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  1. Maybe they could experiment with moduls that could boost the engines. Like "Turbopumps" that just multiplies the thrust and fuel usage. Or to go even father and make a second tier of engines that consist out of multiple individual Elements so that you only need to place the noozle on the outside and can hide the rest of the elements in the inside. (I know alot of work and more long term) This could even be used to make the whole building mechanik more complex and modular with even higher specialisation) But I dont think just buffing the engines is a solution. Building will just become even easier and you no longer need to think about what it needs to do because with way more thruster every Ship can do everything.


  3. discordauth:52UYS3pat1Ly-ELVpV_stNK4p5y0suo-TP1201AWlAs=

  4. discordauth:52UYS3pat1Ly-ELVpV_stNK4p5y0suo-TP1201AWlAs=

  5. The connecter can be a block we're you can connect things so you connect your cockpit with the connecter on slot 1 after this you connect on the other side the rockets engines with the connector on slot 1 so if it's connected to each other you can control the engines from one ship to the outher
  6. Then you can build cheaper fighter because you don't need to build in so many tanks
  7. Something to connect ships with other ships to build smt like a real rocket with booster to disconnect
  8. that i can connect ships so i can create rocketbuster to mount on a small ship or somethink like hyperdrive docking ring from star wars
  9. I am from Germany and 15 years old. 


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  10. I am Skeletmaster from Germany 

  11. I am Skeletmaster from Germany 

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