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  1. Once again, all your doing is making a blanket statement "will ruin economy!" or whatever, but you refuse to give any specific details or examples of how it would hurt the economy. Just a broken record with no meaningful discussion, while others who are OK with this upcoming feature have already pointed out the benefits, and also pointed out why it wouldn't hurt the economy. Who cares if players can have a full creative environment to test build things? They still have to mine up or buy the resources for the elements, not to mention they still have to buy the elements or have the appropriate blue prints and skills unlocked to make them. Just because you have a blueprint doesn't magically override any of these things. Players have several ways to obtain the parts / pieces they need to build their constructs. A little common sense which I understand is difficult for some players to grasp or understand.
  2. Nice to see another SWG refuge that understood and greatly appreciated the industry system. It hasn't been seen since that time anywhere and it's sorely missed. I believe devs with advanced degrees tend to over think everything and lose perspective on what fun means. I would pay 2x the monthly subscription to get a good MMO experience that implemented most (if not all) of the features that SWG had.
  3. Unfortunately the devs wish to insist this is "beta" when the reality of things is we are still a very early alpha. The economy has been a joke from day 1 of their "beta" launch and many players and orgs have amassed hundreds of millions of credits and others already many billions. If this new direction was paramount for balance, then it should be part of a system wide financial wipe, or a "soft reset" of the entire game, while allowing players to keep the skill they have unlocked. When you introduce or completely change how any core system works, trying to patch it together with the current way things have been up till this point only benefits those who have amassed great fortunes. That said, you once again inflate the economy with set pricing for schematics as they are only obtained from the "bot market" which doesn't make sense. Why would any player or org be required to buy the same exact schematic when it shouldn't be more than copy/pasta program that gets uploaded into each factory with said schematic. Is the DU system suddenly laden with "dumb dumb" society that requires a new schematic for each and every single factory they build? What was the point in building these factory units if they lock out the user and the key to unlocking each factory unit is to buy the exact same plan multiple times? It's honestly mind boggling how stupid and badly thought out this new system is. Once again, it feels like devs are over complicating things to the point that you are adding more pieces to a puzzle and creating more and more major imbalance within the economy, when you should be doing a full wipe with any major game changing core mechanic of this magnitude. I really want to see DU become a great and fun game, but with the devs continued decisions to make sweeping changes and then refuse to wipe will only showcase a badly broken system that will never balance itself out while turning away many orgs who simply will not go through the process of buying hundreds or even thousands of the same schematic just to make their factory setups viable again. Real shame to see so much added confusion and frustration added in before QOL features, such as a good 2D interactive planner that would alleviate the need to physically go to every single factory unit and then open > load schematic x 100 ~ 1000's of times. No thank you. Over complicated thinking = over complicated major system changes = unable to look at how major an impact this will be seen and taken negatively by the community.
  4. So the only issue I am seeing is RDMS / promotion issues that caused the theft. Not seeing any actual "exploit" of any kind and the details that very few shared again prove that it was a permissions issue or a promotion issue. Legates have full access and trying to claim that none of their legates would ever do such a thing is fooling yourself. No game master / admin of any MMO would be able to provide all the details after investigating things, such as giving a name of who actually did so due to their privacy provisions. I dealt with a lot of insiding tickets when I worked at Blizzard with their in-game support team. We never gave out details because of privacy provisions. I fully expect the same in DU. I have even seen times when a guild master is the culprit, takes everything out of the guild bank and sends it all to one of their alts, then plays the dumbfounded card with their clan. In some cases it is all a mind game and deception is a powerful tool. Unfortunately DU is lacking some very basic QOL core features, such as giving orgs some means to track who takes things out of containers, puts things in, etc, along with a log of who edited construct voxels. (IE:Player A removed 60m cubed of carbon fiber from Construct C) It sucks when other players with permissions steal from an org, but this is all on the super legate in promoting folks to legate, and setting RDMS rights.
  5. 1. I would actually apply common sense and know that having edit powers at any market was likely a bug and report it. 2. I would then not use said edit powers and continue on as normal. If folks are unable to apply common sense in these type of games, then the community is better off without them, as these type of players are the ones that create more issues and want to fight, kick, have a tantrum and use the time worn excuses of "but the game let me do it", "the coding sucks! redirect blame to devs!", "my definition of what a bug and exploit is different from the majority of common sense folks, but that doesn't matter!", "where was my warning!! QQ" Devs gave a very clear warning weeks ago regarding using unintended gameplay and the use of bugs / exploits, even if the devs had not yet acknowledged it, yet some folks feel their lack of common sense and playing the ignorance card should absolve them from punishment. We don't need these folks in this game.
  6. Did your org or someone in the org have ownership of the hex tile your L core factory was on? If so, who all had the rights to make changes to ownership? Do you personally know all members of your org? Were all members of your org present at the time this was taking place? This is the first I have heard of any outsider being able to take over someone's factory without having some sort of permission, such as if someone was accidently marked as open use to everyone, it's easy to accidentally make the core accessible to everyone instead. Lots of questions I know, but you give very little factual info so I thought I would ask them.
  7. Until they can really stabilize the server tech, I don't see them moving to element damage anytime soon. For many players it can be quite resource intensive to replace broken elements, as it takes a lot of time to fabricate them. The current scrap system works decently for now, and it would be nice to have some form of toggle feature or use of the MMB to auto repair what your looking at, especially if its a larger HP object. If they eventually move into element destruction, hopefully they will let you salvage a good portion of those resources back to help offset replacement costs and limit the amount of time needed to fabricate new replacement elements.
