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  1. No argument that it could use more pvp, and I'd agree that things probably shouldn't hit t4 quite so easily, but dropping safe-zone protection from a bunch of stuff that people built believing those planets would stay safe would cost DU a lot of players, and barring some major jumps forward on the pvp side of things (and some rather creative and substantial advertising to get the average pvp joe interested without giving them unrealistic expectations that get them to quit in their first month) it wouldn't draw enough pvp players to compensate. If on the other hand they want to add in some more planets with better resources and no SZ (perhaps a whole new solar-system of such), then people would gladly pvp there, and DU wouldn't lose the non-pvp crowd. NQ still needs to improve the pvp though...
  2. Wouldn't that time-scale negate the point of having a decay feature? If it takes months or years then all it will really by doing is annoying people who forgot to do the upkeep before dismantling it (or whatever else requires it to be topped up). Agreed. Unfortunately it is not just a game, but specifically an mmo, the "law of conservation of ninjutsu" very explicitly can't apply. If one person or a small group is capable of producing something, then a proportionately larger group must be proportionately capable of producing even more of that something. It would take an unrealistic amount of complexity to make it possible for a small group to have any area of production where they could out-perform a large one. NQ could add a thousand different skills today that each take a month to cap, and by this time next year several of the major orgs would have at least one member that had level 5 for any given one. Where'd be the fun if I didn't? X) Scripting perhaps, but anyone with patience and an understanding of physical shapes is a voxelmancy-wizard now thanks to the voxel precision tool. Either way though, if just anyone could make a McLaren by letting a couple of timers run for a month or so, then it wouldn't really special, it would be just like Ford, but with a different decoration on the front. Until NQ weighs in with a bunch of hard numbers, opinion is all any of us have.
  3. Amusing as the chaos would be, that would probably drive more people away right now than it would bring in. If you want to get some proper pvp, your best bet would probably be to try and take one of the space-resource nodes (you have a list of them and their coordinates in the system map).
  4. The two weeks for requisition seems fair to me, as it provides a reasonable time for the owner to come recover their construct in the event of unusual circumstances. That said, the ability to eject a ship from a station's immediate vicinity without needing a waiting period should be a thing.
  5. I'd think the tier system does quality rather well. For elements builders need raw materials of higher quality if they wish to produce higher quality elements. It is expressed as hard tiers that people can easily grasp instead of having to learn the values of a potentially more obscure system, but in the end it does the same thing. On top of that, people don't typically buy just an engine from McLaren, they buy a whole car. Voxel-mancy and scripting are the "artisan skills" in DU. If you can design a beautiful ship with some solid and beautiful scripts, then you can sell the ship for a lot more than some average joe trying to sell flying bricks that run the default auto-config. As far as schematics go... well, we really could do with a research system that lets us get our hands on them with some work rather than by going to a market and buying them... The bigger issues that separate DU from real life-esq McLaren vs Ford are that this is a game, and certain allowances must be made: -Do It Yourself- In real life most people can't spend an afternoon picking up rocks that their backpack transmutes in to a bunch of motorcycle-parts while they work so that they can slap a motorcycle together by hand when they are done... most people irl can't build a toaster from a box of prefabricated parts... but the ability to assemble things yourself makes it a combination of pride and cost for the average player. Why pay a lot of money to someone else when you can do it yourself and show off that you are good enough to play without the help of others. Obviously some people will still buy stuff, but we've got a universe full of vehicle-mechanics, things wont sell like they do irl. -Simple Mechanics- MMO economics can certainly mimic the real world in miniature, but there are limits. A car has an enormous number of parts to it, and I am not aware of any single real facility on this planet where a dump-truck rolls up to one end and dumps loads of ore in, and whole new vehicles of any quality come out the other side. People specialize and innovate and build factories that can do well enough to make them money off of incredibly small margins of improvement, but DU can't be that complex. This is a a game about building stuff, but if it was as complex as real life almost nobody would play, and by making it less complex to get more players we reduce the number of intricacies that can be capitalized on and/or specialized in to. -Small Population- Even if people couldn't do most of the building themselves, and the mechanics were complex enough to allow for the previously mentioned small increments of improvement and specialization, the game's population is tiny relative to the real world. In 2018 Ford sold a bit over 500 cars for every one McLaren sold. At that same proportion in game with DU's population and the extra requirement of every player buying a new ship every year, and the McLaren vendor would have sold around 10 ships to this year's population. In a game like DU were everyone can build their own stuff and they don't need to buy a new ship every year... well, I'm sure you can see where this is going. In short, the average player is building Fords, and anything that actually sells at all is McLaren. As for upkeep, people are good with paying for fuel or repairing things when they crash or get shot, but having to repair elements from plain old wear and tear quickly turns in to a grind, especially on larger constructs with hundreds or thousands of elements. People play to have fun, not to spend hours changing the fluids and filters on their stadium-sized starship every 50,000 km.
