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  1. https://www.mmorpg.com/dual-universe Who doesn't appreciate a game that combines simulation and in-game reproductive mechanics, for it could achieve in theory.
  2. Also maybe Nuclear energy, with the risks and comsumable cells, unrelated: but i post much there should a uef Static market, to find resources, at all costs and player driven competitive markets emerge as better price
  3. I really hope DU would reach a level of systemized of automata, lua is very rewarding as a programmer to be in the game, but the core still lies in the basic systems, No doubt novaquark has already thought through that, but even minecraft had pistons and went a long away, Who could for forgive tekkit Quarry, 2011, while the Minecraft Pe came out 2016.
  4. I meant like paving, better to have a foundation then not, it really has the enviroment that is so tempartially important to VR
  5. Nvidia Geforce now is free streaming service on All devices, it will allow more people to play it
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