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  1. @Daphne Jones As a person with a "mental Illness" I find you throwing the term "Mental Illness" around like you do VERY hurtful! You are "hurting" me by throwing those words around! I am a high functioning autistic person I have Asperger's Syndrome. I DON'T PVP! But when i do I am not as good as others because of my "mental Illness" which causes me to be slower on reacting in PVP situations! I formerly request that you don't throw the words "mental Illness" around OR label the completely NORMAL people that DO PVP with those words! Those words are very demeaning! I know for a fact that I am NOT the only disabled person playing DU, these other players may take your words very hurtful as I do!!
  2. I think what i am most interested in is, the discovery of other planets, also the space combat....
  3. discordauth:Qh_CRHW6vhKZXc-aZsds8Eg1Wk-gXmhHEj-YCNwpGPg=

  4. Hey, hows it going all? I go by Beddhead because i get up and don't bother to comb my hair LOL! I have been playing games since a young age. I started out on an Atari i believe and gradually i worked my way up to owning at least one generation of both PlayStation and Xbox. I made the PC-MASTER-RACE jump back in 2014-15 range, and i haven't looked back since. I am not your best FPS player or your strategist. Recently space games have grabbed a hold of my attention and it hasn't let go. I have roughly 230 hours in Empyrion Galactic Survival, accompanied by 120 hours in Elite Dangerous. I am also pledged to Star Citizen, but we all know that isn't covering ground any faster then a snail. A friend of mine, pledged to DU a while ago and i am just now getting around to it. I will be jumping in head first, today with the silver pledge. DU has me very excited, I can't wait to get started!
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