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    Selena reacted to fridaywitch in RESET NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT - Discussion thread   
    When they say that people with X amount of months of subscription get X rewards, do people with unpaid subscriptions (beta keys) get these rewards, or no?
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    Selena reacted to Resource in Decorative Items: Non-Destructible   
    If NQ made decorative items non-destructible ship builders would be more likely to use them to decorate their ships and make them look great. Builders and players avoid decorations because they do not like having to repair dozens (or more) of items all over the ship. Removing destruction from decorative items would negate the need for dynamic properties to be stored on many of the elements considered decorative.
    I am proposing this because of the overwhelming support I have received from everyone I've talked to about this.
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    Selena reacted to Messaline in SHEDDING LIGHT ON A NOVAQUARK INTERNAL DISCUSSION - discussion thread   
    I'm not against a wipe as long as we keep our quantas, blueprints and talent points.
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    Selena reacted to DekkarTV in SHEDDING LIGHT ON A NOVAQUARK INTERNAL DISCUSSION - discussion thread   
    As the only real voxel game on the market, Dual Universe has a tight grasp on voxel builders.  As a voxelmancer prior to the new addition of voxel tools, I'll be here wipe or not.  As someone who comes from the survival genre game background where wipes are common I am used to regular wipes.  While I don't approve of regular wipes after release, I do feel that so much of DU has changed between when I started and today and will again at release.  I'm honestly tired of rebuilding to fit new rule sets. (wing stacking, brakes, gun sizes, etc.). That said I feel if there is a wipe I would be happy to continue playing with the following concessions;
    1. Element sizing and hitboxes are set to their final size and placement rules (no more adjusting physical size, only tweaking balance)
    2. NQ sets the "Launch" or "after wipe" the final rules they want for the game. No more "financial adjustments" (ie: core slot changes)
    3. ANY player that logged into DU and paid for time DURING the beta be provided 3 months free time at launch and an increase from 90 talents/minute to 240/minute for the first 3 months. (This would both financially appease the 2 years of loss for me, and help to restore the game talents to a point where content can appear quickly)
    4.  Minimum price SELL ORDERs are implemented in the game.  This will stabilize pricing and allow people from miners to industrialists to make profit along the way (unless they are silly about it)
    As a builder with hundreds of constructs spread across several organizations, I don't care about constructs, I will just build a new place, with new ideas and new growth.  (personal opinions)
    The largest pool of people that will be upset will be the industrialists, these people spent so much time managing their factories to get them operational that there is literally a hard sell for them to reset.  In order for them to re-establish themselves up to the tier they currently have reached in 2 years will take a shorter time without schematics due to the need to earn additional quanta and this overall is a positive, provided their profit margins are safe through "minimum sell order prices"
    To the nay-sayers "If you wipe I'll quit" well it was a pleasure knowing many of you.  But lets be honest here, many people threatened to quit at literally every beta update NQ has had since launching the beta multiple years ago and yes many good friends of ours have moved on already.  With so many planned changes, and yes a big change in initial development plans, NQ has adjusted the game in good and bad ways. They followed their general goal and realized that they over-reached on some of them in a way that many people will not be satisfied with, but there was no point during the beta that NQ could wipe even if they wanted to and sustain a significant enough volume of beta testers to get to where we are today. 
    Final thoughts
    I'm PRO-full wipe, and have always been. I have billions of quanta in assets and I'm sitting on hundreds of millions of ore. My voxel box alone is worth at least a billion in the current economy.  I currently have more elements and voxel than I could ever hope to use on my own, and that is the primary reason I have orgmates.  Yes we are a small group that is dedicated to just having fun, but we have made connections and friendships in DU that we could not find elsewhere.  I'm sure many many of you are the same.  DU is about "community" and once you realize this as a player you start to enjoy yourself more.  From IC's fly ins to the DU-creator website, most of us just love being creative and showing stuff off to each other.  That is where the true magic of DU is.  This magic will NOT disappear with a wipe.  For those that remain after the wipe, you will get to see a new magical world evolve. For those that choose to depart, you will find something missing in your gaming life and wish/hope/pray for something to fill that niche.  This is what most EQ Next: Landmark players have felt, articulated and searched endlessly for, until DU arrived. 
    Whatever NQ's choice is, I will remain a player. For those that leave. We will miss you.
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    Selena reacted to StoneSpoons in SHEDDING LIGHT ON A NOVAQUARK INTERNAL DISCUSSION - discussion thread   
    I'm not against a wipe as long as we keep our blueprints and talent points.
    Starting over is fine, but the time and money (paid accounts) that went into designing ships and training talents - not willing to start over on that. It just wouldn't be fun and it wouldn't be worth it - in time and money - to have to do that again.
