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  1. You forget NQ's mo. They will just ban the players who bought schematics.
  2. Yes it is a drastic change, and as incomplete as this game is there is a lot more change needed. However, I have lost all faith in the vision of NQ. I see a lot of parallels here with Curt Schilling and 38 Studios. A lot of passion and vision, but the head guy lacked the expertise to oversee successful game production. I would argue that Dual Universe has already seen more success than 38 Studios, but the fact that they call this a Beta with so many core elements of game play simply missing and not even on the radar, the trajectory to me feels similar. I do hope I am wrong. There is so
  3. Just curious if anybody else is having this issue. Since the patch I am incapable of running the default configuring as (pilot) flying construct. The option is still there, but it does nothing. No matter what I do I can't get my construct out of hovercraft mode.
  4. Blazemonger is correct, there is no main pillar. There are different reasons people play games like this and PvP is just one of them. A successful MMO gives different players incentives to play in a way that interacts with and supports all the other "pillars" of the game. I've played this game obsessively since the beta launch and have recently run into a hard wall when I realized this game has fundamentally failed on every one of these pillars. What has been created here is a beautiful framework with tons of potential, but the game itself is missing. Just take a look at each of these pil
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