  8. I don't see any issue with using the forced respawn as a "beam me up" option when you are deep underground and don't want to spend the 5-10 min to get out. It doesn't impact anyone's gameplay at all. In fact, I would encourage the devs to make it a feature to allow players to simply beam up to their ship if they have an active rez node on it, with the same restrictions that you cannot take physical objects with you. If folks choose to turn off respawn nodes on 1 planet so they can quick travel to another outpost on another planet, again, I see no issue with that, as they will need to find a way to travel back to the other world. Maybe the devs will give us TP hubs similar to those in the main markets in the future with limited range.
  9. NQ has made their intentions very clear moving forward from today regarding exploits. They listed the ones that they deem "Acceptable" for now, which does not harm other players experience and then was very clear on what is NOT acceptable. NQ has already stated that anyone caught doing any exploit that is not currently on the acceptable list can face consequences up to losing their account. While I do agree that NQ should have moved much faster on the stealing ships exploit, at this point in time there is nothing more to be done. If you know of or encounter any other exploit, they have clearly stated to report them so they can investigate and take action on fixing. This warp cell exploit with mass has already been addressed as something they do not allow, so if you see orgs using this, send in a ticket with specific details, such as loc, time, date, name of ships, etc. In every MMO game you will always have players who exploit, cheat, create issues all in the name of "but the game let me do it". Most orgs will not tolerate such behavior and I have a feeling that in time, player justice in-game will dole out punishment to groups and orgs that have gained these reputations. Recording game footage is always the smoking gun that devs love to see when reporting issues, so if you have the ability to record gameplay that saves the last 5-15 min of footage at all times, you never know what you might capture for those who go out of their way to investigate issues. NQ has stated this is the only warning they are giving and moving forward will be taking punitive actions. So if there are players, groups, orgs still doing them, get your in-game recordings going and then submit to devs.
  10. I have to agree, it would be nice to consolidate this function.
  11. I see, so if I set it to around 1600m instead, that is when it will kick in? It would seem that perhaps I am traveling too fast and increasing / decreasing alt for the AGG system to catch me. I wonder how well it would work on a heavy freighter re-entry onto 1g world. Any tips/tricks anyone is willing to share would be appreciated.
  12. Having some issues with my AGG. I have it all set up, have all 6 Pulsors linked to the AGG unit. Alt is set at 3000 for testing purposes. I have a small AGG system setup on my M core dynamic ship. When I launch my ship, I turn on the AGG, and it shows it is on. In the AGG display field, it lists: Anti-G Field 120 Es Anti-G Power 0% Base Altitude 3000m I am not seeing anything kick in after I go above 1000m I continue climbing to over 2500m, still nothing changing, and AGG is on I continue further and go up to 3500m, still nothing. The Anti-G Power remains at 0% regardless of altitude and when I throttle down my engines to zero, I start to loss altitude from 3600m down past 1000m. I don't understand what I am doing wrong?
  13. It would be nice to see armor strength and benefits no longer rely on the base weight of materials. It's such a poor design and hopefully one they will fix in time. The story background and nano-technology we have is meaningless when basic common sense of functional metals and alloys used to create actual armor should be in use over the current system. Applying some actual real physics calculations to handle hit potential of railguns would self correct the high hit chance at long range. Having a radar system that is specialized in detecting incoming shots and thus allowing for a simple quick vector change to mitigate the hit would be ideal. Railguns are not designed to hit moving targets, they are designed to hit stationary targets with precision, so it's already baffling how and why they are even capable of hitting any moving target (especially if the ship firing it is moving), as the calculations needed to do this at any range would be incredibly hard to do without some quantum computer targeting system making nano-second adjustments up to the moment of firing. How about point defense weapons, such as fast firing auto cannons to deal with incoming missile threats, or even useful vs close range fighters? I have a feeling that either their server tech will be able to handle some form of reasonable physics calculations needed to simulate a proper PvP environment, or they will need to find a method that is better balanced and makes sense. Having angled armor would greatly increase the chance of deflecting physical projectiles (especially railgun shots) but is currently not factored into the current iteration. You could give players the opportunity to create different types of armor, such as 1 that is more protective vs physical forms, or another type that is highly thermal resistant, or another that is more reflective to counter lasers, etc. I really hope NQ can move away from this current terrible materials system that we currently have, and create a common sense, quality armoring system with metals and alloys that make sense.
  14. Are they using the area to create some form of content the players can enjoy or is it actually being used as personal space? Have you actually verified every tile as being owned by the NQ dev? Rather interesting to see and hopefully an explanation from the devs on this.
  15. I would like to know some of experiences others have had with PvP, such as how accuracy works for long range attacks using railguns and missile launchers. Does the game utilize any actual physics when calculating trajectories when using railguns? Are shots fired from railguns "instant hit" if within range, regardless of speed the target is moving or if the ship firing is also moving? Is counter radar or any defensive systems even available in the current iteration of what folks are calling PvP? I enjoy PvP when the systems are designed well and decently balanced (nothing is ever perfect), however it becomes a real frustration when current game mechanics essentially make current PvP experiences rather 1 sided, and when you simply cannot see where shots are coming from, or take any defensive actions to avoid or negate the hits. I haven't fired missile launchers yet, so not sure if these actually lock on to a target and become more of a "fire and forget" weapon system? Some suggestions on how to better balance PvP in the future I felt were useful, such as limiting the size of a weapon you can use to the core size of the ship. Changing how radar works and making it harder to detect ships with small cross sections is a nice idea as well. Perhaps some of these things will change with the future power systems update. Time will tell how this will work itself out.
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