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Airbrake obstruction - is it coming or not?


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We're half a year past launch and still no word on whether or not air brake obstruction is coming. Please, NQ, give us some information so that we know how to build our constructs. And if it isn't coming, please remove the arrows from the elements so as not to mislead players into thinking they have any meaning.


Thank you.

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Because there are still a few people playing happily and it's not fair that they aren't annoyed and miserable like the rest of us?

Seriously, why would anyone make this change now.  There is literally nobody who thinks 'the game really needs that brake change in order to be better' and nobody who is just waiting for it to happen before they get back into the game.  But there are at least some people who would hate the change, hate that all their ships broke and quit.  You'd have to be barking mad to even think about doing this right now.


But then again it wouldn't be completely out of character for them either ...

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The problem here is that you are all trying to apply logic and common sense to how NQ should handle game changes. That's not how they operate.


So expect sudden changes to the game that may or may not break game loops or make players constructs invalid.

Changes that may or may not even be mentioned before hand before being implemented. Changes that may or may not show up in a blog or the change logs at all, depending on if NQ can be bothered to include them when it is so much easier to just let players discovery the changes while playing instead.

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On 1/14/2023 at 7:05 PM, Jinxed said:

Who even cares? The last dozen people still building things?


Riiight? Honestly, it's weird that people believe DU is still being developed.


If you're still paying your sub, waiting for the game to improve, you should probably stop. 


There's no plans for future updates, the CEO is saying clear as day that their focus is on a "3d blogging" project and not DU, and the demographics of DU are so abysmal it would be absurd to suggest that NQ even should keep sinking time into a failed product. 


The game is dead.


People say that about MMOs all the time, granted, but in this case...the small studio developing it is clearly broadcasting that they are working on other stuff, the game has minuscule player pops, there's no updates in the works at all, and after 4 months, nothing has improved (4 months is an eternity for a new, sub-based MMO!) and player churn is the only stat that's growing. 


So...the answer about when X/Y/Z feature or change is coming....? It truly doesn't matter.


There's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that DU is a viable product, even if you're one of the confused people that insists that horrid Steam stats "mean nothing". 


New players especially (the four of you) should be aware that DU is not an MMO....it's a small-scale online builder that does not have persistence because the product isn't sustainable.


The servers could go off in a year or in a month, but terribly low pops combined with not even having an announcement for the next update...that spells "we stopped working on DU" in any language. 

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