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Tweak Speed-Limit


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6 hours ago, Nemezir said:

Consider to tweak speed limits to make the whole thing a bit more fast, agile and not so time consuming.

For example start with 70.000 and then slow down in relation by mass and core accordingly. 

kinda agree. the speed limit should be capped at something much lower for pvp, and then sped up when out of combat. It also would be interesting if certain areas of space increased your speed limit more than others, creating a sort of 'pathway' through space, which would be fun to camp.

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They have already done one curve balance, And I think they could still use some more balancing.  It used to top out at 1700t and they changed it to 3000t.  With about 30kmh at 1kt. This really allows S cores to shine. However the balance issue I see is M core to L core combat.  A proper M core setup is going to be approaching 2kt (unless you go the glass cannon route). at 2kt your max speed is 23kmh. Not much of a difference in a 20kmh L core.   I would like to see 50kms at 200t, 40kms at 1,000t, 30kms at 2,000t, 20kms at 4,000t. 

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I’ve found an excellent time saving strategy: I completely stopped playing around October or November last year and have wasted almost zero hours since then. 

kinda miss my old online buddies, but life moves on. 

was hoping to see some new, compelling patches, balance changes, gameplay loops, but in the almost QUARTER YEAR since in stood back almost nothing has changed. 

this is the first Quarter since “release” (lol) so should be buzzing with activity from the devs. 


I have less than a year of DACs left so if things haven’t picked up by the end of the year I’m out for good. 

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On 2/5/2023 at 7:33 AM, Jinxed said:

I’ve found an excellent time saving strategy:

sadly I stopped as well - only tweaking skill queue till my 3 month subs runs out. 

but I will keep an eye on the game, it has so much potential to become a fantastic game. 

fly safe 

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The speed changes were another nail in the coffin of DU for me. There is no rationale to having mass-speed relationship, neither in physics nor in the game's lore or appreciable need. It could have all been handled with mass/acceleration - the "old school" way. More mass - less acceleration, less mass - more acceleration. Sure you couldn't outrun anything that's already heading in a direction at max speed, but as soon as you turned you'd gain lots of distance away from a heavy weight pursuer.

In a way, the clipped element debacle was the nerf way to go around something that could have been solved with buffs. Devs could have added more OP high-tier engines to satiate the need for speed, at the appropriate (high) cost, instead of messing with everyone's constructs even if they don't PvP. The turn rates also go nerfed for PvP reasons but affected 100% of people. This is all the examples of the wrong direction the devs took, and lets be really honest here - the only reason fast PvP ships were needed was to chase down the multi-mission haulers who weren't interested in PvP and rob them blind.

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