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  1. Well just simplify the equations of rl sound travel and boom
  2. No offense, and I really don't want to derail this thread, but I was more thinking about the qualification. Tactic and fleet commander wise. Have you ever FCed a fleet in eve involving more than 10 people? Have you ever plotted a plan to make an attack work? Do you have the technical prerequisites to even command a large amount of people? (Like a good structured TS where the essential Intel gets to you, custom programs to see where everybody is and what they do and pings). I'm really curious about that. Even if someone is capable and experienced, but doesn't have the technical possibilities (and vice versa) it will be hard to bear the title of "admiral"
  3. Educated guess: it will be like eve.... That's the most easy way to do it. Announce mass tests for a new expansion, mirror all characters, start testserver and you're good That hush-hush hiding secrecy alpha testing is just complicated and too many problems arise from that
  4. As ccp puts it: space would be boring without sound. Their explanation is what anasasi posted.
  5. Imho it will be similar to eve online contract system. You can set collateral for security. They need to change that though, because some mechanic to set up more complicated contracts doesn't exist there.
  6. So what makes you the admiral? Experience? Would love to know that
  7. Your idea, as already discussed, is just not possible
  8. Well not always... You could be in the corona of a star and freeze to death because there are so few particles that hit you
  9. The devs already stated that there WILL NOT BE ANY MININGSHIPS, because they don't want to brake the game for newbros. Read the other threads about that topic. To the second part: I don't even know where to start with this one
  10. Kinetic energy: E = 1/2*m*v^2 Force: F = m*a
  11. No orbits of planets for now, only rotation if it's feasible
  12. as said tl;dr, only read "If someone travelling at a high speed catches up with a slower speed craft, there would be a "passing loop" at each station."
  13. To;dr but imho catching up with others while they travel to other systems is a VITAL gameplay element for pirates
  14. As I said, I'll take care of bets. I'll accept contracts to hinder certain participants
  15. Lethys

    Date convention

    Well in fact even seconds change.... So no SI unit would remain - rp wise. But for the matter of staying sane, I think a simple julien calendar and every other SI unit will be used. It will haunt American players though
  16. Lethys

    Date convention

    Which would also change....at least kilograms
  17. Lethys

    Date convention

    AU is also based on Earths distance to sun. As said, its entirely feasible and good to use those units (parsec and AU), but only from the rp side it's...kind of meh
  18. Lethys

    Date convention

    Good idea I may add that even distances will be a bit more difficult - only rp wise ofc. There's lightyear, but that's no 'sophisticated' form of distance. Better to use parsecs here, but that is based on Earths distance from the Sun. It is a flat number (3,26lj), but would be a bit odd to use it on Alioth. Julian calendar is clearly the best method here to use. Will be interesting what rotation time they implement, compared to earth (40k on equator => 1670km/h rotation speed)
  19. 48h is a bit long, if any timer, 24h would be enough. I'm not sure if JC said something about that, but I REALLY hope that there are no timers at all and no stupid EVE like mechanic (before patch). Timers and those mechanics are just utterly boring, stupid and a grind.
  20. could we PLEASE let this topic just die?
  21. Hahahahahaha. Everyone is selfish. Some want to be the best builders, best city planers, best scripters, best whatever. Selfishness all around you, even in those other groups
  22. No it's not....and not even essentially or similar. Cause in an instanced world you wouldn't be able to fly to players who are 50parsec away....WITHOUT LOADING SCREEN
  23. I can only tell you that all my ship designs are modular based and could dock together if that was implemented
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