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  1. This seems like (more or less) what they are already doing... or is this some kind of request to produce what is effectively compactification on otherwise non-compactable constructs for hauling missions? (or giving haulers permission to maneuver-tool/parent full constructs to be transported?) Am I understanding this about right?
  2. -Your mockups are missing anything that shows the weight or volume of a material to be transported. This information is going to be important to the applicants so they can know if they can actually do the job, so please don’t forget it in the proper release of the feature. -If the rating system allows a single avatar to give multiple reviews to another avatar in any way, this system will almost immediately become pointless. If it is 1 review per mission, someone will just give their alt missions to move a handful of dirt back and forth between containers to rack up reviews until they look good and can scam people. Likewise, it would be advisable to separate reviews by things like faction and active/inactive accounts, lest people find the system entirely not worth trusting via a faction's ability to just collectively upvote each of its members with a lot of in-house "move 1L of dirt" missions. -"Destruction of the destination container does not fail the mission..." seems a bit confusing to me. Are you saying the loss of the destination returns the collateral to the hauler? If not then does that mean it vanishes in to the void if the destination is lost/removed? If it goes to the mission-giver at any point (say, after the time expires), it seems like it risks people creating hauling missions that require high-collateral and then just removing the destination container (or shooting it) once someone accepts it. If the rating system is not fool-proof this will be a major issue that will deter people from taking such missions. ---On a related note, is there a more immediate solution than "they'll get downvoted eventually” to someone just claiming a bunch of hexes, making them un-diggable, and then burying the destination more than 2km underground? -If I am understanding what I am looking at correctly, it seems as though missions require the person giving them to choose which applicant gets the job. While it makes sense for the theoretical event of someone hauling something either to or from a location in pvp space out of house (I know it will happen, but there is an argument to be made as to whether or not it will ever be a good idea), it does run the risk of bogging things down with people playing in different time zones. It would be advisable to include an "accept first applicant" checkbox do deal with this.
  3. Ah, and before I forget, will there be a method of preventing "loading traps" where in ya get in to an area and are suddenly rammed by a storm of logout-paused speeders that someone got away from via the "force respawn on login" function?
  4. Flight anywhere near major markets right now will be more of an issue because of this (crashing out mid-flight because you cant load it all), but that is more the result of how overcrowded those locations are than it is unloading the physics. People can fly carefully and use an ECU like the rest of us already do when multi-crewing in to those areas.The only real questions I've seen so far for the speed fix will be related to pvp: -"Will someone that has a ship locked continue to load its physics?" If the physics can be paused while a ship is being shot at, then it can be used to force a pursuer to burn huge amounts of fuel and/or lose a target entirely via the following: 1) Pursued ship uses a logout-pause. 2) Pursuing ship slams on their own brakes and/or uses a retro-burn to slow down to keep the target on radar, possibly overshooting the ship they were chasing and forcing them to burn back toward the target. 3) Pursued ship's pilot logs back in and their ship instantly re-accelerates to its previous speed, forcing their pursuers to expend fuel to perform possibly another retro-burn and then re-accelerate after the ship they are chasing, possibly losing their target entirely as they are incapable of the same acceleration. Solution: To prevent this I'd suggest that physics are kept loaded by people that have locked the ship. -"Will a ship that has been killed continue to drift every time someone tries to get close to it?" If the answer is yes, then pirating in space goes out the window for anything other than griefing, as pirates will not be able to raid a destroyed ship for parts (because it is effectively impossible to get in to the same loaded area as a drifting ship at even 4000kph due to frame of reference issues), and players will be unable to recover their destroyed ships because the ship will move when they get close to it and because it is effectively impossible to get in to the same loaded area as a drifting ship due to frame of reference issues. Solution: To prevent this I'd suggest that the ship is stopped if its core is destroyed when in less than 1% atmosphere.
  5. This is a fiddly topic, as there are issues with things like people throwing walls of glass up (there are trolls out there than think it a good use of 7$ to greif until they get banned) or the terrain on Ion spontaneously loading mountains in to the same space you are currently flying through as you try to land. Sanctuary and Alioth should retain ownership for a large period as these are the starting areas for new players, perhaps two weeks, as it easily permits time to recover, but allows salvage on things when people crash and then quit or for some other reason dont come to re-collect it. Thadies and Madis probably need the same as it provides time for new players doing their first interplanetary run in the safe zone time to get back to their stuff after probably slamming in to a planet at top speed with their only interplanetary ship. Other planets in the system should give you a few hours so you have time to contact an admin to deal with griefers, with the caveats that this grace-period be removed when the safe-zones are taken from those planets as it will officially be open pvp, and that there be a universal 24hr grace-period after any patch deployment to deal with bugs.
  6. If anyone can get the hud in the cockpit to display like the hud for every other control unit, both in first person and in third, I would love to know how.
  7. Hello. This game seems interesting (it is a game with the ability to build and design starships, so it isn't surprising), though it would be nice if there was a way to keep the voxels from deforming when I am trying to create a 2x1 slope.
  8. discordauth:s8HcrGNSD0cJQnEN4wOJit7vjRETJlH3vMl9OlcC1eg=

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