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  1. We really need a better way to sort through our constructs. I need to be able to organize by type, distance etc etc. Having a list of 100's of constructs is hell. Why isnt this a higher priority? This is a low cost dev item that players will definitely appreciate.
  2. Frankly that post was from 2017 and RDMS still doesnt work right?!
  3. This game is in beta and the RDMS system is still being worked on. Taking advantage of a fledgling RDMS system is not right.
  4. I Tried to Demote him previously. He promoted an Alt therefore was unable to do so. Organization management & Exceptional NQ Interventions - Org Updates & Announcements - Dual Universe (dualthegame.com)
  5. it wasnt like that. he wasnt a complete noob and he was hesitant to join up. The guys a whiny bitch. He didnt plan this we are sure of that.
  6. "insert inevitable eve playstyle comments here"
  7. NAMES OF ALL HIS ACCOUNTS. TRIVEX. TRIMAR. LANKYZ. LANKY7369. These are the ones that I know of. He ripped off his business partner Mar, the guy who taught him how to play. I lost all my ship parts, all our schematics and the majority of our industry. He deleted his discord and all contacts. This guy talked highly of Mar. Mar had been out of the game for a month or two due to real life issues. I talked to this man almost every day. He suddenly will change on you for no reason. He was alone and had no one to play with
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