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  1. agreed creating ships and buildings is the strongest aspect of this game and pvp is the weakest. i was shocked when i saw the first pvp video on youtube, a clean 0/10 from me. i feel like only atmospheric combat around planets has potential. i would even like on foot combat like starbase has but this space combat over huge distances is the most boring "pvp" i have ever seen.
  2. wipe everything or dont wipe its such an easy decision holy [filtered]. ask yourself do you want make many new players pissed just to make a few hundred veteran players happy. a wipe should always mean NO ADVANTAGE FOR ANYONE and lets be real, the veterans have a huge advantage anyway because experience and knowledge. do a full wipe or declare bankruptcy do you really wanna listen to the same 50 faces of this forum or do you care about thousands of potential new players? as i said such an easy decision.
  3. its not about a difficult decision. the fact is you have minimal chance of success whatever decision you make. why is that? the western economy is collapsing(by design) as we speak and no thats not putins fault. here is what i think -very bad time for a subscription based niche game while (almost)everybody is getting poor. -you designed this niche game to be a massive multiplayer game. means you need alot more players and you wont get them without free2play or atleast a onetime purchase (no sub) -you listen to a few old babys who cry everyday about a wipe and losing their talent points. these people think they are somehow important because the are here since alpha. you know it better than me, those people are a tiny minority and they are not important at all. give them some kind of unique skin or whatever and thank them for testing your game. thats all they deserve. -your game is far from being finished, all you can do right now is going into steam early access to get a new wave of players and ofc to get some money. i say wipe and then wipe again at the end of early access. after early access, official full release and never wipe again. -here are some positive news: your game looks good compared to star citizen, i mean SC is probably the biggest joke/scam in gaming history but hey atleast chris roberts is rich and happy. elite dangerous community is also not happy. starbase had a pretty bad start and lost lots of players. -your game is the pretty good from a technology standpoint. the combination of building, flying, physics and details like heat and aerodynamics is the best on the market if you ask me. (ok kerbal space program is better but its singleplayer focus). performance is an issue, everybody knows that -planets need improvement. planets/moons like sancturary and alioth look dead and boring. the starting planet needs to be awesome to impress new players from the beginning. -space is empty and boring. i know thats realistic but this game is not about realism. freelancer had the best spacemap: nebulas, nebulas with storms, radioactive clouds/nebulas, nebulas that effect your sensor/radar/shiphull. lots of hidden bases and trading stations, lots of hidden treasure like unique weapons. jumpholes, npc ships and so much more. -most "gamers" dont even know that dual universe exists. your small youtube channel is def not enough to spread the word.
  4. can we just permabann these "i payed for no wipe" ppl? i mean they are so dumb it hurts reading their shit.
  5. a "persistent" game that has not been released yet you dumb pos. doesnt matter what a dev said 2 or 3 years ago, you are the idiot for building your entire existence on a few words in this alpha/beta stage game
  6. gaming is in the worst state since the 1983 video game apocalypse. i dont think there is anything they can do. all i can say is dont waste your money with games and watch the world burn.
  7. 99% left the game(including me). your decision
  8. agreed. still shocking to think about that this is called a beta.
  9. calm down m8. i did not say any of this im just happy for an alternative
  10. doesnt matter. 17th of june is the day DU will die. see you at the party
  11. its only funny for you but its ok you are special. 24 votes matter for you. thats the real joke.
  12. is this a joke? you think 24 votes matter while there are thousands of players outside of this trashy fanboy forum? looks like you are very low iq. i dont know why find my name so funny, must be another low iq thing. just dont talk you are the joke here.
  13. not sure what you guys talk about but i just wanna say one thing about nebula/fog. you know why freelancer has the best spacemap? because of fog, clouds, radioactive clouds, stormclouds, scrapyards and some of these effect gameplay like damaging hull or reducing sensor efficiency unrealistic? NOBODY CARES, dual universe is scifi fantasy and so is freelancer. copy the space of freelancer and you have the best and most interesting spacemap on the market. nobody wants the realistic black empty space of nothing, its super boring. i dont play DU atm because i dont wanna spend money on a mining simulator in alpha stage.
  14. i am just waiting for this message: "Hello players, we are broke, servers going down forever in 2 weeks, thank you for playing".
  15. that is the truth and the result of that will be less and less events and the braindead griefertrash (they are not pvpers) will not understand that they are the reason for it. if i was admin i would permabann every single one of them and it wouldnt hurt the game at all because they are only a 1% minority.
  16. only if the game is free2play. ingame shop + sub? nope
  17. i think they just dont have the manpower for everything. player numbers drop from alltime low to alltime low. not enough money and i believe its getting harder and harder to find good devs with the skills needed and that problem have many companys nowadays. the (created) world situation make things worse and if you ask me its over for many many companys not only in gaming. its time to move on from gaming and get out to defend your human rights and freedom. sounds cringy i know but if you are not a sheep you know exactly what i mean.
  18. i prefer PvP servers, always BUT: - soloplayer friendly. i want the freedom to build a freighter with automated turrets so that not every single little pirate ass can rape me and all i can do is sit there and "enjoy" the rape. - more options to defend yourself, cloaking, shields, jammers etc - radar overhaul. different types of detection, different types of engines (more power = more emissions = easier to detect) you know being a pirate is a very dangerous "job" and thats how it should be IMO
  19. this shit is so fuckin shady. unbelievable. make sure you all spread the word about this shit. yesterday in my profile: sub ended 18th of jan BUT i could still play. WHY?? AND TODAY i cant see anything in my profile, every information is GONE. it only says "subscriber". im not a subscriber anymore since december i told xsolla to stop the sub and they said they did stop it. dude i am getting really mad about this. this is the fastest way to lose players btw.
  20. one of the smaller reasons why a reset needs to happen at the end of the beta. i knew this would end like this the first time i saw one of these piece of shit towers.
  21. true. a game for boomerwhales cannot survive in todays age. free2play or death. you devs decide.
  22. why would they come back if its the same game with the same problems? wipe makes only sense when the game is final and great and we are far away from that. ATLAS was killed by wipes. i know it i played 800hours of it and i saw the same trash arguments for a wipe in the atlas forums 2 years ago. there is only one acceptable wipe but only at the end of beta. talent points should never be wiped in my opinion btw
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