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    Selena reacted to antanox in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    1.000.000 per tile per week is just to much for me.
    besides the daily 150k i´m making almost no money in this game.
    the ore i mined ist used for building and makig fuel
    the money i make is used to set up the industry
    it would be nice to see some acutal calculations from nq on this. what ore prices did they calculate with ( i thought bots are on their way out)
    the whole concept of tax is ok to me, its just the numbers that look wrong for the single building casual player....
    although repeating myself i dont want to feel like working in this game just to keep up my territories that i want to build on.
    login regular to get daily money = work ( expecting it to be removed anyway)
    login regular to care for the mining units to even generate money = work
    yes we do not have the "tedious" mining anymore, the advantage this had was the we where independent of tile ownership and schedules to generate material and money.
    demeter removes that independency and makes this a daily login game to "get your reward" -> bad mechanic.
    i dont see the point in the calibration running out it doesnt generate interactive gameplay -> remove it and have the player only calibrate when change the ore on the unit or it stops for whatever reason.
    i dont see the point in having charges for the calibration it also does not generate interactive gameplay but introduces work like schedules with no value to the game
    if you want us to mange mining units and not have them running for ever unattended make them consume fuel or energy or something else that we can craft so we can control the time they are running without interaction.
    you could make it so the the fuel limit is a hard cap to total unattended mining unit runtime
    in order to make mining not more expensive with this the tax has to be adjusted accordingly. if possible even with regard to the maximum output of ore/h and tier.
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    Selena reacted to vylqun in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    so, basically the tax system killed the DU racing league and only a few selected tracks will remain, is it really your wish to reduce the already lacking content of DU even further?
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    Selena reacted to CptLoRes in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    And when every player in the game suddenly want to sell ore to pay for taxes, then what do you think will happen with ore market prices?
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    Selena reacted to Scott1sh in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    1M a week?? Welp. Shouldnt have bothered renewing my sub. Completely killed the game for solo players. Thanks NQ.
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    Selena reacted to Slayer031992 in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    1,000,000 quantas a tile?!! A Week?!! Right. Not all of us live in Mommy and Daddy's basement playing DU for ever, we have jobs and like coming back home to our families and then getting on DU for some building and shooting. Not logging in to pay taxes or moving ore to pay taxes. I do that a plenty in real life thanks. I am aware that its necessary for a tile tax but that is nuts. In the DevBlog they said that a million a month was getting poor reviews from the player base, and now they take it one step in the wrong direction. Mine to pay taxes, pay taxes to mine. HQ tiles were to be TAX FREE, NON-TAXABLE, TAX SHELTERS to give players an offset from the tax issues. Why have the DevBlog and a Q&A video if they aren't gonna stick by what they said. This is infuriating.
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    Selena reacted to willolake in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    I would like to see some math here as well. I did not get to play PTS enough to feel any meaningful mining production output and determine how much base production effectively goes in the trash.
    @Gottchar Did have a thread with a lot of good numbers. I really hope they did not calculate based on well-maintained and maxed out mining units, nor should they use the current market price of ore but instead only the bot prices to determine possible income.
    An average of 400L/h T1 production on a tile, assuming a few poorly calibrated mining units, will produce 9,600L/day and 67.2kl/week. At 23 quanta/L that is 1,545,600 quanta/week. It is doable, but we'll have to see how tedious it feels for the average player to be forced into converting ore into quanta just to pay taxes.
    What we might see are a lot more player hauling missions to take ore to the market. That could actually be a welcome bump in general activity.

    I also agree with others that two weeks is not enough time for the world to settle after Demeter drops for taxes to kick in; I'd like to see a month before the first tax bill.
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    Selena reacted to BartholomewBainbridge in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    I'd love to see how you came up with 1,000,000 a week in taxes.  I honestly feel like this is way to high, it is to much for smaller and more casual players.  This makes me much less excited about Demeter.  I get why you need a decay system, makes perfect sense, and I agree with it, but 1 million a week is just to steep.
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    Selena reacted to Jake Arver in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    So what is stopping orgs from asking their members to set the org with full rights on such a tile and place it where the org asks in exchange for .. whetever possible incentive or just as a pre-requisite to join.
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    Selena reacted to Hirnsausen in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    I thought, 1 million quanta a month, and I was feeling strain on me. But now reading that it is four times more (!!!) as the tax is paid weekly and not monthly, i do not know how to generate so much money ingame. My focus is to fly around and interact, mining is not so much something i do so aggressively. And especially new players will find it hard, too, to make so much money.

    Unless the start-up territories on the Sanctuary Moon have a significantly better ore output than now. hen new players won't struggle. Remember, there is no "average player", so many of us who are not loud and are known to you, are playing on a lower level, nott mining aggressively or in big groups.

    Also, if all of us palyers have to start mining aggressively, won' this cause that ttoo much ore is given to the markets and prices will fall, thus making it harder to earn the quanttas needed to pay the insane territory tax?

