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  1. So now it'll take even LONGER to slow boat? Because 4-9 hours of travel wasn't long enough? No, this is stupid.
  2. The rockets are only really "useful" as they don't lose thrust when you cross the atmospheric boundary: so it's full thrust 100% of the time.
  3. You seem to be forgetting this: DU is not a game. It started as a software test, disguised as game, that is flopping because nobody wants either.
  4. 2 SU was probably set because anything higher and the game will freeze (already more than it does).
  5. Rats. The only "easy and tested method" is having pve rats. Weaker/less valuable rats closer in the Alioth bubble. The further away the difficult, and more valuable, rats will be located. Whomever gets the most damage on the rat gets to loot the container(s); anyone can salvage the parts.
  6. So now any hopes have scavenging (more like purchasing and crossing fingers) is pretty much gone? I was hoping to claim my neighbors two tiles so I could expand, as they haven't play since February or so, but now those tiles are most likely going to be HQ'd; so I can no longer claim them. Fantastic work again, NQ.
  7. EVE also had fun gameplay and social aspects, good or bad. DU just doesn't have well, anything.
  8. Nice work breaking it down. I appreciate the clear insight you've given and hopefully other people are able to replicate your success. Even though I have an alt with almost max mining skills, so far I haven't broken even with my singular mining tile with 7 units. I don't have the capacity to baby 7 tiles like you've done, so I'll just have to do something else for quanta.
  9. You'd run out of surface rocks before you would even get enough for a ship to take the rocks to a market to sell. SM rarely has good buy prices, so they will get even less. Fun game!
  10. They would never do such a thing. I'm pretty sure the devs don't actually enjoy the game anymore. They just implement what the business managers want and do their best. I hope, at least.
  11. Good afternoon Deckard: How does a brand new player, with no mining units, get money if they have a finite amount of surface ore to harvest?
  12. For me, my tiles will only allow 1 MU to be running at a time. Even though I own the tile, construct, and MU; it still says the "Owner is not allowing mining" or something along those lines.
  13. So how exactly is a new player suppose to make any quanta at this rate?
  14. This would be gameplay, NQ doesn't like those ideas.
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