  6. Taelessael

    V key

    Seconded. Some manner of icon for this would be helpful (even if it is just showing the icon of the ship you are flying when looking in 3rd person).
  7. Three days may be a bit much, but it definitely needs to be longer than it is. Seems like every time I check the special missions there's always a few not even with looking at because there isn't enough time left on the mission to actually fly it. I'd say 36 or 48 hours.
  8. I keep seeing Legion and CVA trading alien cores in the map, so I'd be willing to bet they are atm. I've also seen it brought up several times in an assortment of threads (pre athena) when someone was pointing out that pvp is not risk/cost free in response to whatever the anti-pvp crowd has posted. Funny, I seem to be doing just fine harvesting my T2/T3 on Lacobus and bringing it back to Alioth. EVE is on a different scale than DU. Its a good example of how people congregate via their own choice because within high-sec said choice is normally the only limiting factor. If you want an EVE example of people spending money to move around, look at cyno/jump. People do that plenty, they are more restricted by fear of losing the associated craft than they are by the use of fuel.
  9. They'd probably need to have some manner of cross-section negation on top of the weight negation so that players aren't stuck trying to build their ships without obstructing the elements on their element needle...
  10. NQ-placed wrecks only allow any given player to take a limited amount of stuff from that wreck. something like 4000L as I recall. A lot of elements are larger than that, and the game only lets you take them if they are the first (and subsequently only) item you take. If you grab so much as a carbon voxel before going after anything larger than that 4000L cap, then you wont be able to take that large item. Was a bit annoying, but I didn't know that NQ was still spawning those... I don't recall any of them I found/got-invited-to as being worth the time to go after...
  11. A lot of pvp-groups disagree with you, and burn egregious amounts of cells scouting for people to shoot. As for there being a lot of people on Alioth... If I had to guess it is more because travel between planets is easy, and resources are relatively close. Near about anything that is for sale can be found on Alioth, so all the buyers go there (in turn attracting even more sellers). Look at EVE's star-map, you'll see a lot of systems with next to no activity (even in high-sec space), but Jita will always be a crowded mess because that's where people have decided to buy and sell their stuff. Alioth is our Jita. On top of that, if someone needs to go to any other planet in the system it is only one jump away. It is functionally the center of the system, from there you can go anywhere if you want. New players also tend to collect there, as they are not limited to just operating in their own sanct/haven tiles and the shuttles allow them to go back and forth without having to learn/manage interplanetary flight. Cell-cost is fine. If you want people to spread out then you need to give them a reason to do so.
  12. The game doesn't currently show who's in chat anyways, and you do make a good point for keeping it that way.
  13. There are some tricks for finding elements on a dynamic construct in that scenario, voxel tends to be more difficult (and both are a pain on larger static or space-constructs). That said, some manner of "disassemble" feature that just disassembles the construct in to one's linked container or nanopack (like the deployment of a BP in reverse) would be nice.
  14. While private chat channels certainly allow for communication between allies in space, they are not terribly useful for either pirates who may be more interested in getting their pray to pay a ransom, or people being pirated that may want to try and bribe their attackers to leave them be.
  15. Never said it actually made any kind of sense in an mmo, just that they had said it. To quote my pastor: "Fair's a place where you get cotton-candy. I don't see any cotton-candy, so I guess this ain't gonna be fair." So... It would be a useful feature for newer pvp players that may not have either their own scripts or purchased ones... And it would be a useful feature for casuals that want to go hang out with their pvp buddies every so often but likewise don't have scripts... And it would keep with what NQ said in the past specifically about scripts... But it doesn't sound terribly difficult to get a script for this (I don't care enough to put in the effort to try right now, and probably wont hugely care either way anyways), and NQ has substantially more important things they should be working on at the moment. If they can quick-fix it with three lines of code in as many minutes, then go for it, but if it would take any significant time to add then I'd rather they put their efforts toward more useful things like optimization or adding in the balance mechanics that they've said they want to add such as power (in spite of the fact that they seem to think the game needs to be balanced before they add in the balance mechanics...).
