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Crashed because of lag and almost lost my ship


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Just wanted to tell the story of how I almost lost my ship because of lag.


So I was flying around Alioth, doing some sightseeing - seeing what interesting creations other players have built. While maneuvering my ship near the market districts I encountered lag and my screen froze, as per usual. By the time I was able to control my ship I was heading toward the ground way too fast. I tried to pull up but I wasn't in time. I found myself looking at a loading screen and the notification that I died and the core unit of my ship was destroyed.


I respawned in my base about 20 km from the crash site. I figured I could find some way to salvage my ship, but I had doubts (I had come back from a long hiatus.) I decided to move by foot to the crash site to investigate my ship. After a 20 km run I saw that I could replace the core unit to make my construct like brand new. Also, Market 2 was only 2 km nearby so I could run there buy a replacement core. I did the necessary repairs and afterward breathed a sigh of relief. My ship escaped from the claws of oblivion yet again!


tl;dr: Crashed my ship due to lag but was able to salvage and fix it after a bit of a detour, thankfully.

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1 hour ago, Revelcro said:

Wonder if they were surprised by how many people quit over the last big patch.

Made me and my two friends question our life expectency in this game having lost our large hauler right before they shut our industry down via schematics to make use of what we had built to make the make the parts to make even a local ship with the ore warehouse we still had. So we had to mine to sell to buy parts to mine to get a ship going to mine to get the schematics to mine to fill the machines to make a ship 1/3 optimization we used to have. With the talent reset it really threw an additional wrench into things since we now have to go through months of tiering the same stuff since the respec let us do more with the exp we previously wasted but still made things months and months longer on top of everything else.


It definatly made us stop and decide if we even wanted to play to get out of the hole we and NQ put ourselves in.




The market lag I will admit has been alot better. Not because of all the crap that exists there in the landfill districts but because after about the 5th time of lag crashes, mid air collisions, and clipping single voxel lines extending from the ground to grief people you just say why do you want to even land on the actual market platform unless you are showing off your ship with your smedium wife beater and your  junk hanging out for show there is no reason not to use your container range to park 1-2km away from the market where you can actually land in a reasonable manner in the first place. After that I have never once had a problem going to the market


Nobody will tell you that but its what you want to do if you dont feel like mining rocks off the ground since prolly for 10-15km is filled with player owned territories you likely wont be able to mine in or the ones you can mine in are all gone due to the thousands who came before you who crashed by lag/collision/clipping took it all or the new players trying to scratch a living. There is no ore but rocks for probably 30km in any direction or 60km round trip so do yourself a favor and park at your container rang outside the market.

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Well after crashing my VERY expensive ship into absolutely nothing on a mining trip to Feli Moon, then paying another player $1.5m to warp me back, only to discover my ship was nose up in mid air all totally destroyed with nothing nearby.  Luckily I had a spare core in my container, and some t4 scrap,  so repaired it all.  My ship was on its 2nd full repair after a glitch caused me to burn up in Alioths atmosphere due all the distance, altitude, pitch, roll and speed data to suddenly vanishing on my final approach, so after this I then was on my last repair for the majority of elements.  Yesterday, I was moving to another tile, over flat terrain, radar on, the nearest construct was 4.5km away, and BOOM! I crashed into nothing AGAIN! I was only travelling at 200kph!

I know it was a nasty smash up as I respawned on Alioth.

Fair enough if my ship had crashed due to my error, but it hasnt been, not once. This really is the nail in the coffin for me - its hard enough getting a decent ship together after hours of mining, but to then lose it because of bugs is really poor.  Ive gone from loving this game to hating it in less than a month. And this is where we part ways.

Sorry DU, you just havent delivered the idea that was sold to me -  its full of serious flaws, bugs and fundamental gameplay issues.


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