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  1. Please check your PM Inbox shortly. Believe me, we know it!
  2. True, which is why there would probably be limitations.
  3. This reminds me of Hive ships from Stargate Atlantis. I like the idea.
  4. Greetings all, To those who have expressed interest in joining the Fleet, please check your forum inboxes. To all who wish to apply, please post here, or alternatively you can send me a PM. Regards, Fleet Commander Wright
  5. Nora, That's understandable. Sorry you feel that way and maybe we will look into TeamSpeak at a later time. Kimball, Yes we are actively looking for new members. If you would like to join, I can forward the discord details tonight when I am home. Regards, Alex Wright
  6. We would be glad to have you! I'll forward the discord details when I get home from work.
  7. That last bit I can absolutely agree on.
  8. Indeed why build the wall? Well for one it's a hard structure and won't fail if your power generator is hit. Second, and this has nothing to do with the first (tangent) I now want to build a shield bridge (light bridge?) That I can switch off should enemies on foot attempt to attack my base. I also forgot about the other property, and this may be where the devs compromise or get interesting: passive armor. Or for that matter forms of armor. If the devs decide that shields cannot stop projectiles weaponry, then we must assume that armor becomes involved. There's many types here too, with different properties. Ablative armor: if a section gets hit, that section falls away and exposes a new armor segment below it. Constraints would be weight and the amount of layers at your disposal. Whipple shielding: technically a modern day armor already in use. Reactive arnor: gel filled or some sort of other thing that reduces impact ballistics. Etc etc, ad nauseum. Point is, we could get quite creative in this regard too...damn, tangent again, sorry.
  9. Well are in the realm of Science fiction. Because of that, I don't see the issue with many forms of shields for different puposes. I agree that there do have to be drawbacks, but I belive that those are relatively easy to implement. Larger shields require more power, which requires a larger reactor, which requires more fuel, which requires more resources. Maybe shields recharge slowly but have a ton of EHP making them good for seiges. Maybe they recharge quickly but don't have a lot of strength, better for quick ship to ship battles but terrible for seiges. The point is in a game touted for player choice, let us decide what's best. There will always be some form of superweapon, and counters to it (infiltrate corporation and sabotage, etc). I am sure that the developers have taken the time to work some of these systems out already, and unfortunately until we have more information, all we can do is speculate and provide opinion. Let me be clear: yes there have to be drawbacks, but there should also be ways to combat or counteract those drawbacks as well.
  10. Well, in all honesty there could be multiple types of shields. You say they shouldn't be able to stop projectiles, ships or people, but the fact of the matter there are many types of theorized shields. Plasma windows are one possibility, these use charged plasma to generate an impermeable barrier for gasses, but not much else (think the hangar shields from star wars). Then there are defense shields which use magnetics or deflection or some other variation of handwavium to stop beam weapons and plasma weapons. There is still bleed through on projectile weaponry (think star trek shields). Then there are bubble shields (Ala halo) which protect against a lot of damage but either have a very slow recharge or are destroyed or depleted when used. The above merely reflects that there are or could be multiple types of shields, and it would be up to the player(s) to determine how many and what type they would like to implement on their ships and other constructs.
  11. As for your last comment, perhaps that could be taken care of by tags. Anyone with the proper set of tags could pass through them unmolested, while anyone else else would collide with them. I like the idea of having different kinds of emitters. I wonder if on larger ships with enough power generation if both types couldn't be used. Use a main spherical shield and then smaller modular shields for sensitive areas for when and if the main shield goes down. Hell, if you have enough power generation for multiple shield layers, don't see why that couldn't work either.
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