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  1. why are you organizing your own PvP event, when the community is already doing one?
  2. is the version on pts what more or less all we get? Or can we expect other big changes? you said that you want to reduce json use, could you maybe give us an non lua decode and encode? so that the remaining json computing for widgets could get reduced (you could also accept and give us lua tables and just convert them before we get them).
  3. NQ why are you managing things that we as players could also do, dont waste your time on things like this. Put more efford in balancing and economy problems then in smt that WE as a community could do the same. If you want to give us a place for advertisment give us a pinboard or so as a menu point, where we can post ads, events, org recrutment... (maybe with a price for some quanta a week.
  4. I can think of a dozent other lua scripts that give you an edge in a fight. If you can not programm then you should just buy a script. I dont see a Problem here. If you cant build a ship, you also have a disadvantage in PvP. Should NQ give out perfect ship blueprints to everyone? Else it would not be fair! If you have lesser number, you are at a disadvantage. Should NQ add Bots to help you fight? So how do you define fair in a sandbox? I would say, if everyone had the same possibilities, then it would be fair!
  5. I dont understand what your endgoal is. Why do we only hear changes that will cement the current meta into stone? You need to give us your vision of pvp. If we dont have it we cant tell you what would be better. In my opinion you should limit every PvP factor ad this point to the core size or atleast partially. And give with this every core size a reason to exist and keep in mind the limiting factor are not the resources or anything like this. The limit are the player that can use a gunner seat. And yes you can even give us systems that would only work on one core size. Like Warp Inhibitor only on L.
  6. If NQ would give us more targets and a real objective, we would no longer have the time to shoot you down. Thats is the problem the only thing PvPers have are meaningless asteroids and pipes. And that needs to change!
  7. Hello guys, before I start a small disclaimer: I know my ideas take a lot of time and effort and would change PvP completely. Some may disagree but I don’t see a different way to balance PvP in the long run. But before I lay down some of my Ideas, I should start with the problems I see. The current Meta is if you have less than 50% hit chance with L weapons you can use M Railguns else use L Weapons. This is boring and does not have any diversity. On top of that everyone’s goal is to make their ships as small as possible. That is PvP in my opinion right now. With the next change we may get some diversity into the max speed but that would not change a thing in the end. The max speed is related to the core unit. Then everything will just move down one core size. Hauler will be M (to still use XL engines) and everything will just be around this. So, L cores would probably die or get used as stationary turrets. The max speed is related to the construct mass. Then everything will just stay the same. Maybe we get some more M Cores because they can be lighter than L ships. Both of those possible changes change something but only what Meta but don’t add any diversity. And I thing diversity is what everyone wants and maybe some more roles on larger vessels again to add multi crew ships back. But how would I tackle this. First of all, I would add a multiplier or a magnifier to Shields, so that large ships no longer function as targets. Capital Ships or Hauler have such a high cross section that they die before they have any significant impact, while being a couple times more expensive as a smaller ship with the same effectivity. You could base this multiplier on the construct mass or add a way to add more shield generators for every 5 kt tons or so. So that a large ship with twice the cross section could get twice the amount of health (don’t make this depend on another, it would ruin the challenge for builders). And that haulers are no longer just easy targets but actually could take a punch or two until reinforcements arrive. But this would only fix a small problem there currently is but not the meta in itself. For that I would redesign the current types of weapons completely (here we have the time-consuming part). First question I have is, why do we need to have all Weapon sizes interchangeable? There is no need for point defense on a XS core but they should have a weapon that could function as a torpedo to damage ships that are larger. So why not give every core size a set of special roles in PvP. With the help of these roles, you could design weapons that would go along with these roles. And forcefully give every core a purpose. On top of that you could balance every core for itself. Which would make it easier in the future. And to make my point clearer here are some examples: L cores could function as Carriers (Make docked ships immortal as long as the shield of the main ship is intact or give the main shield damage instead) and Capital Ships. With this we would need battle cannons and point defense weapons. To protect against smaller constructs (point defense) or attack same sized constructs at close range (cannons). XS Cores could function on the other hand as fighters or Bombers. Fighters would need small directional cannons to take down similar sized ships and Bombers would need torpedoes or so to damage larger ships. (Maybe even with special ammo types like EMP, stops scripts for x seconds or reduces shield resistances). These are some examples I have for such a system. I hope they helped a lot with making my opinion clear. Player Skill If the individual skill should be more important in PvP. You could reduce the aim Cone for Small Ships drastically, so that the pilot needs to align these properly. Or add a minigame for the point defense guys where they need to track the path of the enemy fighter to hit it. Further ideas With such a system, it would be easy to add other things in the future. You could add Warp Inhibitor or devices that slow down ships in proximity to the L Core Ship Set. Or maybe a device that enables Station siege for L Cores, so that you need an L Core to be allowed to attack a space station or space territory and if the ship dies the attack is over. If you have any ideas, questions or constructive critics, I would love to hear them.
  8. Maybe they could experiment with moduls that could boost the engines. Like "Turbopumps" that just multiplies the thrust and fuel usage. Or to go even father and make a second tier of engines that consist out of multiple individual Elements so that you only need to place the noozle on the outside and can hide the rest of the elements in the inside. (I know alot of work and more long term) This could even be used to make the whole building mechanik more complex and modular with even higher specialisation) But I dont think just buffing the engines is a solution. Building will just become even easier and you no longer need to think about what it needs to do because with way more thruster every Ship can do everything.


  10. discordauth:52UYS3pat1Ly-ELVpV_stNK4p5y0suo-TP1201AWlAs=

  11. discordauth:52UYS3pat1Ly-ELVpV_stNK4p5y0suo-TP1201AWlAs=

  12. The connecter can be a block we're you can connect things so you connect your cockpit with the connecter on slot 1 after this you connect on the other side the rockets engines with the connector on slot 1 so if it's connected to each other you can control the engines from one ship to the outher
  13. Then you can build cheaper fighter because you don't need to build in so many tanks
  14. Something to connect ships with other ships to build smt like a real rocket with booster to disconnect
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