    Finally, I remind you for one of my previous suggestions in which I described a tax that is oriented on the ore output value of a territory. hat is how it should be. I urge you to reconsider.
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    Selena reacted to Virtualburn in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    I've been offline for a while and moved to another planet due to all the Org players quitting the game.  I want to come back but was waiting for a lot of the issues to be addressed and improvements to be implemented.  Am I right in thinking then that that actual weeks of work mining and constructing these bases on territories will firstly empty my bank account with tax then make all my buildings and equipment available for looting?

    This is the first thing about this game that has truly put me off coming back if I lose all the hard work and innovation I put into this game.  I have stored 1000's of voxels ready to come back and complete a range of ships and buildings semi complete.

    If this tax system is limited to Orgs then fine, but if you are forcing players to play your game or lose everything then this isn't a tactic I'm comfortable with.
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    Selena reacted to Feriniya in DEVBLOG: MINING UNITS 101 - Discussion Thread   
    You are from Eve, I see by your avatar ... Well, in Eve, too, the resources are endless And I will reveal even more mystery - in all MMOs the resources are endless, yeah .. If you did not know.
    And the mining of miners will not allow you to have more than 48 miners per character, which will give you + -150,000 liters of ore per day, which even a week it will be several times less than you would dig with your hands. And finding tiles and tiles with a sufficient number of t3 + is no longer so and easy as you described to yourself here. So you obviously did not attend the PTS and did not try to figure out how it all works .. not to mention the decrease in the mining efficiency after 2 days.
    Do not worry that there is a lot of ore, here people worry that there will be little of it.
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    Selena reacted to Celestis in PREPPING FOR THE GEO RESET - Discussion Thread   
    It would be fair if NQ looked back at their logs and reimbursed people for the tiles they had at the time Demeter's taxes were announced.
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    Selena got a reaction from Celestis in PREPPING FOR THE GEO RESET - Discussion Thread   
    Totally Agree
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    Selena reacted to MukkBarovian in DEMETER Q&A VLOG - Discussion Thread   
    In EVE there are "NPC Stations." These are places you can store your junk and they disappear from the game world; every idiot doesn't have to load the assets of every other idiot who happens to live in a given place when he goes by. They are essentially instanced in the equivalent of what would be an inter mission game hub in a single player game. One million people could store all their junk in Jita 4-4 and it would be fine. 
    Computer games of this sort really need safe places you can stash your stuff and /not play the game/. In EVE, highsec NPC stations do the job. There are riskier places to store your stuff long term. But if you quit EVE for 8 months and you put your stuff in Jita 4-4, you can be pretty certain that your stuff will remain. Games should be forgiving of people who don't want to play them right now.
    "You want a break? Sure thing. It was good to see you! We'll be waiting right here anytime you want to come back."
    Its part of the charm of a computer game.
    Right now there are safe places to store your junk, space stations -until the devs get around to screwing them up- and the sanctuary moon. Its counter intuitive, but the fact of the matter is that post Demeter, you store your junk long term in space, and you go daytripping on planets. Maybe for a month you set up a mining expedition. But all of your long term assets... in space, or on the sanctuary moon. I prefer space because I have a number of space only craft. This isn't bad per say. Maybe its a lot easier on the server if everyone has their private space station far away from everyone else because then the game has to load in a lot fewer assets for each person moving around. But the problem is that people intuited that Alioth would be the safest place to live. The center of the game world. And now all the people who stashed their stuff there and left are about to get screwed. 
    People don't come back to a game because "Hey dude you need to lift all your stuff off Alioth or you're gonna lose it. What? No its still a bad game that doesn't have a whole lot of fun things to do. The devs are working on it." They don't. Mostly they just quit forever. People come back because "Hey its now fun." 
    My Suggestion
    Allow people to load junk into the market containers for free. An infinite amount of their junk. Or add a new kind of NPC building "Infinite Long Term Storage" that provides the equivalent function.
    Maybe even create a "Parking Garage" style of location that allows someone to disappear a dynamic construct, that they can retrieve there later.
    Then, anybody who wants to play the game casually can do so without owning a base that clogs up the game, uses territory other people want to utilize, and forces everyone to load their stuff when they come by.
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    Selena reacted to Soulnemesis in DEMETER Q&A VLOG - Discussion Thread   
    This really resonates with me. I am mostly a solo player (was part of a small org at one point but they have all left).
    I haven't felt the need to speak up on any updates in the past, but I do feel quite troubled by a few of the changes in demeter.
    I have claimed a few tiles on almost every planet because the first ones were cheap. Built a few small bases so I can mine on different planets and store and transport things. 
    As soon as demeter was announced I panicked:
    Meganodes I spent ages trying to find so that I could lessen the grind somewhat, I now had to rush to mine (still haven't done them all because yeah, its boring as hell after a while - and I only had a couple). 