  16. Given the amount of client-side stuff in this game, any attempt at forcing unique names is going to be more or less impossible. As for making construct-id visible in the default auto config windows... well, I do recall NQ saying something along the lines of "custom scripts shouldn't result in major pvp advantage", and making that ID visible in default would seemingly solve the issue... Then again, with NQ's record I suppose it would be more productive to just find a free script with the appropriate features and link people to it...
  17. Agreed Element decay mechanics like that tend to just annoy people with tedium, which is why a lot of games with upkeep mechanics eventually drop said mechanics for common things (people play combat games to blow stuff up, not to debate the cost of ammo vs a target's bounty, they play building games to build, not to scrub the floor clean so it doesn't rust, they play piloting games to fly, not to check that the fuel hasn't decomposed in to something that will clog the engine in mid air). It would be better to come up with some system that consumes elements from your inventory, such as removing only t1 schematics, stopping bots from selling any schematics, and adding in a research system that consumes t1 elements from an inventory to produce a t2 schematic with a limited number of runs, consumes t2 elements to produce t3 schematics with a limited number of runs, ect...
  18. The whole "make voxel alter shield hp" thing has been requested for a while, and I still support it. "Mandatory Minimum Voxel" would just be annoying, as someone who is designing a ship that is forced to use an up-sized core for length/width/height on a ship that is abnormally long in only one dimension would then need to potentially find places to hide the extra voxel that wouldn't mess with their design. People use M/L cores the way they do because weapons are size-capped, shields let them not get instantly destroyed, CCS makes large armor-buffers pointless, and and the new weight-speed cap has made voxel detrimental to faster ships. Generally speaking, those people willing to fly element-only-needles probably don't care about looks, odds are they'd clip a solid block of sodium/lithium voxel through the middle of their ship's elements and call it good if there was a minimum voxel requirement. If you want these people to fly proper ships with voxel when they shoot at you then you'd need to provide them a "why not" scenario, such as making voxel below a certain "decorative minimum" not apply its weight/ccs/cross-section to the rest of the ship. If you want people to fly proper ships in general without just bludgeoning them with silly arbitrary immersion-breaking rules (like core-size-capped weapons or weight-speed-cap) then more natural mechanics are required. -Shields increase a ship's cross-section or reduce acceleration/top-speed when active (proportionate to shield-generator size? these things already ignore physics so who knows...), -Add heat/power in to the game requiring large solar-panels/radiators be affixed to a ship's exterior sufficient to handle the needs of the elements on a ship, -Make a ship's maximum possible acceleration some function of its weight and CCS (can't hit 20g if the structure fails and the ship folds in half at 10g).
  19. Not bad, but not great either. Close in fights like that look cool, and as Blazemonger said it would work in a "fan-made story" kind of way, but it does not look at all like actual DU pvp, and care should probably be taken to ensure prospective new players do not mistake it as such.
  20. Hit enter like you are going to type something in chat, then hold your cursor over the text of something someone typed. As far as making the time-stamps visible constantly and without requiring you pointing your mouse at them, I agree this would be a nice feature to have, perhaps as a checkbox in settings somewhere,
  21. Is there an idea here? Or is this just a request for NQ to move "make voxel behave better" to a higher spot on their to do list? Also, try the "vertex precision tool", it helps a lot for those of us not skilled in the ways of voxelmancy. You should probably elaborate on this one, as not everyone will know what you mean (I certainly don't). While a good deal of people will agree with you that pvp could be more exciting, you really should elaborate more on what exactly you want it to do. While people can certainly go look up videos of SC, they don't typically provide enough contextual information for everyone to know what it is you are specifically asking for. There's a massive difference programming-wise between spinning some marbles in a private 3d environment, and spinning colossal spheres of interactable voxel that people are constantly editing in a predominantly client-side single-shard mmo. No mistake, this is a cool idea and a lot of people want it, but it isn't a practical goal at this time. Auto-mining is meant to be a "basic income" kind of thing, providing enough ore over week of operation for the casual-player that only has a few hours each weekend to do stuff. If you want 20 KL an hour to feed some mega-factory then you'll need to do what other people do: drop a ton of units and hire people to keep them calibrated. If you don't want to have to deal with managing the better part of a dozen other people, then I might advise taking up alternate sources of income, such as missions, or asteroid mining, and leaving auto-mining to its supplemental-income roll. This was a major topic several months ago when they were first implemented. You may wish to go look up the old threads related to it to see why things are they way they are. I am going to assume since you were not more precise here that you mean combat-play against bot/npc constructs. A lot of people want this, but the game's client-side anti-automated-gunnery mmo shenaniganry can't currently support it.
  22. Wolf's post specifies that you have the core bp where yours does not. People are more likely to agree with their suggestion than yours because odds are if you have the core bp then you are either the original designer or someone the designer has entirely sold their rights on the construct to.
