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  1. We could just as effectively use plutonium as currency save for safety concerns and that it would eventually decay. I agree that convenience is important, and in this fiat currency is very effective. However, how/why can/should NQ regulate the amount of circulating currency? Being marketed as an emergent, player-driven game, doesn't it make sense that dev intervention, especially in something as pervasive to the game as the in-game economy, should be kept to a minimum?
  2. The rare resource idea that @Shynras proposed is a well-reasoned and sound idea. Something like gold (which IRL civilizations have used as a currency standard for centuries) presents the best of both worlds: it is not a fixed-quantity currency (so speculators cannot just hoard and have a special claim to currency purchasing power like the current Quanta system allows); Yet it is not something that can just be conjured up at will, as the paper currencies of today are, thereby insulating the currency value against uncontrolled inflation. Furthermore, the resource should be something that has both monetary and consumer value, meaning that it can be used both as money (or used to craft money) or used as a normal resource (preferably as an essential element in some important aspect of the game, for ex. Construct Cores, as Shynras suggested). This therefore allows both natural currency generation and withdrawal/destruction. Of course, this also hinges on the ability to either: Make reversible changes (convert constructs back into the raw resources used to make it), so that once Rare Resource X gets used in crafting, it's not just gone forever and can be regained by deconstructing the product; or Have natural resource regeneration (but of course, not always in the exact same place), so that Rare Resource X is not utterly depleted, putting us back at square one with a fixed currency. IMHO, the best thing NQ can do is team up with economics experts to develop a realistic and effective currency system that can foster and adapt to the development of the DU economy. Please, feel free to rip these ideas apart - I may somehow be hopelessly flawed in my economic expertise, so other ideas are more than welcome.
  3. Heyyyyy! The name definitely sounds familiar - welcome to the wonderful community of Dual Universe!
  4. Welcome to like 90% of the action here in Dual Universe. The meta-game that has developed (I say meta-game, I don't really consider it such) is one that is unprecedented in a game that has yet to be released. We've already witnessed the rise and fall of organizations, the fracturing of others, and continually more organizations are added to the roster every day. I would take a look at DUSleepers.fr , Cinderfall TV, GLSU's Q-Cast, and Kurock's State of Affairs on Outpost Zebra to see just some of the major action that's been happening. Other subjects to explore would be: Terran Union, The Eldritch Nation/Order, Unity League, Cinderfall Syndicate, Vanguard, to name a few. Happy sabotaging!
  5. Wrong place! This used to be a community portal issue - it's been moved to the correct thread. Feel free to delete.
  6. Wow I never noticed this until now. I am all for actual factions of these forming. Very Divergent-esque.
  7. @juvenius Let's talk I can probably expect that there will be a huge rush for land close to the Arkship within the first few days or weeks, then people and organizations will slowly disperse out in search of more/better land. Eventually Alioth might become obsolete as more spawn zones begin appearing. A well-planned and active city may extend its lifespan, or help it grow, but we need more information to go off of. In other words, we'll just have to wait and see.
  8. The CTV team is pleased to announce Broadcast 3 of Cinderfall TV! Apologies for the delay, and please enjoy! Special thanks to our host, @FancyVader; our editor, @Code24; and a special guest writer this time: @Peregrin!
  9. Due to the recent pre-alpha release announcement, this broadcast is delayed just a little to reflect these new updates.
  10. Technical delays due to solar eclipse conditions (????) but we are working quickly to get the next broadcast out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience - we apologize for the delay!
  11. One quick update: The Poolamoo Accords, previously jointly established by BOO and CSYN, have now been terminated after careful consideration. More details to follow soon on our Discord.
  12. Absolutely correct. BOO is a community with very dedicated and passionate people who are willing to take the time and effort to organize initiatives like BOOM in order to help the game. I'm perfectly okay with this if NQ is - nothing wrong with a little help from players. I'm looking forward to helping improve this game during alpha and beyond, and I encourage our members at the Cinderfall Syndicate and the greater community at large to take part in this exciting endeavor. Everyone has their own style - so do I. Really, as long as alpha does what it's supposed to (gathering data and testing the game for improvement), then we're good to go. Cheers!
  13. Support this +1 Also, text subchannels pls. Like, any time now would be good. We've only been waiting like...a year now.
  14. First, welcome to the community! We're in for a fun time as Dual Universe starts picking up speed from September out. Organizations: Arguable, here in pre-alpha, a central part of the metagame. There's many many options to choose from, and even more ideas circulating around. I would definitely take a look through some of the more active orgs on the community portal as Elildar linked above, but don't feel like there's a huge rush to join an organization as soon as possible. It's perfectly fine to step back, take a look at all your options, and if you choose, wait until alpha or later to decide if there's really one that draws you in and is right for you. But to continue the trend, I will add that the organization which I am part of, the Cinderfall Syndicate, is a fair-sized community of fantastic people. Yes, we're very extra and occasionally take things a bit far for an unreleased game, but we do like to have a bit of fun as well. We've got around 20 wonderful Member Organizations currently, and a good proportion of individual members as well. I believe it does fulfill all of the parameters above as well, so we have that You can also check us out on our website https://www.cinderfall.net Cheers!
  15. Is there any official word from NQ on this? I may vaguely remember it from some interview, but I'm not quite certain. @Lethys
  16. Organizations and player created content are just as much part of the game as game mechanics and hard concepts are. Dual Universe is an emergent, player driven game. Why shouldn't player creations, including organizations, be documented in a wiki? The only difference is that community-created content may not be permanent, and are not "NQ-official," so I have no problem with having a separate community wiki as @yamamushi has so kindly provided for us at dualuniverse.wiki . There's also a lot of other great websites and platforms documenting these kind of community events already as well, notably DUSleepers, Outpost Zebra, and the writers over at the Dual Universe Historical Society. I'm all for it, although I do have to say that before alpha, we ought to be a bit more lax on actual documentation, since nothing in-game has actually occurred yet.
  17. Definitely support this. I would guess this is one of those things that won't be developed at official release but will eventually be implemented as updates come along.
  18. Next broadcast scheduled for August 20th! Lots of stuff to cover, so be on the look out!
  19. Sounds really cool! I'm really happy to see more and more community content being created (even if I can't understand it ). Keep it up!
  20. A little party never killed nobody. Until now.
  21. Star Wars? Why, we could do no such thing. The Republic only lasted about a millennium. Terrible, just terrible.
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