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Anybody been able to build some cool cities or space stations yet?


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1 minute ago, UnclePaulie said:

What does that even mean? People like crafting, mining, building.  

Mining? Really? Fun af... 


mining is a necessary evil that people want to get out of the way like a dentist appointment so that they can get around to smiling at the chick across the bar with even, glowing teeth. 

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2 hours ago, UnclePaulie said:

Nope it doesn't. Last night we sat on discord discussing the changes, and our indy guys are excited for it. Meanwhile other people like to bitch and cry like children on a forum. These are the toxic people we need to get rid of. 

Ppl who disagree on certain things and discuss changes aren't toxic. You insulting ppl because they, in your opinion, "bitch and cry" is. 


Sure, some ppl will like the changes. No big surprise there. But many many more don't like them and many ppl brought up very good points why those changes are bad. 

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