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Why doesn't the nova team attempt to add it to Nvidia Geforce Now, Like i pay for suscription that i can't use.


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I believe its up to Nvidia team to add this game to their platform.


Have you made this question into their forums?


Because the technology works fine. I'm able to put my nvidia gtx 1080 on my desktop streaming DU perfectly, via my network, to my laptop.

I have even done this on top of openvpn, playing 350km away from my desktop. And it worked fine.


So, for real, Ask Nvidia team to add it, not NQ.

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12 hours ago, Taylor said:

Nvidia Geforce now is free streaming service on All devices, it will allow more people to play it


The free version allows play sessions of 1 hour and you will disconnect from the service when you pass that time. There is a limited amount of slots available so there is no guarantee you can get back in/on.


The paid version has a time limitation of 6 hours and while paid access is prioritized over free access when allocating available slots, there is again no guarantee you will get access.


Dual Universe is hardly a game you play for an hour and getting kicked out and not be able to get back in is not desirable.

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