  23. EVE has had 2 decades to work out their "accessibility". I'm not saying NQ will magically solve all their problems if you give them another month, I'm not saying that DU doesn't currently have what appear to be unfixable weaknesses when compared to EVE, and I am definitely not saying that they haven't made some egregiously stupid decisions that have done a lot more harm than good (like ticking everyone off with this ongoing wipe-stupidity). It's not in great shape, there is obviously a significant chance that it will all just go belly up sometime in the next twelve months, and for all the grand oversimplification we get up to in these threads I do recognize that there's no relatively quick and easy solution to its problems, but it isn't dead yet. If you decide you're done waiting and you'd rather go else ware, then that is your decision and I wish you the best of luck. Seeing as I have the time and little better to do for the moment (and they've already got my money), I think I'll stick around a bit longer and see if they manage to fix the ship before it sinks.
  24. I'd disagree, if its managed to keep going for two decades then they've obviously done something right. The trick is being sure you're copying the good mechanics and not forgetting to add in your own stuff that makes the game better. Accessible... right... (you set yourself up for that one) I didn't get in to EVE until it had its legs under it already, but as I recall hearing at the start it didn't have much. Some cool ships, one massive shared universe to explore, and enough content to keep people interested while CCP worked on more stuff. -Mining was boring (to me), because it involved sitting and shooting at rocks for several minutes at a time, -Hauling was boring (to me), because it involved picking up a package, hitting the autopilot, and going to do chores for several minutes (or hours) at a time, -Combat missions and belt-ratting were fun, because I got to go blow stuff up, -Working out what to fly with what fittings was fun, because I like building/functional customization, -Exploration was fun because there were new things to see, great rewards, and the universe-size paired with site-respawn made it so that odds were if I found something I was the first there to loot it, but still had to be quick and careful to make sure someone else didn't come in and kill me while I was working. DU is far from perfect, but it has potential, NQ just needs to get it sufficiently playable with enough content to keep people happy while they work at adding to and improving it (and quit wasting time trying to balance everything in pvp so as to force their idea of what combat should look like before they add in the actual balance mechanics like power/capacitor/heat that would make the desired play a natural thing). -The visual improvements are nice, -The missions are annoying (because I was flying those) but they needed what NQ did to them for a while now, -The stasis-gun and alien-cores are welcome additions to pvp stuff (still need more, especially power/heat), -The speed nerf seems a rather poor solution to a problems resulting from the simultaneous additions of shields that were as powerful as they were and a CCS mechanic that made people feel armor was irrelevant on top of the already existing issues resulting from core-size-capped-weapons and a lack of any balancing mechanics like power/heat to prevent people from just building an engine-wall with guns, -The adjustor-speed nerf seems an overly heavy-handed solution to tracking being near irrelevant because of how fast people can turn (I get that you don't want people swinging battleships about like a kid with a sugar rush pretending a flashlight is a lightsaber, but you've just taken the fun out of my favorite multi-purpose s-core by making fly in atmo like it thinks its a fully loaded L-core freighter). -We still need more to explore (nine planets and a bunch of near identical moons doesn't take much to have gone and seen all of. A gas-giant, a lava-planet, and something larger than Alioth with mountains and mesas so big it becomes easier to fly between them than it is to fly over them in the planet's abnormally high atmo would be swarmed by older players even if the resources were trash just because they'd want to see new planets).
  25. Picking up from yesterday... -warp needs to have its visual toned down (try cutting its opacity in half), -the speed-lines/particles need to have their transitions smoothed out (quickly zooming out in 3rd person results in a very visible transition at low speeds), -adjustors need some work with the new rotational-speed cap, ships with the adjustor-power to quickly (but not instantly) hit the cap result in a rather sudden stop in acceleration that makes it jarringly visible that they are just hitting the game's rotational cap instead of reaching any kind of more natural limit. (either slow the acceleration as rotational speed approaches the cap to smooth the transition between the acceleration-phase and top speed-phase, or remove the acceleration altogether and just let constructs rotate at their speed cap from start to finish if they have the adjustor-power to do so). -missiles probably need some love, as they are now not only the shortest ranged weapon, but also possess lower sustained dps than railguns (except at large size) even though you can fit equal numbers of both to a seat at maximum skills. -alien cores that get renamed should probably still show up via their original designations in the "space resource spots" lists of the people that don't own them Much appreciated, thank you. That isn't the adjustors. NQ altered the weight of several elements, which has subsequently altered your ship's center of mass.
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