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  1. Many people like myself enjoy the NON "drama" that only solo play brings. I stopped playing DEC 2020, and returned yesterday just to see what changes have been done. And I can honestly say that what all was changed, obviously wasn't for the better. My entire org and it was huge, are all gone. 4k max daily players, so income wise that is 40k a month. Yeah good luck paying salaries with that. In 2020 we needed some touch ups like the meta cube ship, a hard reduction in lag, things like that. But someone at DU seems to have made problems (schematics) and then to fix the problem, made more problems (more schematics). And by doing so removed all the fun that is a MMO. Not like we have a ton of quests we can do. PvP is essentially dead. So if the goal is to make DU a non solo player game, you might as well just shut the doors, or start work on a new game, and write this off as a loss, or maybe sell to a company that can actually fix your mess.. I get this undeniable feeling I won't be resubbing for another month after this. Your just complicating and compounding problems on something that doesn't work( if your digging a hole and you hit rock bottom (4k subs) STOP DIGGING). I had a huge factory, and it was not to make millions, I did that by selling ore excess, I did it because to me the mayhem(prior to schematics) was fun. And now you want to pretty much destroy that fun in favor of what exactly? I can see needing schematics for built ships people put many hours into building, or lua code, for anything else is just HS. Last part of my rant involves the billions you allowed to be had before the beta to "grease the economy". You had bots for that. You used to give new players a ship and a bump in Q doing tutorials (when they worked), and now you have removed underground mining (so dumb) as a means to reduce lag. Why you can't do like no man's sky and just refill the holes and tunnels in short duration is beyond any player here. Mining was one of the more tedious, but fun parts of DU and you removed it in a knee jerk fashion. Outside of going back to before DEC 2020 and just fixing the exploits and issues you had then (which you won't do) is the only real way to bring back players. Wipe the servers of all quanta, all schematics, rewind the game 2 years (when you had a ton of players) and make people claw a bit to get started like any other game. That small nudge when I first played DU was all that was needed. Only thing I would leave in are the skill points, as people actually paid for those with subs as you already knocked off a 1/3 of the time from 90 to 60 a min. Do I think anyone at DU will read this? Nope LOL
  2. This is a prime example of EVE corp thievery lol.
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