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Hey Pirates!


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Good for you :).  See one of the key issues is radars are 2SU range maybe if they fix radars someone may catch you?  Its far more risky currently to go asteroid mining than hauling missions (which make silly quanta).


I wonder who these pirates are...

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I am one of these bottomfeeders and these days it's extremely rare for me to camp. Cuz I dislike the current meta so me mutating every day more into a carebear is the thing I swear never to become. 

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On 12/9/2022 at 1:51 PM, JayleBreak said:

NQ: please introduce a new type of radar with a detection range of constructs that have weapon elements to say... 10su. The new radar should be considered a weapon as well. There should be no objection to PvP enthusiasts being able to find each other to fight.


It would be more interesting if the radar range is directly related to the mass of the ship. The smaller you are, the less visible you are.

Or to be, perhaps, more balanced for the heights which will be too visible if it is only the mass. Make sure that the heat signature comes from engines, weapons, shields and whatnot.
This will break the current DU meta the more elements I put on my ship the better it performs.
This will add an interesting parameter of discretion: I have less engine I am less efficient but also less visible.

It seems like a honest request that a small XS/S with only a few max size S or M items should be visible from less distance than a core S/M with 100 L or XL items on it.
The range of 2 Su would be the minimum visibility + a gradual vision up to 10 Su could be really fun.

Also the implementation of a gradual vision could bring the PvP in the atmospheric zone with a range of vision which decreases when one approaches the planet.

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