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  1. Most popular market stuff was being bought up as soon as schematics ere announced...simple economics.....as people adjust the factories to compensate, supplies will dwindle, creating high demand, and therefore huge profit potential on EVERYTHING that requires a large number of schematics to produce....No leak needed to predict that at all...was a given and being discussed more than a week ago as to what components to buy up from the markets in anticipation of the patch.
  2. Lets incentivise players to use the markets...which they avoid like the plague due to res and lag issues....Disconnects, which will now cause crashes, which will require new components to repair ships after 3-4 times.... Players avoid markets due to the issues those markets create....Ill continue to purchase most of what I use, however, will NEVER unless there is absolutely no other way, use a market! I always try to purchase from other org members first. As to the major corps being up and running again in weeks? This remains to be seen...JC did state that his estimate of the cost to ONE megafactory he has personal knowledge of would cost in the range of 150 BILLION for the schematics....I could be very wrong...but I do not believe even the largest of corps at this time have that kind of liquid assets.
  3. Basic parts....4kl limitation.....not worth searching....find the wreck...get one engine (After you spend the scrap to repair it) and you are done....cant get anything else....and it is only a basic engine....nope not worth time. First free item is also NOT free from what I have noticed...Container L still counted against my 4kl limit.
  4. JC has named many things that are coming, "Before the end of the year" Lets Talk Dual Universe 📡 EP3 - JC Baillie - CEO Novaquark ☕️ - YouTube
  5. I dont think anyone stated a permanent floating anything..Problem is...IF you cant lock AGG it falls out of the sky often while loading or unloading....Getting cargo off planet in bulk is what I believe most, if not all are specifically speaking of. Im all for a power cost....Just dont remove being able to lock the ship in place until after its intended abilities are fixed! ATM only way to insure it does not fall out of the sky is to log out and back in.
  6. @LachenlaudThey just stated that AGG is NOT intended to hold a ship in place.... I'll paraphrase the answer I received from JC: "Having a ship 'parked' and frozen above your base is not the intended use of AGG. A ship using AGG should ideally be parked in orbit or on the ground, as AGG's true benefit is in allowing ships to navigate at ~1000m in the atmosphere. For future missions that require altitude consideration, this is where AGG will shine."
  7. Then I see no use at all for AGG as described...IF the ship can lift the weight without AGG and navigate from the ground anyhow....What then is ANY use of Agg as it can already obvously navigate at 1000M in atmos. Could JC provide a scenario so we understand the intended use? Also how the heck do powerful engines and fuel park anything above a base?
  8. So we are loosing the only way to insure our Agg does not fall out of the sky...Im with others...fix the problems BEFORE fixing the methods to work around said problems. Scrap market going to skyrocket in price. All those AGG Haulers falling like rain with no way to stop it LOL...
  9. NO I did not have a bind in madis..no reason for the char to ever die there (I do have one there now). Yes was posted in support discord channel..was told there to read Which I already had. Posted to In Game channel as requested, was told there to post a ticket, which I did. Build a ship...this char is still training up skills and currently has only refining skills... I did find a ride back to Madis with another person minutes ago...still a day lost....still unacceptable response to a bug. Not intended as a vent in any way. But rather as a heads up to others that NQ support is lacking in response at this time...If anything happens, even due to a bug, do not anticipate any assistance from them.
  10. While I know that requests for TP's, Ship repairs, and other things were being abused and something had to be done to slow the tide, Submitting a ticket which has not been responded to for the following situation, with no response still, wasting an entire day of potential gameplay is simply unacceptable in a subscription based model. This morning early I logged in my Industry alt to get some things done in my factory. This Alt has NEVER left Madis, has never flown a ship, and ALWAYS logs out in the fuel and ore refining building. Somehow when I logged on I was in Allioth! IVE NOT been to allioth with this char for MONTHS (since the day it was created)! When situation was explained I was told to post in support in game chat...which I did only to be told it was NOT a dev channel and only other players helping each other. I was then told to submit a ticket...which I did. Only now at the end of my play time for the day (of which I only get two per week) the ticket has still not been responded to! This is completely unacceptable! If no response by tomorrow and my char is still stranded on Alioth I WILL be cancelling all subs till at least some avail support is restored for situations beyond a players control...
  11. Sounds great...cant wait as elements should NEVER have lasted forever to begin with. I DO understand that it was to assist with testing purposes and had it's place for a time. Time for removal of the crutches, and a fix to the bug for fast AGG is overdue. People have come to depend on these things, just like getting TP to ships, Ships reset, ect for too long. Time to begin moving to the status that the game is intended to have at release.
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