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  1. Altough I am sure that nothing will happen: Just delete everything from 1-13 and add something like "Moma said no". 'Cheers - Ryzekanzler
  2. So you also heard the story of the yellow balloon which created dollars just using the air inside? No? Me neither. -Ryze
  3. God damn it, now I cant make you join us without forcing the CSYN to give up on you. This is making me Zed. Guess I will just wait 3 years until the CSYN implodes or you just leave, lul - RiceChancellor, Protector of the Ricelands
  4. That would create some imbalance. Everyone would start attacking from space if that's the case. - But I would like it too. It's more realistic... that's basically why I would like it. - Spacestations are better anyway
  5. That's why "The New Empire" exists. We care about everyone who's friendly
  6. Is it racist to say that I do not like furries? -RiceTyson Not a furry But I like bananas
  7. I will make you accompany my organisation sooner or later. I like you, muehehehehe - Ricechancellor, chancellor of Rice
  8. I may be stupid, but I am not a fool.(lol) I know what you mean, but as I said: I am not a fool(And hopefully not stupid either). Some fail, some succeed... I have been the second type most of the time. -RiceChancellor
  9. You surely can plan ahead. Pretty far actually. You just have to avoid planing things that arent guaranteed. Or if you have to plan with unguaranteed things, you just have to plan many different ways to nearly guarantee the wished outcome. Theory is the way to go to ensure a good start. I can't even have no plan even if I wish to have none, I am creating one as soon as I start thinking about the game. Obviously, Beta isn't something you will use any plans in. Maybe some minor plans like what to try out first, but that's it. But at the end for me the beta/alpha is just to work out my Major plan for the release. -Ryzekanzler Rice really is the best
  10. Ah well, maybe it's just me, but I expected that most of the people who are pretty interested in the game are trying to plan things through. Me as an example. - Ryzekanzler I like rice
  11. I agree that the most of the organisations created now won't last for long. Some don't because elements they expected to exist won't work or just simply because they are just dreaming without doing something for it. I also agree that joining an organisations this early doesn't make sense for some people, but for people who actually know their playstyle, joining an organisation may help them find a group to help each other early in the game. Most people in this forum should have a plan tho.
  12. I actually don't care, but I don't want you to be alone, so I pressed "yes". Got you buddy.
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