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  1. So, here are some questions. This time I even spent time on the PTS and watched the full video first -Demeter fees will pull a lot of money "out of the system" and slow the inflation or even reverse it (deflation). The 1M per week fee is set now, at a time when it is equivalent to only 10kl or hematite, or one t2 engine L. Will you adjust the fee should the buying power of the quanta change significantly? The whole "player driven economy" is, by far, not really player driven anymore, and this patch is yet another step in that direction, the fixed rates for schematics, missions, other bot buy and sell orders, and now territory fees see to that. -I generally like airbrakes now finally getting an obstruction zone, however the current direction indicated by the yellow arrows is not only unintuitive but would also just lead to players stacking them on the inside of the craft pointing outwards to the sides. On the current PTS it appears the obstruction is checked above the brakes (if placed on horizontal surface). What are the plans for the direction of the obstruction directions for the airbrakes? -This is a nice reminder that plenty of items have obstruction zones which dictate a certain usage, which is often not visually pleasing, intuitive or, for better lack of word, "feels right". Any plans for an overall overhaul of obstruction mechanics and directions? -To use mining units to their full potention, by at least never wasting charges because the charge pool is already full, you have to log in almost daily (every 30h with no talents, every 35h with full charge gain and pool talents). It feels rather tight. Do you think DU is a game for casuals, RP players, weekend warriors and others who are not playing in a regular profit oriented way? (So not like me ). -My first ever ship sale was to a player who just travels the planets and maintains a little base on almost every planet and moon. Quite serene and dreamy actually. He will now have to set up mining units and get into business, or collect rocks, or quit. He is not allowed to continue the way he is used to play. The fee is too high for that. Patch .23 stopped groups of people from having autonomous outposts and building civilisation away from alioth. Demeter now stops another group of players from playing their way. What is the intended and therefore likely future-proof way to play DU? -With planet based mining gone, yet another thing to actually do in the game is removed. For players who have time on saturdays there is still asteroid mining, for the rest there are AI missions, which consist of taking off and waiting for 5h to arrive, assuming you do one that actually pays something. Player made long distance haul missions can not compete with AI missions. Any plans on revisiting Apelia missions, their payout, or the fact that the long distance ones are overly profitable with multiple accounts or "car sharing" via VR? -Related to above: Any plans to add anything to the game that is fun to do and at the same time brings an amount of resources? -In order to find asteroids you need access to a DSAT which is t3. In order to mine t3 via units you also need t3 ore for the advanced autominer. Will it be impossible to get t3 ore without already existing t3 ore?
  2. For anybody wondering about the numbers, AKA the amounts of ore you can get per players, I did some math in this thread: TL:DR: maxed out you can get 150kl of ore, per day, per player
  3. What are the exact limits for how many mining units I can have? Because I think people will just claim 20 territories per planet with 6 mining units each, quickly turning the game into creative mode, unless I misunderstood something. sorry, should have read/watched everything properly first
  4. Please use the RP and off topic forums and discord channels
  5. There was a multi-hour downtime today, can you try your normal internet connection again?
  6. Anything fun for pve would be very welcome. The only stuff added in the last 12 months was economy fixing, bug fixing, pvp features. The economy fixing also made the game worse, plenty of smaller groups on the further away planets just quit when they could no longer play as a mostly autonomous org. The "fun pve content" that some groups and people make, like racing, fly ins, competitions or exhibitions were all possible on day one of the beta and no new tools were added. Regarding fun things to do in the game, it went down, not up. Yet at the same time I keep hearing some people, no idea what percentage of the player base that is, ask for even more pvp stuff, and all this "the game needs this and that pvp feature", "look at game X, imagine it without pvp" blah blah. I hope they finally punish people who use exploits, finally write down what is an exploit in a clear, reliably way; while also implementing some actually fun, engaging, mechanics, or change some current mechanics to be more than an afk grind. Increase the skill ceiling on some of the more interesting parts of the game. Get rid of the absurd situation where the most profitable activities are the most boring ones. And speaking about twitch, the main reason why people watch DU streams is because many of the DU activities are so boring people want to have something extra on their second screen. And unlike in streams of games with more action, DU streamers always finds a moment to read the chat and work as second help desk for bugs and issues. Not sure why you hate on half naked streamers though.
