authorities why you need to know that name. As geronimo said, it makes sense for DU to show basic information (like the parcel eg hex) but imho it's way more entertaining if you don't get free Intel on tiles
  19. there are no current plans for regenerating resources. Planets are huge too - Alioth has a diameter of 60km, others may have more too. There should be enough ore for everyone There's one arkship where everyone will spawn which is protected by an ASA (https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/01/30/our-toughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/) That zone is huge in itself and will provide basic resources. If you want to get away from there, then you should be able to - as already said, planets are huge. Also to note (as you can look up in that blog), every territory not in ASA/MSA will be UA - and everybody may attack you there (in UA). You can claim a tile there too and secure it with a protection bubble (which is an idea at the moment) which gives you a 48h timer to prepare your defenses
  20. it depends if there is a "npc" run market by aphelia in the ASA or if it's all player run Even if ppl don't collaborate to ban them, a griefer can always just use alts to get his stuff - but that means more work for him. Police is also an issue for griefers. If you just look at eve again and at providence in particular, then you'll quickly see that ppl with KOS standing there are around and try to do their thing - but they have a hard time doing so.
  21. Yes that's fair game. It's a gamble really imho. Risk it, or go safe and build a TCU first. With 50k+ tiles on a planet it's really unlikely though
  22. I doubt that claiming a tile will instantly give you access to all constructs on that tile, thus possibly griefing other players who built themselves a batcave. I rather think if a tile is claimed then the owner can use the RDMS system to configure access to his orgs constructs and basic rights for everyone like mining and building. So it may be possible that EVERYONE can still mine and build there, if the RDMS of the TCU allow it. Or that org can decide that only members of the org are able to mine. So it's up to MrHideout to decide if that's ok for him: if someone claims the TCU he might not be able to dig anymore, but he certainly can't lose his constructs immediatly. that wouldn't make much sense imho. On the subject of instant intel on claimed tiles: I'm completely with you there. I would rather see a more dynamic and interesting system like: - maybe scan the planet to know if ANY tiles are claimed (linked to skills, distance, ... but don't know WHERE those tiles are) - maybe need to put down special antennas/radars/scanners on crucial spots around the planet to scann it completely to know where those claimed tiles are - maybe some kind of directional scanner (linked with skills, distance....) to know the general direction of a TCU, but never completely pinpointing it - maybe .... there are lots of better and more engaging ways to deal with this - free intel is never good in a MMO
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