    I started packing up all my stuff and moving it to sanc so I don't have to pay insane quanta a week just to keep my tiles and those of my org which, if any of them ever come back, will probably have to start from scratch, so just another reason not to. 1 million a week, managable maybe, but 20+ tiles, one player. Forget it, I am not sitting on billions of quanta like the orgs who exploited to get it, and I don't want to spend all my free time playing a mining minigame, on tiles which will most likely be suboptimal anyway.
    I prefer to just build things, and ships. I used to like making factories too but let's not go there. The HQ tiles idea, I like it would give me something to hold onto, and somewhere I could build a base or a shop and it might actually stay there, but I am  concerned this will get exploited too. I think you should disable mining on these tiles. Otherwise once again the best tiles will get locked into player accounts forever (or until you introduce some other mechanism to unlock it).
    Though I still feel there are better suggestions on this thread (e.g. deactivated accounts lead to loss, incremental taxes).
    But I guess the biggest problem with demeter is I am not really sure what this game is anymore. Do you want a persistent world full up with player creativity? Because it feels like demeter will sap creativity from the game and will just end up as a big war between orgs with no real place for solo players who just want to make stuff.
    Also keeping scan data just exacerbates the problem, big orgs, with large numbers of scans (if not now, then by the time demeter launches) will go straight to the rare tiles and lock them in, at least if you wipe the scans there will be a bit of a gold rush, with the possibility for solo players to strike gold. Even then the big orgs will still have a huge advantage.
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    Selena reacted to Celestis in DEMETER Q&A VLOG - Discussion Thread   
    Surely, if people leave the game they stop paying their subscription so you only need a cool-down period or an email warning and a cool-down period after which you can remove their tiles from the game so you don't need to introduce taxes on tiles in order to reclaim tiles.
    Taxes on tiles are more likely to drive people away from the game.
    Taxes on tiles will cause wealthy people in the game to use their wealth to find ways to work around the taxes, perhaps putting most of their effort into space stations and asteroids instead of  tiles on planets.
    If you want to reduce the density of tiles around markets then perhaps some fee for proximity to the markets might make sense.
    If you want people to stop crowding on Alioth then perhaps making it attractive to move to the outer planets might help because at teh moment there are incentives to avoid colonising the outer planets and they are really sparsely populated.
    I've just removed almost all of my Headquarters style bases on the outer planets, outposts if you like to call them that, because of the threat of 1M quanta for each tile, when all I do is fly around from base to base, maybe doing a few building alterations etc.. These outer planets were pretty empty when I landed on them to build my bases in the first place and I'm not the only person who has vacated tiles on these sparsely populated planets and moons.
    I don't see the point of asteroids when there are so many empty, mine-able planets still out there waiting for people to claim tiles on them.
    Before the threat of taxes I had planned to create places for people to visit in VR but with the threat of taxes of 1M quanta per tile per week, that would not be feasible so I've scrapped those plans and will just hide out on sanctuary unless the actual tax on my one base still left on an outer planet turns out to be much more reasonable for a player with limited spare time and not someone involved in mining or anything else that makes money in the game.
    I have a few tiles on Alioth, out in a desert somewhere and I was planning on creating a resort to be visited in VR; those plans are also on hold until I see if the taxes are going to make it untenable.
    I have seen some amazing creations done by other people in this game and I wonder whether they will continue playing after the taxes are implemented.
    It has been nice to play a game where creativity is part of the fun, and where it is not necessary to grind.
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    Selena reacted to MasterTao in DEMETER Q&A VLOG - Discussion Thread   
    Speaking as someone who has very limited time to play the game, please implement the "safe" tiles with Demeter. I don't want to spend my entire play session every week just making sure I don't lose my tiles.
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    Selena reacted to Flammable in PREPPING FOR THE GEO RESET - Discussion Thread   
    I'm a new player and I have payed allot in taxes on tiles that I have mined almost nothing on. The taxes I paid to take these territorys should be given as a credit towards the first new taxes on my claimed tiles and should apply to everyone as I'm sure lots of people have payed allot more then me.
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    Selena reacted to CptLoRes in PREPPING FOR THE GEO RESET - Discussion Thread   
    The compensation would be fair because this time it is a drastic game altering change forced by NQ, while players having released tiles themself is voluntary.
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    Selena reacted to Saedow in PREPPING FOR THE GEO RESET - Discussion Thread   
    A few points of attention please NQ...
    A lot of old players like myself have paid 10 to 100 of millions of tax quanta while claiming territory. I think we should be reimbursed for the number of tiles we have in our possession. Don't just reset mining skills, reset ALL skills points (See Jeronimo's post with legit reasons a few above this post). Don't give us the excavation tool for a few weeks... the tool might be used for other purposes...  
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