  7. TTA cobra by TicTaq Vhagar by Loaded, and, because he felt like it, 100M on top. [won by Kestrel] 1x Destiny III-E (Special Edition) https://du-creators.org/makers/Dream Designs by Ristlin/ship/Destiny III-E [won by Frank2] Minroid by TWRippin [won by loaded] Ashee by Jimmy Brasher (GTF) [won by KBLA] By now you may have noticed that I cant make good pics of the whole ship. You may want to VR to "gott mart" and check them in person. 50M cash by Tommy1969 [won by Stratio] EMS TIE by Morphin (and his Daughter Emily) [won by Mezmerial] Goldridge by Drack [won by Herbcannnnon] 2x Destiny II https://du-creators.org/makers/Dream Designs by Ristlin/ship/Destiny II by ristlin [won by Dunavant and Briggenti] 20M cash by CrazyuncleSean [Won by Soulmaker] Black Scarab by Junkai [won by Chet] And AGG M by Torsten Industry (GTF) [Won by KB] Bobby by Gottchar [won by Khronicus] Dropship by Foxocto [megabosslord] Hermes by Gottchar [won by Rex] IWAC Magi [won by Spaceman] 2x Messengers https://du-creators.org/makers/Dream Designs by Ristlin/ship/Messenger [won by Dunavant and TicTaq] It’s a firetruck! by Spark [won by Rexsilex] Bob by Seripis [won by Mezmerial] Tennis court (with balls) blueprint by GTF [won by loaded] Jetpack by Deleka [won by Novalock] 100 pack of basic atmo engines L by GTF [won by Megabosslord] IWAC Istary [won by Soulmaker] IWAC Merlin [won by Novalok] AGG S by Torsten Industries Mixed rail ammo pack by GTF [won by Herbcannon] 25x Space core S by GTF [won by fridaywitch] BP for SCS Hyperboard GTF [won by Geop] An Additional Maia given by Nhyiuphaet and Aguntus [won by Styles]
  8. Events: World championship for manual hoppers. Hopping was designed as a race with very cheap crafts, no benefit in spending more cash, easy to follow, stupid to watch, and room for silly designs. Sadly, this means very strict but easy to understand rules: -All crafts may have any number and size of the following: Fuel tanks, hover engines, adjustors, brakes, control unit, honeycomb, -Only wings are allowed as aerofoils, and they must be pointing 45° up. (they are diagonal, as seen from the side of the craft) -Hovers must be in default config, you are not allowed to disable thrust along gravity. -No additional LUA code allowed, only plain old vanilla. -You get cookie points (of no real value) for designs which emphasize hopping, like rabbids or roos. Races are done simultanously, the track will be some last minute redneck design (around the yellow ship, around the red ship, and back to roughly here), as it is tradition. Unicorn race Same as above, but using unicorns (can be borrowed for free) or other auto-hoppers (same as hopper rules above, but lua for hopping allowed) Unicorn deathmatch arena A lot of unicorns enter, enter the rainbow dome (which I still have to build), last one moving wins. Idiot races This is the best event and I need you guys to come join! The idea is that every combatant brings a BP of a craft with a "quirk". I print a copy for each combatant and we use them to race or reach whichever goal the creator intended. Example: I made a craft with normal placed engines, but the wings are mounted 90° rotated sideways. So you only have lift while you drift sideways. First one to climb to 1000 meters wins. So, be crative. Impossible steering, fly through rings in a VTOL with freight engines, Rocket fuel tank L and engine S to fly to the market and back, whatever. Timed parallel parking with large freight engines. This will be as stupid as it sounds. Maybe more.
