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  1. I think the original plan was for it to be used as a fuel, or part of item needed to travel to other solar systems.
  2. I think you need to define near.
  3. You mean you want intake? Where an intake needs to be placed and linked to an engine? or you talking about separating the combustion chamber and pumps from the nozzle where you place the nozzle on the outside and the combustion chamber and pumps where ever you want but need to link them together?
  4. Freeport has Commercial space for lease (Have your own shop in Freeport). Apartments for rent, Both on planet and at the space station above freeport, Factory buildings for lease, Corporation buildings for lease. Open lots for lease. Contact Decoy Goat Bomb#2740 on discord for terms. Tired of territory Tax, Tired of market Tax, move to freeport.
  5. some factory skills are size dependant. Core deployment is size dependant. Radars are size dependant. Ammo is size dependant. The only thing that is not size dependant is engines/manuvering/thrusters. If your argument is uniformity. then maybe the things that are not size dependant, should get new skills to make them size dependant. But onto your first question "Why are PvP weapon talents size specific?" Its because its a game that needs progression for players to unlock. It allows specialization. Sure everyone wants to be jack of all trades. Allowing for specialization makes players who specialize more sought after, atleast in what ever the current fad is.
  6. Currently there is no RDMS for warp beacons. The way they currently work is if you place it on a personal core only you can warp to it. If you place it in an organization anyone inside that org can warp to that beacon. There is no RDMS needed once you are inside an org that has a beacon. And yes there is a 24 hour period once placed for them to become active and allow players to warp to them. There needs to be a right added to the game such as "allow warp". Where a player or org can then select the actors they want to use that beacon. And the right "allow warp". And add the tags you set to either the warp beacon itself or the core that the beacon is on.
  7. If your XS ship is getting one shot by a L core. Then you have 0 protection on it. And with that said even a L ship can get 1 shot by L ship with 0 protection on it.
  8. A way nq could fix issues like this would allow players to pack a core. It would essentially disassemble a core and put it into a linked container (providing it has enough space) in packages by form. The player could then deploy that core at a new location. With all the original rdms and DRM in place.
  9. 75 days is the current timer for non subscribers. So yes paying customers are more important than non pay customers. And its 7 days at markets regardless of your importance. I do agree that the lack of notifications should be changed. I mean your going to give us a notification everytime someone calibrates on our territory. But nothing when a ship becomes abandoned. And really emails should be sent out when this is going to happen.
  10. if your off by 1 degree at 400SU your going to be off by 7SU.
  11. RugesV

    Pumping unit

    How is what you are asking for different from a transfer unit. Currently transfer units can go from one container to multiple containers. You tell it what item to move. You then tell it to keep moving items or move a set amount of items or maintain a certain amount of items in the destination container. I do wish there was a 4th setting of maintain x amount in the orgin container
  12. Really hoping these alien cores have modules on them that can only be gotten from the alien cores. That way players want to go there. And not just another way to get ore. And once you start picking the item up. There is a 22 hour timer before the item can be removed from the core. (A way to create a choke point for conflict)
  13. Please fix warp beacon rdms to make it so you can set people/orgs to warp to specific beacons.
  14. A beacon in random space not in the pipe between the two plants would defeat your plan. Could always add in a ~50su gas cloud around the planet that prevents warp. Maybe even have the gas increase lock and firing ranges. But then if they add in this gas cloud system. They would not even need to add another planet. Put these random pockets of gas in space along pipes. Have so if your warping and you warp through one of these gas clouds. Your ship stops in the middle and you need to fly out of it before you can warp again.
  15. Sanctuary, sanctuary sanctuary. If you want your stuff safe and you are going to be away for awhile be sure to park it on your sanctuary tile. It is the only place that will always be safe.
  16. More items and more item variations is always a good thing. A 1,000 different adjustors, a 1,000 different wings. all different specs and sizes. The only downside to this is market sorting.
  17. They have made some pretty good progress the last 6 months. But if we figure they have been running full tilt the last 6 months. Another 6 months is not going to put them in a ready to release state. Unless they are just trying to blow it out the door.
  18. Sorry, "Your limiting factor then becomes the size of the items on your core, The weight of the items on your core, the cost of the items on your core, The cost to maintain (fuel) those items on your core. " should read "Your limiting factor then becomes the physical size of the items on your core, the weight of the items on your core, the cost of the items on your core, the cost to maintain (fuel) those items on your core." I am not reffering to limiting L items to L core. I am refering to only being able to fit 10 expanded XL containers onto a small core before you cannot place any more inside the build box because there is no more space. I also feel anytime a new items goes to live it should never be required for the first month. For instance if power ever gets added to the game it should never be required on day one. Put the power generators and storages devices in. put the UI in to show our power collection/storage/usage/required. Allow players to get the schematics to build the power stuff. and the days that will be required to build those items. Let the players go scan territories for good thermal, or wind power. Allow players to get ships and factories setup so when power is required all there stuff is already working.
  19. And lets not forget the other aspect of not doing this. Adding power into the game will go over just as well as adding schematics into the game did.
  20. The line between going broke and making allot money is really fine. And can be greatly affected by the choices you make and the amount of effort you put into it. You choose a poor territory and put low effort into it: Tiles aren't worth paying taxes for <Full Stop> You choose a great territory and put high effort into it: Your making bank and too much resources and money are being introduced into the game <Full Stop> also cannot stress this enough, dont do it alone.
  21. Thats a fake restriction that limits creativity. I am all for power requirements being added to the game. But power generation should never be tied to core size. Power generation should be tied to generators. and power storage should be transferable from core to core. If you want to have multiple power generators on a single core, so be it. If you want to have multiple power storage and have your ship run off only batteries so be it. Your limiting factor then becomes the size of the items on your core, The weight of the items on your core, the cost of the items on your core, The cost to maintain (fuel) those items on your core.
  22. This is more so for when planetary warfare comes out, but figure start making suggestion while your still developing the system. Every territory you and organizations your are super legate of own count as a vote for you. (IE you control 5 territory's and the org you are super legate of owns 3 territories so you get 8 votes). Anyone could suggest a law that owns a territory (frequency on how often they can suggest a law based on how much they own? still needs more thought on the subject). Anyone can declare themselves or Org a rebel, which would ignore all laws on the planet. (would need like a week long cool down between cool down and warm up of declaring oneself a rebel) What could you vote on? A Leader A Tax system A Treasurer A system that only allows wars that the leader permits A system that only allows wars that people vote for Declare all citizens a rebel of another planet Capital hex increasing/decreasing the safe zone around the planet (maybe even have to have the planet government pay for this) suggestions
  23. That was one thing that really surprised me too. I really thought there would be rich tiles that would be worth fighting over. Oh sure there are some better tiles, But nothing that would make me want to fight over them. Nothing that would bring territory warfare to the point of wanting to fight for desired hexes worth allot. However I do have a suggestion for this. Meteor impacts. Like once a month a meteor hits a random un occupied hex. This hex is now worth 50x that of a normal hex. But only for 1 month. It would be these hexes that players really fight over.
  24. They are already changing surface harvestables. and adding time bonus for achieved calibration would result in all your MU's needing calibration at different periods of time.
  25. Yes calibration charge optimization and Calibration charge efficiency Improved calibration charge optimization and improved calibration charge efficiency are the first and only 4 skills to not be affected when you VR.
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