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  1. Well JC said in some interview that bubbles will need energy and they take LONG to wear them down...if we would have numbers on that, we could argue....but without them it's a bit hard To the idea: if that is implemented and not balanced well, it boils down to a grinding of a "sov-like" system like it was in eve. That was a pain in the ass It should be hard to build a safezone and maintain it, likewise it should be hard to destroy it - but noone wants grinding involved. Holding some kind of adjacent hex will just be impossible for smaller groups - then it will boil down to whoever has the masses wins
  2. AMA answer: no space elevator
  3. As DU being a Sandbox - best to script that Lock yourself Want maximum security? Do was Twerk proposed Want fast access? Only script a quick pw More freedom for players and more possibilities
  4. Well they will implement atmospheric engines and space engines. You can't go with your SCRAM-jet into space. So either you ferry up, or you build both systems
  5. simply check in your RDMS: if player.want-to-join-org = member.different-org then player.want-to-join-org.accept and set.RDMS = 0 else player.want-to-join-org.accept and set.RDMS = 1 there you have your "no rights for a member of another org" setting. I still can't see the problem?
  6. Lethys

    Diplomacy Board

    to keep it up: this belongs to the arkship pub besides: ONE thread, covering news or politics will not be feasible. It will be a mess and just plain useless. Politics will mainly be happening on discord
  7. Many people were just telling you: There is the RDMS. Via that you can just set the rights of those you deem as multi-org members. No problem there
  8. If there is no mechanic to pull someone out of ftl, then it will just be broken
  9. Yes, I plan and build my ships from scratch. There are many unknown variables for now, so I address them all as good as possible - which dictate my general design. Solid, versatile design > pretty ship
  10. Rdms is your friend....if player is part of another org = no rights at all. So he can't do shit. Easy
  11. Yeah, clearly no SW design there - it doesn't feature those block shaped turbolaser batteries, it doesn't feature the bridge with the two shield generators on top of it, and it clearly and certainly doesn't look exactly like an imperial class star destroyer. Oh wait Do what you want but I think this goes to far. Design something new. Be creative. Don't just copy something. You're free to build everything you can imagine, would be a waste of time to only think of such old designs
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    In Game News

    Nope, we don't thy shall grief within the rules given by nq - reporters will die
  13. Lethys

    In Game News

    Introduce that, idc. But I will shoot them
  14. Lethys

    In Game News

    There are no neutrals on a battlefield
  15. Lethys

    In Game News

    There are no neutrals on the battlefield
  16. yeah like you can steal that with ease and implement it earlier than someone who developed that idea for 2 years..... but whatever, crazy people are crazy people
  17. Space is more like 20 hydrogen atoms + gamma rays, dark energy, dark matter, neutrinos and quantum fluctuations
  18. Stars/Planets/Moons: fixed place Planets/Moons: rotate around their axis So far there are no tidally locked systems (as it would be when a moon rotates around a planet) and the Moon will (though stationary), for a observer on the planet, rotate around the planet (because the planet rotates). Moons were confirmed in some interview
  19. So that they know which title to give your account?
  20. Wait a bit longer then. It was covered in some ama, read it up there
  21. Yeah twerk that's exactly my interpretation. Pilot/gunner should be able to hear outside sounds, every other member of the shipcrew should only hear what's going on inside the ship. It's really annoying hearing something.from the outside with a 2m thick armor plate in between. On the surface, you could just use simplified rl mechanics - that's what I was referring to
  22. Well just simplify the equations of rl sound travel and boom
  23. No offense, and I really don't want to derail this thread, but I was more thinking about the qualification. Tactic and fleet commander wise. Have you ever FCed a fleet in eve involving more than 10 people? Have you ever plotted a plan to make an attack work? Do you have the technical prerequisites to even command a large amount of people? (Like a good structured TS where the essential Intel gets to you, custom programs to see where everybody is and what they do and pings). I'm really curious about that. Even if someone is capable and experienced, but doesn't have the technical possibilities (and vice versa) it will be hard to bear the title of "admiral"
  24. Educated guess: it will be like eve.... That's the most easy way to do it. Announce mass tests for a new expansion, mirror all characters, start testserver and you're good That hush-hush hiding secrecy alpha testing is just complicated and too many problems arise from that
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