  9. Hello, on september 18th I will do a charity stream and raffle for extra-life, the dontations go towards the childrens miracle network hospitals via extra life. You can find more info on them here: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm I will start streaming during EU noon (about 12pm GMT) and then for about a day. There will be games and races and everybody is welcome to join. So far I planned -World championship for manual hoppers. -Unicorn race -Unicorn deathmatch arena -Idiot race -Timed parallel parking with large freight engines. The more the better, please read about the events in the comment below and join! stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/gottchar dontation link: https://www.extra-life.org/participant/Gottchar There will be a raffle for any supporters, a large amount of ships was donated. I want at least every 3rd ticket to win, I have a plethora of unicorns, warp shuttles, speeders and item packs in store that I will add if needed. Prizes are won "in order", meaning the 5th draw of the duration pot will win a Hermes. The list order above was done by me. Should you want to win something in particular, just say so in the donation comment or stream chat. Like "before I win a ship by Gottchar, I rather take the first non-Gottchar ship after it." You can obviously not get anything higher in the list, just lower
  10. Anything you buy is in the market container. I could buy 20 million dirt, be it via buy or sell orders, and carry it away in my inventory via my starter hover, one bucket at a time. Same for market "manipulation" of buying low and sell high, or buy out all dirt in the system and sell it for double. So both things you mention do not require those container castles, nothing does. Especially not now that we have missions and org wallets/market containers.
  11. I hope they just hide every single dynamic construct on the busy markets first. Hiding has been used enough and is a nice way to just get that stuff out of the way first without hurting anybody. I also gladly just turn my XL screens on my hauler off when I come to the market, if that means I don’t have to see anybody else’s. Can somebody tell me why people should be allowed have container constructs at the market? If people want to buy something for the org for another player to pick up, they can just make it a mission or buy it via org wallet in the first place. Might want to get rid of them, too, while you are at it.
  12. If the game didnt have bugs leading to random crashes (game and ship) I would agree.
  13. If only a few people find out and do not report it to the devs, they abuse the hell out of it. If honest people find out and report it, it may take quite some time before it gets fixed and those people who abuse it continue happily. Some people really enjoy the minute to minute gameplay, (like I do in mario kart) and wouldnt care if the server was wiped once per week. Others derive joy from seeing their base, org, business etc grow. More ships, more machines, more ore. build your empire. And for those people it feels very unfair that others get their stuff for free. As long as I am streaming, I am not allowed to stack elements on ships, I am not allowed to insta-brake, I am not allowed to make my ship invincible. And of course when updating the bug list I am not allowed to add any of those things, past or present and shush anybody who hints in that direction. At the same time, when I report people braking rules, I am told the rules in question are currently not enforced. I am not allowed to tell you more, because I am not allowed to talk about conversations with NQ.
  14. When a ship with an active shield is being shot, will the resistance of the element/voxel matter that would be hit, or the resistance of the shield, or both? Can you use multiple shields? Can you already allow the building (release schematics) of the items and then "enable" them with the patch? That way people can already make, trade and build with the shields and are ready when they are released. Otherwise, given the Honeycomb HP nerf, people will have to wait until they get a shield before they can continue their normal gameplay.
  15. Does anybody have info on what causes the notifications to no longer pop up?
  16. Every voxel has 8 corners and voxelmancy is just the act of moving those. This is done by placing different shapes next to the voxel in question as the corners of neighbouring voxels overlap, one forces the position of another (either way possible) What I would love is just a precision mode for the individual corners. Mark one of the 8 corners, and move it around, within the already existing parameters using up/down etc keys. No additional server strain, not bigger filesize, no downsides, just precision and no need to dance around to just get the shape you want directly. What players call a "reactor" is nothing but voxels with their corners already "pre-moved" for you, I just want to move them directly.
  17. Before you buy a ship, just ask if you can have your money back within a few days if you dont like it.
  18. I dont want to defend NQ here, just my list. It is a list of bugs, not server infrastructur weaknesses or lack of optimization etc. But yes, sucks, I hear it everywhere that people just cant play anymore. I hope your issue gets fixed soon, and mine (industry sound bug).
  19. Nope, that is not a bug, it is just their server not being able to handle the amount of re-writes per second, to save the "map" again and again with the changes made. You dig, your client sends info to server like "hey, this piece of dirt is missing now", server says "wait little client, the moment I have written this down you are allowed to continue". And there is a queue to wait for that.
  20. I would love this. Totally ends the whole debate and is easy enough to implement.
  21. biggest patch bug wise today, sweet!
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