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    Space Claims

    So far They do not know what to do when it comes to Claiming space but i was thinking what if they did it the Same way they do on the ground but in like a Ball State like this. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/warehouse/getpubliccontent?contentId=7bdf1f6b-50fb-48b3-8d25-0e837e8c5c39 This would make it Possible like 10-100 Km in Radius. Plus it would like you build Big Ships/ Space stations and if they do not have a Way to claim space yet how about just making the Claim unit Bigger and make Float in Space instead of have Stands to hold it up or just make a Space station First then place the Claim unit inside of it. Just a Idea i just had I hope you guys/Gals Like it.
  2. DrParadox

    Gravity Units

    Hello I am here to talk about Gravity Units should we have them or should we just have Gravity Boots? Here are some ideas from me. * Have one type of Gravity unit with pulls from one side. Which is the side you have pointing up but in space there is no right side up * Another one to have is one that Pulls from four different sides like a Cude. * a Sphere gravity unit and it acts like a Much smaller version of a planet like 1/100s the size or 1/1000s or you can have different sizes and you should not be able to build it all at once you should have to build one piece at a time. Or we can have all Three Why would we bother having gravity units you say? Well maybe I am crazy Or I am on to something. I think we should have Gravity units cause maybe not everyone wants to keep having their suits on all the time so they don't have their gravity boots on and they may not be on planets all the time. So This would be great to have this work and maybe have Terrain in the ship acting like a Small little Oxygen Creator/ EcoSystem for players. Something Like this https://i.ytimg.com/vi/eZTnSxW4pOI/maxresdefault.jpg maybe even have a Renting System for all of this but they even said something like this maybe in the game at launch. (MAYBE) this has nothing to do with what I was talking about got Carried away. Ok Guys/Gals What do you think? If you got anything to say that Would be great Rather it is bad or not it all Helps. I'll Write Down any other Ideas that could add on to this. I'll Add your Ideas for the Gravity Unit Down Below IDEA'S * (Edit 12/21/2016) What if the Ships/ Constructs automaticity had Gravity so like the second you got on a ship that is facing sideways you switch to its gravity Or you could still have the gravity units But ships/Constructs still have its own gravity but it is not turned on intel you put the Gravity Unit on. PROS *Adds a Harder Environment to be on a bigger ship without gravity (Which makes it harder for bigger Empires to build Big Ships. * Could be made with rare Components/Metal. * Overall adds a Nice new gameplay into the mix CONS * Makes it harder for the Devs * Maybe a lot more Code/Scripting involved * Not every player may want this. *
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