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I have been spinning ideas in my head for a regularly organized event that involves territory warfare across the solar system.  The goal would be to reward both piloting skill and tactics in a semi controlled environment.  It would both involve outright PvP when in outer space, and careful planning on the planetside.  All of these ideas are meant to be possible within the current version (.23) of the game, although when more systems are implemented it's structure can change.  Let me know what you think.  Here is an overall summary of my ideas so far:


Managing the game:


Game Moderation:  A group of players and/or a dedicated gamemaster would oversee all aspects of the game and record the scores of the players/teams.   Points and scores would be given out mostly for controlling territory but also for participation, attacking, and defending territory to reward fair and active gameplay.  Teams would be mostly separate entities from organizations, but obviously having room for sponsorships is a good idea.  


Ship Moderation:  Rather than just letting any old ugly cube or jalopy putz there way on the scene, there would be careful moderation of what ships can be used, to reward those dedicated builders and let them show off their ships prowess and design.  This will also let the game moderators balance the intricacies of the game, as obviously everyone would want to pilot a cube around in a realistic PvP scenario due to its consistency.


Territory Moderation:  The exact territories/space stations used would have similar specifications.  The specific location of controlled territory or space stations would be within an organized list, and each territory would have different point values and specifications to make taking them over unique.  


Rewards:  Rewards for outstanding participation, good behavior, and of course VICTORY should be par for the course.  The winner of the game will have a prize much more valuable than money, perhaps having an influence on the game as a whole.  Rewards going out to players who accurately report rule breakers of the game will hopefully encourage all sides to have good sportsmanship and keep the game healthy.


Playing the game:


Ship Categories:   Right now, I have four categories of ships: Claim, Attack, Defense, Capital  These roles describe the general function of the ship as well as their mechanics in gameplay.  Some ships can fall under multiple categories.


Claim Ships:  Carry large bundles of goods between territories in order to control them, or simply require their presence in order to challenge/maintain a claim.

Attack ships:  Meant attacking claims.  In order to challenge a planetside claim, the number of attack ships must equal defense ships.  Destroying one of these in combat rewards the least amount of points.

Defense Ships:  Meant for defending claims.  In order to defend a claim, there must more defense ships at the station then attack ships.  Destroying one of these in combat rewards a moderate amount of points.

Capital ships:  Meant to sway games.  The presence of these ships can control claims on their own, but are exceedingly important, as enemy teams are rewarded greatly for their destruction. 


Planetside/Safe Zone territory control:  By its very nature, these stations are not risky to control.  They don't reward much points, but using resources here is a very safe maneuver.  A dedicated and clearly viewable zone serves as a control point, where all ships must be clearly parked.  The controllers will park defense ships here in order to keep control of the territory.   When a territory has an equal number of attack ships and defense ships, it is "vulnerable."  When a claim ship lands at a vulnerable territory, the territory becomes "challenged" 

A territory remains challenged until one or more of the following happens:  

  • A. The defenders remove all their defense ships from the station/no defense ships are present.

  • B. All attacking claim ships are removed from the station while attack ships remain.

  • C. All attacking ships are removed from the station.

  • D. A real time period of one hour passes since the station originally becomes challenged.


In event D, considered a standard outcome, the new controller of the station is determined by the following system:

For every:

The points are as follows

Attack ship that exceeds the # of defense ships.

1 point to attackers.

Defense ship that exceeds the # of attack ships.

1 point to defenders.

For every excess 10 kt of cargo on a claim ship compared to other claim ships.

1 point to claim ship team.

Capital ship

The side with a capital ship present at the end of the challenge period gains control of the territory

In the event of a tie, the attackers win.

So for example:

An attacking team lands a fleet of attack ships and a claim ship onto a station, challenging the station.  Over the period of 1 hour the defending team lands more defense ships on the station, as well as their own claim ship.  At the end of that hour.  There are 4 attack ships, 6 defense ships.  However, the attackers claim ship came prepared, and their claim ship has 200 kt of cargo, while the enemies only have 150 kt.  So, the attackers have 5 points, while the defenders only have 2.  Therefore, the territory is now controlled by the attackers. 

In the event of a joint attack, the enemy claim ship with the most cargo points controls the station.  HOWEVER, if every attacker got the same amount of cargo points (The claim ships have the same amount of cargo), the defenders continue to control the station instead.


In event A:  the original attackers (whoever landed their claim ship first while the territory was vulnerable) now own the station.  In the event of a joint attack (without a real way to determine who landed the claim ship first) the control of the territory is determined by claim ship cargo alone.

In event B.  The original defenders control the station.

In event C.  The original defenders control the station.


For planetside territory control, OVERALL points are awarded as follows:


A successful attack:

2 points to the attacking team

A successful defense: 

1 point to the owners of the station.

Owning the territory for one day.

1 point to the owners of the station.

The owning the territory at the end of the game. 

20 points to the owning team.


Space Station/PvP Control:


By its very nature, space station control is extremely risky, and therefore just as rewarding.  Not only does it use up resources for a much safer planetside defense/offense, but it also requires actual PvP skill. Either try to go for space stations early for an advantage, or save your resources to swing the game later.


When an enemy claim ship or capital appears on a station's radar normal radar (within 400,000), a station is considered under attack.  The attack is successful when no defense ships remain and the claim/capital ship docks at the station.  The defense is successful when all enemy claim ships/capital ships are destroyed or are no longer on radar.


A successful attack:

6 points to the attacking team

A successful defense: 

3 point to the owners of the station.

Owning the territory for one day.

3 points to the owners of the station.

The owning the territory at the end of the game. 

60 points to the owning team.

Destroying an enemy defense ship:

2 points to the killer’s team.

Destroying an attack ship:

1 point to the killer’s team.

Destroying an enemy claim ship.

7 points to the killer’s team.

Destroying an enemy capital ship.

300 points to the killer’s team.


If anyone wants to join up to discuss an event like this here is a discord:  https://discord.gg/HsW5444R75

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Now here me out guys, I got a great idea for a game.  Its a single shard universe where everything happens in one game world, and its all player driven.  Now it might be a bit too hard for builders to give them the materials needed to make epic structures, so we are gonna put a another single shard where you have access everything, and can test your builds before putting it to test in the other single shard.  And we know some people like pvp, so we are gonna put another single shard where people can freely make events and get a fun pvp match, and not worry about the griefers showing up.  Now we all know this game will take time, so we are also gonna add a single shard test server so we can test new content we put in the game.   The player driven possibilities are endless. 

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11 hours ago, Daphne Jones said:

You know the griefer orgs are just going to show up with meta ships and trash everyone, right?

Yes, but with a long running game like this, orgs that are dedicated to the defense of these structures can also serve a role.  Not to mention, the teams/orgs defending these structures will want PvP in one way or another, even if it is against griefers, and we can reward them for doing it.  I would rather risk having something griefed than there not being any PvP or events at all.

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6 hours ago, Haunty said:

I think these kind of events would work better if NQ put in an RDMS permission to allow actors to fire on a ship in the safe zone.

Right, that would actually help very much, since the weird game in safe zones could be done away with for actual PvP.  Although I kind of like the duality of safe options versus risky but more rewarding options.

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